59 -year -old Chinese veteran Ni Xialian ended the "Wonderful Journey of the Ping Tennis"

Ni Xialian took a group photo with her husband.Photo by He Yingqing

"People have to be content, or people have to be realistic. I have not taken it in many games. There are always regrets in life, right?" On the evening of the 5th, the Luxembourg women’s group led by 59 -year -old Chinese veteran Ni Xialian lost to Portugal.In the quarterfinals, the journey of her in the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships was ended.

Looking at the husband and coach Danielsen who had been with the side, Ni Xialian red eyes, but the hearty "Ping Pong Grandma" quickly adjusted the state.She explained that the short -term loss after the game- "You have regrets to cherish when you win. So I will jump up when I win, because I don’t have much chance of winning, and I have to seize the last tail."

Despite losing the game, when Ni Xialian dragged the lever box and walked into the mixed mining area, many staff members, reporters and even the other side of the interviews applauded her and waved their hands.

Ni Xialian during the game.International Table Tennis Federation Photo Conference

"Entering the second stage, each team is a strong team. I want to congratulate them really fighting better than us." Ni Xialian praised the opponent generously.At the same time, she also described the achievements of the Luxembourg women’s team in this World Table Tennis Championships as "I can’t think of dreams" and "History has created history."

As Ni Xialian said, her battle in the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships is indeed a wonderful journey.As the oldest contestants in this competition, Ni Xialian played eight times in six games, and led Luxembourg women’s team to kill the group stage.

In the first battle, Tian Zhixi, who defeated "Sister Han Table Tennis", was surprising, but in his long career, the veteran had such a record.Inspiring fans and winning their opponents, they have never won a single game, but the phrase after Ni Xialian lost to Singapore- "I will never give up."She said that ability can not forgive herself, but not hard work, not forgiveness.

In the Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships, Ni Xialian did interpret "the charm of sports" with "the will of fighting".You know, the "Ping Pong Grandma" arrived in Chengdu from two turns from Luxembourg, and appeared in the training hall before the time difference.No wonder he is perseverance and diligent as Malone, and he also publicly stated on the show that the predecessor was his idol.

"I want to tell the children that it should be satisfied with creating history before the age of 60." Ni Xialian said that most of the Luxembourg women’s group players were not professional. If someone told her before coming to Chengdu, the Luxembourg women’s group could enter the top 16, everyoneIt will be very excited- "But people always think better, this can be understood, the game is so cruel, there is always one to lose."

Chinese veteran Ni Xialian.International Table Tennis Federation Photo Conference

Earlier, Ni Xialian was interviewed by the media in the mixed mining area. Danielson Station was silently staring at the backpack.At the end of the last mix of mixing on the evening of the 5th, Ni Xialian unexpectedly motioned Danielson to come to herself, and faced with her long guns and short guns with her.

"I am his wife, a child’s mother, a player. He is my punching tube, my masseur, and my coach. As long as I want to train, at 11 o’clock in the middle of the night, he will accompany me with meTraining. "Ni Xialian said, fighting all year round, thanks to Danielson for their selfless efforts. Without his support, he has no own today.

"What do you think of the legend?" Hearing the reporter’s question, Ni Xialian, who had left the mixed area, stopped.

"What I understand is that things that look impossible became possible, right?" Ni Xialian reviewed his experience from the Fourth National Games in 1979 to the present -so many years, you can in the world table tennis."Start a dozen."

At that time, less than 40 years later, the girls who picked silver in the country were in the "Wonderful Journey of the World Table Tennis" in Chengdu.Ni Xialian said that for professional table tennis players, he was not young at the age of 30. He looked back at the past because he looked back, because opportunities and challenges were always together.(Reporter He Yanqing)

Source: China News Network

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