54 -year -old aunt: After my daughter -in -law is pregnant, my happy retirement life is over

When I was young, I was busy, always thinking about being older in the future. When I retire, I can enjoy life and live a little relaxed life.

But sometimes real life is cruel. Imagine a beautiful retirement life may not start with happiness, but another painful starting point.

Aunt Zhang is 54 years old, retires for 4 years, and 5,000 per month.But the days after retirement were miserable. Aunt Zhang even said that it would have been known for a long time to work.

Unfortunately, this situation is not uncommon in real life.

The deep reason behind it is worthy of our reflection.

The daughter -in -law was pregnant, and my happy retirement life was over.

When he retired at the age of 50, Aunt Zhang was full of good vision for his life in his old age.Raise flowers, learn to paint, dance in square dance, and go out to travel together every three differences and sisters.

In fact, Aunt Zhang also had such a happy life for a year and a half.

Husband is still at work, eating a cafeteria three meals a day, only at home on weekends.His son -in -law has been separated, and he will not come over.There is only Aunt Zhang at home, and the days are particularly free.

I can sleep naturally every day, and then go out if I want to go out. If you want to stay at home, you can always raise flowers, draw paintings, and go out to play with your sisters. The life is full and happy.

In that year, Aunt Zhang also ran through Yunnan and Qinghai, who had been thinking about it for a long time.

Therefore, when a company wanted to return to Aunt Zhang with a monthly salary of 3,000, Aunt Zhang refused without thinking.

Now that you have retired, you can enjoy a happy retirement life.

But Aunt Zhang is happy, because the daughter -in -law’s pregnancy ended abruptly.

The contradiction between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law is the increasingly retired aunt.

A few years ago, Aunt Zhang would never have such an idea.At that time, she thought that her son and daughter -in -law got married and moved out.With a grandson, she only paid money or not. Naturally, there would be no contradictions without contact.

But people are not as good as heaven.

After the daughter -in -law was pregnant, the response was very strong. The mother’s family was in the field. There was also a younger brother who was not married. Parents needed money to provide economic support.

Looking around, only Aunt Zhang is the most suitable candidate.

No way, Aunt Zhang had to play hard.

But the cooking is a shortcoming of Aunt Zhang. The meals made can only be said to be able to eat.This time, the daughter -in -law was dissatisfied, and the son followed the fire. Between the two generations, he began to have a stumbling trip.

The concentration of the contradiction between mother -in -law and mother -in -law broke out in confinement.

The daughter -in -law may be a bit postpartum depression, and the child likes to go to bed during the day and night, and the mood is even worse.

Coupled with the different eating concepts of the two generations, the dietary habits are different. The mother -in -law will always have conflicts and disputes because they eat more milk and nutrition.

It is necessary to take care of the grandson and take care of the daughter -in -law. Aunt Zhang slowly felt unbearable.

Although I was wronged in my heart, I thought that the daughter -in -law was still confinement. Aunt Zhang had only gritted her teeth first, and I was looking forward to the confinement.

Forbearance, but there is no end.I knew that life after retirement was so hard, it was better to work.

This is the deepest feeling of Aunt Zhang in the past three years.

After the daughter -in -law was out of confinement, Aunt Zhang did not get liberated.

The first is that it is unrealistic to ask someone to bring children.

After the epidemic, the son’s unit was reduced, and the daughter -in -law during maternity leave only had the minimum wages.Obviously, income decreases sharply, obviously not the way of holding a family.

Second, even if you ask someone to bring your children, you need a person to look at it at home.The bad nanny in the news, let alone his son and daughter -in -law worry, is Aunt Zhang himself, and he is not assured.

In desperation, only Aunt Zhang can continue to top.

But the child grew up day by day, and the contradictions and conflicts of the two generations in education are also fierce every day.

Aunt Zhang also thought about the child’s education, but after her daughter -in -law went to work, she was the main force of her grandson, regardless of education.

But in control, there are more conflicts with daughter -in -law.

As a result of the conflict, the sons clipped in the middle are in a dilemma.It was a bottleneck in career and family contradictions. His son frowned all day.

Looking at the scorching son, and the naughty grandson, Aunt Zhang was not a taste in her heart, she could only swallow and grieved.

She is only looking forward to grandson to the kindergarten, so that she can completely give her children to her son, daughter -in -law, and draw from them.

When people need to help their children in their later years, the elderly people can’t help but help.

Life is not easy, there is no way.

But distressed children can’t be completely wronged.After doing what to do, when you should be drawn, learn to draw decisively.

This is the last time to treat yourself, and it is also an opportunity for growth provided by children.

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