7 months pregnant, but her boyfriend frequently travels!It wasn’t until the police broke the door that she saw her boyfriend.

Although parents are strongly opposed,

She still recklessly

His boyfriend with the young plum bamboo horses!

7 months pregnant,

She is looking forward to the two

"When you have a child and get married",

one day,

The police dropped from the sky …

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Assist Anhui police to arrest!

At about 4 pm on the 26th, the Wuchang Public Security Department of the Wuhan Railway Public Security Department of Hubei Railway Police Detachment received a notification from the Luzhou Public Security Bureau of Anhui Province that a man Wang fled to Wuhan a few days ago because he was suspected of stealing 30,000 yuan. He might buy that night or times that night or timesTrain tickets from Wuhan from Wuhan, request to assist in the arrest.

After receiving the report, the Wuchang Police Detachment quickly investigated and controlled the major stations in Wuhan, while quickly transferring the police force with the Anhui police who had launched an investigation in Wuhan.Soon, the police of the inspection and control team gave feedback and found that Wang was on the train.

The police broke into the door, and his girlfriend was stunned!

At 6 pm, the police rushed to Wang’s residence in Wuhan."Hello, you have a courier to sign." Police Yuan Junguo knocked on the door, no sound came out in the room, but the lights in the room suddenly went out.

Because Wang had a previous department of drug trafficking, the police analyzed that he had a strong anti -investigation ability and may have been alarmed."I put the courier in the gatekeeper, pay attention." Yuan Yiguo quietly returned to the stairs.

"Forced the door!" The police immediately took measures after waiting for an hour after the staircase. Wang lying on the bed was captured, and his girlfriend Xiao Jing (pseudonym) was blank.

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The boyfriend of the green plum bamboo horse has been deceived many times

The police investigation found that Wang and Xiaojing were primary school classmates. Wang graduated from high school to participate in the work. Xiao Jing studied at a university in Wuhan. The two talked about love. Xiao Jing still lived with Wang’s resolute opposition with Wang.In the meantime, Xiao Jing was pregnant, but Wang suddenly disappeared. She had to choose a miscarriage. It was unknown that it was because Wang was sentenced to punishment for drug trafficking.

It didn’t take long for Wang to find Xiao Jing, who was good at lying, and he quickly got her trust, and the two lived together.

Wang always seemed to be busy, and always went to Anhui and other places to "travel", and Xiao Jing also understood.At the beginning of July, Wang fled back to Han after he was suspected of stolen 30,000 yuan in the bank card of others. When he was arrested this time, Xiao Jing was pregnant for 7 months, and she intends to have a child to get married.

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The case is being handled further.


Please remember:

When you are in love,

Don’t be confused by the outer elephant of the green plum,

Keep a sober mind

Be sure to stay away from the scum man!

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Source: Peninsula Morning News

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