42 -year -old Xie Na is pregnant again?Big belly with 3 daughters to visit the mall, netizens: It is estimated that it is five months

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Recently, a group of photos suspected of Xie Na’s pregnancy were widely circulated on the Internet.Xie Na in the picture was wearing a milky fluffy dress with three daughters out of shopping, and her abdomen had obvious bulging shapes, and she was wearing a pair of flat shoes.People can’t help but guess, Xie Na just eats fat?Or is it promoted to "prospective mother"?

According to paparazzi, Xie Na started to stroke her belly as soon as she got off her private car. After entering the mall, she kept holding her waist with her hands, which may be to relieve waist discomfort caused by pregnancy.

During the shopping mall, you can clearly see Xie Na’s abdomen from the side. Whether she put her hand on her belly or cross the bag next to her belly, I can see that the skirt in Xie Na’s abdomen was pushed up and was pushed up.It is not the reason for the design of the skirt itself.

When Xie Na bowed her head to drink water and walked out of the mall and bent her children, her abdomen was more obvious, and she felt that Xie Na had spent at least 5 months of pregnancy.

As early as June 5 this year, when Xie Na recorded the fourth performance stage of the competitive variety show "The Sister of the Wind", she was photographed by her abdomen and the abdomen of other actresses.a lot of.

In mid -June, Xie Na was photographed by paparazzi on the way to record "Hello, Saturday", so everyone discussed that many evidence seemed to be pregnant to Xie Na.

However, it was surprising that Xie Na not only wore a very slim Chinese costume on the fifth performance stage of "Sister Lang". When the dance was halfway, he suddenly showed the audience a "split" posture.

Not to mention pregnancy, even if Xie Na was not pregnant before, she never had such a "great" stage performance. Whether Xie Na was pregnant, she instantly became a controversial topic of "confusing" on the Internet after the show was broadcast.Is Xie Na specializing in "splitting" in order to dispel the "pregnancy rumors"?

Recording "Sister with the Wind" is a very hard work. They have to conduct very high -intensity training every day. Many female artists have "ridiculed" the show is a veritable "weight loss camp".

If Xie Na really was pregnant with three babies, and it was about 5 months during pregnancy. So, "Sister Lang" began to record when Xie Na was pregnant.

For a person who is new to pregnancy, if high -intensity training is conducted every day, it will have a great adverse effect on the body. If Xie Na is really pregnant, she will not choose to participate in "Sister Lang" during this critical period.Recording, so whether Xie Na is really pregnant still needs further consideration.

When she was young, Xie Na made a fire throughout the country with Hunan Satellite TV’s "Ace" variety show "Happy Camp". Her humorous hosting style made everyone who saw her in front of the TV feel relaxed. Gradually, she was inThere were more than a million fans on Weibo, and the career did "the wind and water".

On the surface, Xie Na was "bright and beautiful". In fact, there were many unknown sadness. The process of her and Zhang Jie’s husband and wife was "a wave of twists and turns". Xie Na’s original idea was to be an actor. At that time, she used a "pure girl".The image entered the performing arts circle, but unfortunately, "Tiangong is not beautiful", no matter how hard she works, she can only play a girl or be a group performance.

Xie Na, who has just debuted, has neither outstanding, nor a strong relationship with people to do "backstage", nor does it receive high -quality resources. She has no possibility of starring. She can only do the most bitter and tired in the crew every day.live.

When Xie Na was in a trough period, Li Xiang announced the news of withdrawing from Hunan Satellite TV’s "Happy Camp". Since then, the location of this show "hostess" has been empty.Li Xiang’s position.

At first, Xie Na didn’t have much confidence in becoming a host, but at that time, her acting career was in a "downturn". Without finding a new job, she really had no income.

So Xie Na took the mentality of "Try" and partnered with He Yan to host the "Happy Camp".

Xie Na knew that if she wanted to settle here for a long time, first of all, the audience had to get rid of the "inherent impression" of the former host Li Xiang and turned to accept her newcomer.

So Xie Na started a variety of hosting styles. She also took the "pure and stable" route, but found that the response was flat. LaterThere is even a little "crazy" style.

I did not think that the audience had a good impression on this new hosting method, because the previous variety hosts were basically dignified and stable. Xie Na’s appearance injected a fresh "passion" to the show, which made people feel that people felt that they felt likeVery happy.

