6 factors that are susceptible to miscarriage, women pay attention to, and pre -pregnancy examination is important

Research on pre -pregnancy health care in my country started late and introduced relevant concepts in the early 21st century.Since 2006, "China Family Planning and Maternity Magazine" reported the ACI model of Peking University’s Institute of Population in Peking University.

A series of articles such as pre -pregnancy risk assessment tools and cost -effectiveness analysis of pre -pregnancy health care indicate that the concept of pre -pregnancy health care has entered the vision of Chinese researchers.

In 2007, the Ministry of Health issued the "Standards for Pre -pregnancy Health Care Service (Trial)", and pointed out that "pre -pregnancy health care is to improve the quality of the population of birth, reduce birth defects and the occurrence of disability in the first.

Provide health education and consultation, health status assessment, and health guidance as the main content for the preparation of pregnant couples ", requiring various regions to strengthen management, conscientiously organize pre -pregnancy health services, and continuously explore new models of pre -pregnancy health services.

In 2010, the National Population and Family Planning Commission responded to the call of the Ministry of Health to carry out the "pilot work of national (district and cities) and 220 pilot counties (cities, districts) across the country, and 220 pilot counties (cities, districts).The couple offers a free pre -pregnancy health examination (referred to as "pregnancy test").

According to official reports, as of the end of 2010, 690,000 rural planned pregnant couples had a free pregnancy test.

However, due to the level of social and economic development, the level of health care, defects and other adverse pregnancy conditions, the main risk factors that lead to various adverse pregnancy endings are very different from other countries.

Therefore, we cannot fully copy the latest research results abroad. While promoting pre -pregnancy health awareness and providing pre -pregnancy health services, it is still necessary to develop the pre -pregnancy risk assessment tools and means suitable for the pre -pregnancy risk assessment tools.

The source of eugenics in my country has a long history. As early as three thousand years ago, the ancients proposed that "taking wives and not surnamed the same surname", "men and women surnamed the same surname, and their lives are not fascinating".The "Nei Jing" summarized the practical experience of pharmaceuticals in the pre -Qin period and the health thoughts of the Hundreds of sons, and formed a set of health care viewpoints, and at the same time gave birth to the theoretical basis for guiding the formation of Chinese medicine for eugenics.

In the Qin and Han dynasties, the thought of Chinese medicine and eugenic students had begun to take shape. According to the "Hangs Miscellaneous Secrets", when Emperor Han Emperor chose the queen, there was a complete set of pre -marital medical examinations to ensure that the prince born was strong and clever.The views and methods and methods of nourishing tires, dividing tires, speaking tires, and music prenatal education are proposed by month.

During the period of the Wei, Jin and Northern and Southern Dynasties, the framework of the thought of eugenics of traditional Chinese medicine has been basically established. The more famous ones of Xu Zhicai under the theoretical guidance of the Yinyang Five Elements and Tibetan Elephant Meridian, which was proposed by the "Monthly Best" by the theoretical guidance of the Yinyang and the Tibetan Elephant Meridian, and respected by all the families of later generations.

Later, during the Sui, Tang, Song and Yuan dynasties, during the basis of the predecessors, the doctors of each dynasty summarized their experience and continued to develop.Based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, comprehensive Chinese medicine, geography, education, psychology, medicine, philosophy, literature and other disciplines such as literature, geography, education, psychology, medicine, philosophy, and literature.

All in all, the basic guidance of Chinese medicine eugenics can be summarized as three points. At first, the original, coordinated balance, and external impression.

Under the guidance of Chinese medicine eugenics, the most important and effective period of eugenics intervention in eugenics for childbearing age is the early pregnancy and early birth (that is, during pregnancy).

1. Pre -pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, intervention should be carried out from the three aspects of "the original".

① Choosing a spouse: "Men and women are surnamed, they are not born," and close relatives and other easily lead to a reduction in population quality, so it is not advocated that close relatives get married.

② Tunyuanben: Conduct should be carried out before pregnancy to ensure that parents are full of vitality and male essence and women.

③ Cultivation seeds: The Inner Classic believes that "women’s two seven" and "husband 28" can only have children, and "men and women must be the year".Women’s pregnancy age is 25-30 years old, and men are 30-35 years old.

In addition, according to the corresponding theory of heaven and man, the environment of conception must also be carefully selected. It should avoid wind and rain, cold heat, thunderbolt, etc.

