40 -year -old Zhang Ziyi Zhezi is painful: How can there be any "for the mother", but it is just a hard support.


Some time ago, Zhang Ziyi had a physiological increase in 53 hours after her second child was born, and she was painful.

Because her breasts raised her breasts hard like two rocks, it may not be successful with hammer chisel.This pain is like torture.

In the first issue of "Wife’s Romantic Travel", female stars talked about the topic of postpartum depression.Wang Feng revealed that Zhang Ziyi said that so much hurting the pain before filming was not as much as possible.

How much hurts Zhang Ziyi in the past?

In a filming, because the strength he rushed out was too large, it directly broke the glass and was full of blood.

In order to shoot "A Grand Master", the crying cry of the split is shocking.

When filming "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", he hit the nails and set off a full fly.

However, all this injured experience, in Zhang Ziyi’s view, is not as good as the pain of raising milk.

After giving birth to a child, star Chen Yihan also posted a blog late at night. The photo was the milk that she had worked hard.The text is "a thing that is more sad than sadness, raising children knows the grace of parents."

The despair at this moment can only be used by breastfeeding mothers.

Zhang Yiyi’s pumping milk alarm clock, from the early morning to midnight.

Regardless of whether you are sleeping or meeting, "three hours" must be left as soon as you come to "milk production".

When the night was quiet, the mother -in -law changed her, and had to become a "dairy cow" without emotions and consciousness.

Stay up late, hold your waist, and feed the baby quietly … If you are lazy, mastitis will wait for the opportunity.

Even some mothers were trapped in their own blame and pain because of insufficient milk.

Breastfeeding mothers can be said to use unimaginable willpower to support those feeding all day and night with the entire life!

Although motherhood is a woman’s nature, it is not easy to be a mother!

It is said that a woman has a child once, just walk a ghost gate. There is no falsehood.

Huo Siyan and Du Jiang participated in a variety show "Wife’s Romantic Travel". In the show, Huo Siyan talked to everyone about the topic of having children.

Huo Siyan didn’t want to mention this because it was a bad memory.

When Xie Na asked, Huo Siyan said that when he had a child, he had severe bleeding and severe heart failure.A postpartum hospital also issued a notice of illness.Before he was about to be unconscious, he saw Du Jiang holding his child by the bed, and the child was so young.I was really afraid that I would not be able to stand up, but fortunately, the surgery came over in the end.

I also teased myself, just like playing dog blood TV series.

Not just having children is like taking a ghost gate, from pregnancy to postpartum, every mother has to experience far beyond your imagination.

After pregnancy, the body changes from S -type to M -type, and the weight increases to the electronic scale. Many young mothers who love beautiful loves seeing the ugly stretch marks that are difficult to eliminate on the stomach have made many pregnant mothers once a time once.collapse.

Then there is pregnancy vomiting, some vomiting during pregnancy are dark, almost what you eat and vomit.Even drinking water will vomit, and the whole pregnancy is miserable.I don’t know how I survived.

After surviving the difficult pregnancy, the whole childbirth process is also the long and painfulness you can’t imagine.

The despair tortured by the pain during the contraction. When a pregnant woman recalled that when she contracted, she was so painful that she could hold the guardrail next to her and hit her head hard.

Opening the ten fingers the whole body is even more painful.

Not only that, there is an endless nightmare after giving birth to a child.


At a live broadcast, Lei Jiayin and Tang Wei were interviewed by CCTV host Lan Yu.

Lei Jiayin was asked by the host that what could the two people cooperate with the movie "Blowing the whistle" the most?

Lei Jiayin was bitter, and when she couldn’t stand the emotional scene, she frequently went to the toilet.

After listening to it, Tang Wei first stood up and laughed and resolved the embarrassment, and then the emotions collapsed. They couldn’t care about the live broadcast scene, and they cried.

Some people say that Tang Wei is too aggressive?

However, some netizens revealed that having children can easily cause frequent urination.

Frequent urination, urinary incontinence, hemorrhoids … These difficult topics are also sequelae left by many pregnant mothers after production.

According to a data from the United States:

"69%of women have postpartum injury, more than 40%have moderate sequelae, and more than 20%have severe sequelae. In China’ s fertility conditions, the damage causes damage must be higher than 69%. "

Once, I chatted with a mother in the gym. The mother -in -law said that the coach always let her warm up and skip the rope.She refused, the coach asked her why you didn’t do such a good warm -up exercise.

She said that after I had a child, let’s not say that I was skipping, but I would leak urine when I run.

But in fact, this is the most common phenomenon after childbirth. Many Baoma who has given birth to children has a phenomenon of leakage.And the more they are born, the more leaks.

Some netizens talked about their true experience on the Internet:

After giving birth to a child, his uterine bladder and internal organs are drooping for life, and it can only improve and not completely recover.Since then, he also bid farewell to running and jumping sports like running fitness exercises.Postpartum mastitis, recurred milk, almost depressed.And the figure can’t go back.

Even the star Ella can’t hide the "sequelae" that many women can withstand.

Before giving birth, Ella has always been displayed in front of the public as the image of "the strongest pregnant woman on the surface", and he also uploaded a video of giant belly hot dance in September.

