61 newly confirmed cases in Hong Kong, 25 cases are unknown, and a 35 -week pregnant woman recruited

Source: Global Network

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] Hong Kong added 61 new cases of new coronary pneumonia today, including 58 local local and 25 cases. The source was unknown.

According to the Hong Kong "East Network" report, the epidemic of the Xinguan crown pneumonia in Hong Kong has continued to get out of control. Zhang Zhujun, director of the Infectious Division of the Infectious Disease Division of the Hong Kong Department of Health, announced that as of the early morning of today (21st), 61 new diagnosis cases were added in Hong Kong, of which 3 of them, 3 of whichFor the input case, the remaining 58 cases were local cases, and there were 2020 cases of cumulative cases so far.

Zhang Zhujun said that in the new local cases, 33 of them were related to previous cases, and the remaining 25 cases were unknown, including a 64 -year -old visitor.Zhang Zhujun described the situation more worrying.

In addition, it is known that a 35 -week pregnant woman infection is now treated at Elizabe Hospital.In addition, it is reported that after a 54 -year -old male patient was diagnosed yesterday (20th), a surgical ward in the East District Hospital confirmed that the ward was recruited today.

The Hong Kong epidemic trend for half a year.Picture source: Hong Kong "East Network"

The new crown pneumonia has been caused by more than half a year since the hit Hong Kong on January 23. The first wave of epidemic was caused by 1 Wuhan input case. Since then, local infections have been caused.The people of the Buddha Temple in North Point, about 1 month, have exceeded 100 cases on March 1.It began to usher in the second wave of epidemic in March, mainly caused by the outbreak of outbreaks worldwide. Hong Kong has returned to Hong Kong people to enter the country since March, causing a large number of input cases. In less than 1 month, Hong Kong’s accumulated confirmed cases have exceeded 500 cases.

The epidemic in the local bar crowd continued to ferment. By April 11, Hong Kong’s accumulated confirmed cases exceeded 1,000 cases.Later, the epidemic fell, and the third wave of epidemic broke out again until early July. The number of diagnosis rose again, and it exceeded 2,000 cases in less than a month.

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