40 -year -old An Yixuan’s pregnant belly party!The stars are comparable to the red carpet, and the couple are present

A well -known Taiwanese actress An Yixuan, who has appeared in popular TV series such as "Douyu" and "Fairy Swordsman", married Chen Ronglian, a rich husband Chen Ronglian for 3 years. His son "66" is only 1 year old and 2 months old. The second child is about to be next month.Come and report.

At the beginning of last month, when An Yixuan and her husband visited the children’s books and picking toys, the pregnant belly was very obvious.On September 29, An Yixuan was photographed by a reporter to hold two parties. In the afternoon, he held a welcoming party and invited friends and friends and many artists to enjoy together. He then held his 40 birthday dinner in the evening.Guests, the lineup is very luxurious.

According to a friend at the scene, An Yixuan’s husband Chen Ronglian gave her a limited edition of a Lisa limited dill worth NT $ 3.8 million (about 900,000 yuan), which was quite attentive.

September 29th is An Yixuan’s 40th birthday.She had only 9 days away from An Juncan, who had loved her sister and brother, had a birthday together for many years.

But since An Yixuan lost her close friend, she hasn’t had any thoughts to celebrate her birthday for several years. At most, her friends have gathered meals together.

This year, it is rare for their family of four to be in Taiwan. She also hopes that everyone can be healthy and safe, so she did not let go of this opportunity to be with relatives and friends.

An Yixuan is very good in the circle. Of the more than 60 guests present on the day, most of them are stars in the entertainment industry. It can be said that the stars are gathered and star -studded. The lineup is comparable to the red carpet of the film festival.

These people include the couple Xiang Huaqiang and Chen Lan, Xiao Jingteng, Guan Ying, Yang Qianzheng, etc. also attended congratulations, and the scene was warm and lively.

At about 3:30 in the afternoon, An Yixuan and her husband Chen Ronglian arrived together. She wore a white skirt, a light blue jacket outside, and a straw hat. She looked very fresh.She also carried a blue Blue Blue Blue Blue with a asking price of NT $ 280,000 (about 66,000 yuan).

It can be seen from the photos that An Yixuan’s pregnant belly is very conspicuous, but his limbs are still slender, and his body is still very good.

I saw An Yixuan holding his giant belly from time to time. Her husband and friends also noticed her from time to time. Then Chen Ronglian took out his son "66" from the back seat. The family entered the hotel together.

At more than 6 o’clock in the evening, Yang Qianzheng joined hands with his husband and husband, and the husband and wife of Huaqiang and Chen Lan also attended the party.

Later, Chen Qiaoen, Guan Ying, Dai Ailing, Yang Qianzheng, Xia Yuqiao and others entered the venue wearing elegant dresses, and Xiao Jingteng also appeared in a blue suit with a handsome head.The whole process seems to be walking the red carpet.

It is rare to get together with relatives and friends before giving birth. Although An Yixuan is imminent, he also seizes the opportunity and insists on holding two parties to hold two parties.

The party site on the day was mainly blue, white, and gold, but it could be seen deliberately simple and low -key.The scene was only embellished with balloons and back panels. There were spectrums and simple electronic piano on the stage, which can be sang for friends.

An Yixuan was also wearing a small fresh white skirt at the time of appearance at the baby’s banquet. At his birthday party, he put on a romantic gradient dress.The marine style arranged at the banquet site shows low -key luxury.

An Yixuan’s rich husband, Chen Ronglian, has always been generous to her. This year’s birthday sent him to the boutique Rolex drills taken from the auction at the auction.

The surface of this table is inlaid with diamonds and sapphires. It is very delicate and rare. It is Chen Ronglian’s gifted gifts to choose a delicate wife who likes to collect famous tables.

An Yixuan announced her second child in June, but the baby’s gender never disclosed to the outside world.In August, she and her husband took her son to return to Taiwan from Macau. Chen Ronglian, who had a long time, was accompanied by intimately.

An Yixuan Hua thought to party, and her husband shared the responsibility of taking care of his son.An Yixuan once said that her husband is a dragon service that can take a bath with his son to take a bath with his son, and he is worried that he is tired to pregnant wives and is quite intimate.

At 00:00 on the 30th, after everything was over, An Yixuan made a long text for everyone.From the photo she took, it can also be seen that in addition to the stars mentioned above, Chen Qiaoen, who has known the "idol drama queen", also attended the party.

Bless An Yixuan’s birthday again!


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