However, Ella was difficult during production. After more than 20 hours of pain, he gave birth to a child. The child had to help breathe because he was born in the amniotic fluid.This also led to Ella’s uterus and bladder prolapse, causing urinary incontinence.

Often the whole pants and pads will be wet, which brings great trouble to work and life.

In fact, leakage of urine is just the most mild symptoms in the sequelae of fertility.

What are the mothers who have been produced silently?

Many mothers have said that they are facing a series of problems such as breast swelling and pipelines, stretch marks, hemorrhoids and constipation, urine or incontinence.

Every mother after the production, the body is like going through a big earthquake, leaving a full ground.

A mother in the TV series "Desperate Housewives" talked about the figure of her body after giving birth, "My lower abdomen is like a Spanish mud; and my breasts are like putting air balloons for a week."

In the variety show "My Family", Qin Hailu shared his changes after childbirth. He had severe hair loss because of having a child, so that his husband would "take his hair" from the sewer every day.

Yi Nengjing also had severe hair loss after childbirth.

In the picture that was exposed, his hair was bald.

For many mothers, the cost of having children is too much.


What is more painful than the flesh is the spirit, which is not only the physical pain that gives women.

For many unfortunate women, fertility has brought them almost on the way.

When colleague Lin Hong was half -year -old, he made up his mind to marry her husband.

In fact, after giving birth, she had slept with her husband for a long time.The reason was that her husband became more and more disgusted with her after she was pregnant, thinking that she was getting fatter.

In confinement, he accidentally saw his husband’s mobile phone and found that the husband and colleague were derailed.

Lin Hong’s emotions suddenly collapsed. In October, she was pregnant and suffered from her mother -in -law’s white eyes and grievances. Even her closest husband was so disgusted.If he knows his husband derailed during pregnancy, he will not give birth to the child.But he found this after the child was born.

After giving birth to a child, the milk was insufficient, her husband was derailed, and her mother -in -law contradictions … These things almost forced Lin Hong to the road.

Sensitive, anxious, pain and other bad emotions are constantly fermenting.

Lin Hong said that she suffered from postpartum depression and hugged her children several times at home. She wanted to take her child and end this bad life.I thought that the child was still so small, and before I had time to take a good look at the world, I was suddenly reluctant.

During this period, she hesitated and stunned.Eventually, when the child was half a year old, he got married.Lin Hong asked the child.

Lin Hong said that she knows that the life of a single mother is difficult, and the future road is still long.But she will definitely bring her child and live together.

In our society, the concept of most people still feel that bringing children is the duty of a woman, and believes that women should choose a family between work and families.Many women have become a female super woman after they become mothers, but many husbands just have the identity of a father in name.

Many husbands will not change diaper, feed, and take a bath for their children. Even if they are done, they will be very unwilling.Father’s role.There is no active sharing part of the responsibility.

The birth of a new life is a test for each family, and the husband and wife need to take responsibility together.Before her mother -in -law gave birth to her daughter -in -law, she always said with a mouthful saying that she gave birth to the child, and gave birth to a child to help.But in fact, the child has a headache and brain. Only when the mother is anxious, the mother -in -law will only say that it must be that her daughter -in -law does not do well, and the child is old.

Many mothers say that before giving birth, they will never imagine that there are so many things to bring their children.

Make complementary foods, feed, change diapers, coax children to sleep, wash clothes and mop, rubbing their mouths, wash their face and bath …

For a while, the child was not sleeping well, and he took care of 5 or 6 times all night.

I used to fall asleep before I fell. Now I feed the milk in the middle of the night.And look at the husband next to me?It has long been snoring like a thunder.

I lack of sleep, downturn every day, and I was too late to clean up myself, and I lost myself at all.

Recalling that day, it was really bad.

However, the most sad thing is that these women who have exhausted their minds and fatigue in order to fertility have not got their understanding.

In the documentary "The Gate", an elderly mother named Zeng Xianchun, the placenta front, the scar uterus, even if he risks such a huge life danger.

The reason was that his husband said: Our rural habits must have a boy, and no boy will be joked.

Because she was a girl in the first two babies, she was always born.And this time, if it was not a boy, he would continue to be born until he was born in his son.

In the end, her third child gave birth to her son. Her husband and mother -in -law held the child not to let go, but no one asked how she was in the operating room.

In the eyes of this family, a woman is just a fertility machine.


In raising children’s marathon, the wife’s dedication is not natural.

Although the husband can’t feel the same, he can choose to accompany silently.

To include, understand, and pity.

Give his wife confidence so that the most powerful backing behind her is her husband, not alone to fight alone.

There was such a video on the Internet that caused heated discussion. In the waiting area of the hospital, because there were no seats in the bench, the husband was distressed by the pregnant wife, squatting down to act as a "chair" for the other party.From time to time, send water to his wife.

After watching the video, many netizens commented that "Where does this husband receive this?" "I envy!"

Du Jiang did everything what a husband should do during his pregnancy.

Holding work and delivery, Huo Siyan who took care of was very detailed.

In order to prevent Huo Siyan from growing stretch marks, he bought stretch marks cream very seriously from his neck to heel.

Children have never been a person’s task, but the responsibility of two people.

A good husband should accompany him, instead of just being a hand shopkeeper, and asking his wife to share the pressure together, letting his wife know that he is not fighting alone.

More tolerance and understanding, less ridicule and accusations.

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