Since then, Xie Na has stood firmly in "Happy Camp". This variety show has also become a general existence of "King Fried". Xie Na successfully transformed from a small actor in the eighteenth line of "unknown" to a household name.Essence

When Xie Na was on fire, she met Zhang Jie in KTV. At that time, Zhang Jie had no fame, but only won some small competition awards. At this time, the identity and status of the two were very different.

In KTV, Xie Na was deeply attracted by Zhang Jie’s singing talent, and suddenly had a lot of good impression on him. Later, when Zhang Jie participated in "Happy Boys", Xie Na took the initiative to partner with Zhang Jie. The two presented a period of "In the hot "dance, Zhang Jie also promoted directly with Xie Na’s help, and the relationship between the two gradually heated up.

Later, some paparazzi often photographed Xie Na and Zhang Jie often together, and they were intimate. When they just publicly publicly public love, they rumored on the Internet for a while.Xie Na was in love, in fact, she wanted to "climb up" by Xie Na’s reputation.

However, Xie Na resisted the pressure of public opinion. No matter how the outside world talked about them, she would never give up Zhang Jie. When she heard someone say Zhang Jie’s "bad things", she would take the initiative to stand up to maintain Zhang Jie’s face.Deeply moved, their feelings not only faded down from the outside world, but became more firm.

Xie Na once also talked about in the show that when she and Zhang Jiegang announced their relationship, she was not favored by everyone. She also had some shake, and she didn’t know if she should continue.

Fortunately, the two of them experienced the test of time. Whenever Zhang Jie’s career development reached the "bottleneck period", Xie Na would help him with a hesitation. Zhang Jie’s gratitude and meticulous care of Xie Na also warmed her heart.Essence

Slowly, they found that the other party had become an indispensable part of their lives. No matter what the outside world discussed, they could not resist their determination to go to marriage.

So at the Qixi Festival in 2011, Zhang Jie and Xie Na official announced the good news of getting married, and held a grand and romantic wedding in Shangri -La, Yunnan on September 26, 2011.

Even after marriage, people did not give up their "pointers" to Xie Na and Zhang Jie, and rumors of marriage changes from time to time on the Internet had some popularity on the Internet.

However, Zhang Jie and Xie Na proved to everyone that their marriage not only did not have cracks, but also very happy. They had a pair of twin daughters in their first birth. After a few years, they gave birth to a third child.Essence

Now you can often see some beautiful pictures of their family of five people who go out together. Not only do they have no signs of "marriage", but Zhang Jie and Xie Na have been married for more than 10 years, and they still maintain passion like the first love period. Whenever they shouldWhen talking about each other in the show, their faces filled the smiles from the bottom of their hearts, making many rumors "do not attack".

Xie Na has repeatedly participated in the shooting of Zhang Jie’s song MV. Zhang Jie also provided technical guidance for Xie Na to participate in various music competitive programs to help his wife win the award.

When talking about Xie Na, Zhang Jie said that many audiences will criticize Xie Na’s "neurotic" hosting method, but in fact her nature is not like this. She is a gentle and kind and strong woman, not only a good mother, but alsoA good wife.

After becoming a mother, Xie Na is indeed much more stable than before. On the other variety shows other than "Happy Camp", many times Xie Na shows her gentle and intellectual side, and the "crazy epilemful" in "Happy Camp" in "Happy Camp"The hostess is not a state at all, just like changing someone.

Xie Na’s body was not very good. When she gave birth to the first pair of twins, she was already a "old maternal". After giving birth, she had not participated in the work for a long time and raised her body at home.

In response to her "confinement" interview, Xie Na praised Zhang Jie as a good husband who was responsible. As long as she was busy finishing, she would definitely go home to take care of her two children. Xie NaThe face is full of happiness.

Recently, the photos of Xie Na’s suspected pregnancy have been revealed, which has also caused netizens to discuss a large -scale discussion. Everyone’s evaluation of this matter is also a polarized attitude.Because the first three were born with their daughters, they wanted to "give birth to a son" to pass on to generation.

Is Xie Na who is pregnant? Now it is still unknown. Everyone has a different lifestyle of each person. Whether choosing to live a single life freely, or hope to live a "multi -child and more blessing" after marriage, as long as it is not wrong.I am happy, and everything is worth it.

Zhang Jie and Xie Na have always been the "model couples" of the entertainment industry. Although their love road has gone through all kinds of bumps, they still choose to support each other to maintain a good marriage relationship.And trust.

I believe that soon after Zhang Jie and Xie Na will give you an open response to whether they are pregnant with a third child, so that those who care about them can rest assured and continue to live well.

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