4 months of pregnancy, but I don’t know who the child’s father is. My friends helped get married in the group and demanded outrageous.

For girls, if you are pregnant before marriage, it is easy to cause controversy.Because in general, it is reasonable to get married and regenerate first, otherwise it is easy to recruit some rumors.

However, with the development of the times, people’s ideas are constantly changing.There are more and more channels for children’s contact information, and they get more and more information, including some favorable information and some harmful information.

Therefore, it can be found that the current children are getting more and more precocious, which also causes parents to have a headache.

After all, this may increase the probability of early love, and after early love, it is easy to exceed parents’ expectations.

For example, parents are worried that their children will be deceived, especially their parents who have daughters at home.They are always worried that their daughters will be confused by some sweet words, and they may eventually lose their innocence.

I have to say that if girls are pregnant before marriage, they will encounter many obstacles to solve personal problems in the future.

Girls were pregnant in April, and they did not know who the child’s father was. Friends helped to marry in the group.

Xiaomei (pseudonym) is 27 years old.She hasn’t got married, but she is pregnant with her child. The child has been 4 months.

Xiaomei was pregnant by accident and hit Xiaomei’s family a lot.After all, the older generation has a good face.Now that Xiaomei has a child before getting married, she will inevitably be rumored.

What surprised Xiao Mei’s family even more is that Xiaomei didn’t know who the child was.

From another perspective, it means that there are more than one heterosexual relationship with Xiaomei.And this also makes Xiaomei’s family angry.

But angry and angry, Xiaomei’s life has to continue.As Xiaomei’s parents, she naturally considers Xiaomei’s future.

At first, the family also wanted Xiaomei to go to the hospital to kill the child.But after understanding Xiaomei’s physical condition, the doctor found that if Xiaomei broke the child this time, he might never be pregnant again.

Xiaomei didn’t want to lose the opportunity to be a mother, so she gave up the idea.

In order to make a more smooth future, Xiaomei is in a hurry to solve personal problems and find someone who does not mind his past and can raise children with her.

In order to solve this problem, Xiaomei’s friend thought a way to get married.

Xiaomei’s friends are also very direct.When she posted the marriage information in the group, she briefly introduced Xiaomei’s situation, and then said that she could not ask the man to give color gifts, but the man must have a room.

I have to say that the requirements of Xiaomei friends are still a bit high.After all, according to the current house prices, it is not easy to buy a house.

In order to increase the "attractiveness" of boys, Xiao Mei’s friends added another message, that is, after marriage, the man can leave 30%as pocket money, without paying all the income of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

But is this condition really so tempting everyone?

Actually not.Through the other people in the group, you can feel that everyone is not optimistic about this.

Xiaomei’s biggest disadvantage is that she is pregnant with the children of others.In fact, it is difficult for most men to accept their wives pregnant with others, and they have to raise children to others in the future.

And through the understanding of Xiaomei, it can be found that Xiaomei’s private life was chaotic before, otherwise she didn’t even know that she could even wait for the child’s biological father. She could only wait for the child to do DNA detection after the child was born.

Although Xiaomei is young and beautiful, not everyone is willing to be honest.There will still be a must -have in my heart.

So Xiaomei’s current situation is embarrassing and passive, which is caused by her original ignorance.

In fact, it is even more helpless. In the future, even if Xiaomei finds a person who is willing to make a business with him, it may not be sincere to her, which will cause her marriage life to not be as sweet and happy as she imagined.

Through Xiaomei’s experience, I hope to attract the attention and vigilance of parents.Parents pay attention to their children’s academic performance, but they do not invest enough energy in other aspects of their children.

For example, do children have bad habits, early love, etc.Parents are more likely to ignore children’s psychological changes and behavior changes.He is more willing to work hard in the cultural education of children, but ignores other aspects of children’s education.

Therefore, children may do something beyond their age when they are younger, and they will eventually make their parents feel at a loss and power.

In the end, I hope that girls can take good care of themselves and not be easily deceived by sweet words, otherwise the final ending will be very passive and embarrassing.

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