52 -year -old Faye Wong frequently passed on the news of the baby, Nicholas Tse could not bear the domineering response: no maternity plan

Faye Wong Nicholas Tse, the pair of siblings, has been much attention since reunification in 2014. This year, it was reported that the two ushered in the magical news of their children.Recently, Nicholas Tse was finally unbearable. His company carried out rights to defend his rights on the Internet such as "Faye Wong’s delivery girl in the hospital" and "Nicholas Tse" and other false rumors and asked relevant users to delete rumoring articles.

The company also revealed that Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong had no fertility plan.

Speaking of this pair of sister -in -law, since the end of last century, the division and combination, and the broken silk finally came together. Many fans hope that they can still come together.

First of all, last month, Hong Kong media reported that Faye Wong had a child as Nicholas Tse, and said that Nicholas Tse excitedly said: "I finally have a complete home!" The media also put a blurred delivery room photo.

Even the child’s birth weight gives clear data.However, Faye Wong Nicholas Tse did not respond positively to children. They should think that the rumors stopped at the wise, and time would dilute everything.

However, rumors about Shengwa never stopped.Seeing that Faye Wong Nicholas Tse did not respond to the rumor of children. Soon, there were media reports that Faye Wong gave birth to a daughter to Nicholas Tse.

At this time, they finally couldn’t bear it. They attacked the incident on the front, and said that the two had no fertility plan and blocked the public mouth with practical actions.

Seeing Nicholas Tse’s response, many netizens also supported them to defend their rights. I feel that this kind of rumor is too bad and must be strictly supervised.

Some netizens bluntly said: "This rumor is unlikely to think about it." Some people appealed: "How old is she who wants her to give birth? Do you want to be so ruthless?"

To tell the truth, bless them is good, but forcibly making rumors is a bit over.Unlike other couples, Faye Wong Nicholas Tse had a marriage before and each had two children. Such a sudden rumor, in addition to annoying the parties, also hurt their previous spouses and children.

Today, Dou Jingtong has grown up and develops in the entertainment industry with his mother’s aura. Li Yan, Lucas, and Quintus have also entered adolescence. Parents’ every move will inevitably have a psychological impact on these children.

In fact, Faye Wong Nicholas Tse reached this step. There is no need to marry a paper marriage or have a child as a link to maintain this marriage relationship.Faye Wong has entered a state of retirement, and Nicholas Tse also settled in Beijing for a long time to accompany her lover. I hope everyone will give them more living space ~

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