2. Pregnancy period

During this period, we should follow the principles of "coordination and balance" and "external image internal sense", combined with the ideas of "monthly tire by month", "dividing the tires", and "discriminating the fetal tires" to use "diet tires to raise"," Music Plang Education "," living regulation "," mental adjustment "," need to apply medicine "and other fetal education techniques to achieve the purpose of eugenics.

① Monthly tire by month: Monthly, the tire by monthly is based on the guidance of the theoretical theory of "Lingshu • Decisive" "two gods fight, co -forming and forming", etc.Methods of fetal fetal nourishment.

② Divided into menstrual tires: According to the theory raised by different viscera meridians in October of pregnancy, the theory of heart and small intestines is omnipotent.

③ Differentiated tires: Zhang Zhongjing first prescribed the body and applied medicine, and he was in the "Women’s Pregnancy and Period Certificate": "Women’s pregnancy, should be served as diverse …, Poor suffering. "In addition, "Pregnancy and fetus, atractylodes are scattered …. Those who have been thirsty, barley porridge take it. Although the disease is healed, don’t take it."

"Direct Solution" means that the difference between the two parties is that those who are thin and more fire are scattered with angelica, and those with white and cold are scattered with atractylodes.The fat is biased, and the fetus grows unfavorable.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine and eugenics, on the basis of proposing common and guiding suggestions, it proposes targeted discrimination of tires for pregnant women with different constitutions.For example, in addition to the proposal of nourishment of qi deficiency and pregnant women, in addition to common tires, you should pay particular attention to nourishing qi and strengthening the spleen and cultivating vitality.

In diet, you can add some foods with spleen and qi, such as lotus seeds, mushrooms, pork belly, jujube, etc., and listed recipes such as pork belly porridge, eight treasure porridge, Yipin yam and other recipes;

In psychological adjustment, it is recommended that pregnant women with qi deficiency constitution should not be overplayed, and they should cultivate an open -minded and optimistic mentality. For those who are habitual abortion, they should especially relax;

In terms of living, reminding pregnant women with qi deficiency to pay attention to prevent external sense; in terms of exercise and health care, it is recommended that the amount of exercise in early pregnancy should not be too large, mainly for still, and so on.

The idea of eugenics of traditional Chinese medicine believes that one of the most critical periods for eugenic conditioning for women of childbearing age is the early pregnancy.

As for whether the mother is in the state of "yin and yang peace", the influence of breeding and how to condition, the theory of Chinese medicine eugenics has a unique judgment and rich conditioning method.

① The weakness of the vitality: If the mother is inadequate, and the menstruation stops, it is advisable to replenish qi and regulate blood before pregnancy.

② sufficient blood: men and women, combined with sperm and blood, condensed into a fetus, among which the male lead, the female lead blood.If the father’s blood is insufficient, the pregnancy is "pregnant, or the fetus does not have long -term raising", or even no child.Therefore, those who have deficiency of women’s blood must be regulated first.

③ The virtual reality of the five internal organs: "The child is divided by the parents, divided by the one", and the qi of the fetus is divided into the parents’ qi of the five internal organs.For women who lack temper, they should nourish blood and spleen before pregnancy.

The pre -pregnancy conditioning scheme of Chinese medicine eugenics is mostly from the perspective of the overall perspective, focusing on the overall treatment of women of childbearing age.Under the theoretical guidance of the overall view of Chinese medicine, people have already realized the impact of environmental factors and even living on fertility. Poor environmental and puzzled living habits will affect their parents’ blood and yin and yang balance and affect their physique.

If you spend your blood, "if you care about it, you will consume blood. Ears and listen, then blood is consumed. Hearing is to think about it, blood is consumed";Mansion, all men and women will disturb their kidneys. "If anger hurts blood," anger is hurting the liver and the fire is fired."Noble anger";

If you drink alcohol and blood, "when people drink alcohol, they are red, their hands and feet are red, they are also disturbing their blood."The method of cooking is a period of rushing and tranquility, which is beneficial to the stomach. "

Therefore, before breeding, it is necessary to "widow, work hard, angry, abstain from alcohol, cautiousness", and comprehensive conditioning with qi and spleen, nourishing blood, and regulating blood.

1. The development and application of the health state recognition tool before pregnancy

The development of the health state recognition tool before pregnancy is based on the physical identification before pregnancy.At present, the constitutional identification tools in the form of questionnaires are the standards for the "Traditional Chinese Medicine Statistics Classification and Judgment" issued by 2009. The crowd is divided into nine constitutions, that is, flat quality, qi deficiency, yang deficiency, yin, phlegm dampness, dampness dampness, dampness dampnessQuality, humidity, blood stasis, qi stagnation and special quality.

Based on the theoretical guidance of women’s "liver as the innate", combined with clinical research, the Nanhai Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Guangdong Province divided the female childhood constitution before pregnancy.Spleen and kidney qi deficiency, liver and kidney yin deficiency, qi and blood deficiency ".

According to the characteristics of different certificates, the "female constitution standards for women before pregnancy" and "the classification table of female constitutional constitutional types before pregnancy" Qiu is used in pre -pregnancy outpatient clinics.

In addition to physical identification, the survey questionnaires that are currently mature in the field of Chinese medicine are also "questionnaires for the basic evidence of sub -health Chinese medicine" and "Setting of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Health Status".But the latter two questionnaires have not been applied in the field of pre -pregnancy health care.

2. Research on the relatedness of health state and adverse pregnancy ending before pregnancy

The ending of bad pregnancy includes: birth defects, premature birth, abortion, low weight, death of newborns, pregnant women’s death, etc.

According to clinical observations, the clinical manifestations of miscarriage and premature people in non -pregnancy are often prone to fatigue, fatigue, fatigue, panic, soft waist and knee, or easy to sorrow, or incense in the bedroom.

At the analysis of the risk factors of women with a history of abortion, the risk of blood stasis, spleen and kidney deficiency, and blood heating constitution had a risk of abortion than the normal quality of 8.40, 2.99, and 1.85 times higher than normal quality.

The pre -outpatient clinic at the Nanhai Maternal and Child Health Hospital was identified as a child with liver stagnation and qi stagnation (280 cases) of peace and quality (200 cases).Quality women (26.8%VS 10.1%).

The literature reports that the clinical manifestations of women who occur in embryos are mostly based on kidney deficiency, and often accompanied by spleen deficiency, lack of qi and blood, blood stasis or liver stagnation qi stagnation.

3. Research on Pre -pregnancy conditioning scheme

The existing research is mostly for evaluation of pre -conditioning conditioning methods for repeated natural abortion.At present, clinical reports have clear results. There are pure Chinese medicine conditioning before pregnancy, and the rule is mainly based on spleen and kidney, nourishing qi and blood, and expectorant and removing blood stasis.Multi -Soyura Pills, self -defending Zhu San, self -proposed two -day soup such as soup, Chai Ling soup structure, etc.;

There are also pre -pregnancy conditioning methods that combine traditional Chinese medicine and active immunotherapy. For example, oral nourishing kidney tires before pregnancy with active immunotherapy.Activating Chinese medicine is combined with aspirin for pre-pregnancy conditioning, and the efficiency is between 83.82%-95.65%.

Nanhai Maternal and Child Health Hospital uses homemade "Female Types of Traditional Chinese Medicine Physical Style Classification Forms" to identify the type of physical fitness before pregnancy. Based on this, it will give corresponding Chinese medicine health care or acupoint massage.Disoplaid diseases are alleviated or improved, and the pregnancy ending of Chinese medicine conditioning women is better than those who have not been accepted.

The incidence of adverse pregnancy and the incidence of jaundice of neonatal jaundice is significantly lower than the latter.

Regarding the prevention of embryos, modern doctors believe that before pregnancy, it should be based on nourishing the kidneys, further dialectical, or use the spleen and other spleen with the right of ginseng, atractylodes, and lotus seeds, or the nourishmentBlood, or with Wuzi Yanzong Pills, Shaofu Shaofu Zhuoxue Soup Zhuoxue and Elimination, or Shi Dihuang Pills plus fragrance, tulips, and Bupleurum.

4. Insurance

Because pre -pregnancy health care has not been valued by the Chinese people in the past ten years, the research on the related research of women’s health and adverse pregnancy ending before pregnancy is mostly concentrated in the relationship between women’s constitution and abortion, and has less research on the physical characteristics of other pre -pregnancy constitution.However, in terms of the efficacy evaluation of pre -pregnancy conditioning schemes, Chinese medicine is very promising in the field of health care before pregnancy.

Therefore, adhering to and carrying forward the concept of "treating the disease without disease" in our country, under the guidance of the eugenics of traditional Chinese medicine, the scientific and reasonable health state evaluation tools have been developed.

In -depth discussion of the correlation between pre -pregnancy health state and bad pregnancy ending, and then formulate effective and feasible pre -pregnancy traditional Chinese medicine health care solutions, to reduce the incidence of adverse pregnancy endings, and give full play to the characteristics and advantages of Chinese medicine in the field of prevention of health care.

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