7 secrets of the eggs, exploring the secrets of the eggs, let yourself increase your knowledge

Eggs are a more amazing cell and the largest cell in women.With the body of the beads, the head of the head, a transparent strap on the head.With the ability to reproduce life, the responsibility is very responsible.

Seven small secrets of the eggs shared with you

Miss Egg’s home is in the follicle follicle of 15-30mm.It was just a chromosome.With the passage of years, when women reach the age of 12-15, the ovarian parent cells in their ovaries are restless and start to split.

Under the stimulation of gonad hormones in the body, a young lady has grown up and mature every month.After maturity, you will leave the ovaries and rush to the fallopian tube to wait for the sperm brother in the fallopian tube.

When the egg leaves the follicles for the first time, women will make women have a beginning of menstruation.At this time, it proves that he has grown up, indicating that reproductive organs have matured.

For the first time, the egg leaves the follicles with blood, which is the "early tide of menstruation" that makes each little fairy panic.

Here, every woman reminds each woman that if their initial tide is 10 years old or later than 15 years old, they should go to an endocrine examination.

Miss Eggs will only survive for 1-2 days after leaving home. At the beginning of 15-18 hours, the chance of combining with sperm brother is the greatest. As time goes by time, the chance of meeting each other will become smaller and smaller.

Therefore, women who want to succeed in pregnancy should calculate the time and increase the conception rate.

If your own physiological period is compared, the ovulation period can be calculated through the following method.

First of all, you must understand two concepts

The first concept, ovulation period: two weeks before menstruation;

The second concept and menstrual cycle: The time of the two aunts in the middle interval is called the menstrual cycle.The general standard is 28 days, of course, it is normal for 21 days to 35 days.

Let me give you an example: Assuming that the time of the two aunts is March 1 and March 30, respectively, then the menstrual cycle is 30 days, and the time for the next time is April 29.

To calculate the ovulation period in this way: From the first day of the next menstrual tide, it is the ovulation day for 14 days, so the next ovulation day is April 15th, 5 days before ovulation and 4 days after the ovulation period.So the next ovulation day is from April 10th to April 19th.

If your own menstruation is not very regular, you need to use ovulation test strips or to do B -ultrasound monitoring.

Miss Eggs are between 18-25mm in normal circumstances. If the diameter is less than 17mm, it is not easy to get pregnant.

Therefore, for the sake of Miss Eggs, my staying behavior has to be changed.It cannot be too losing weight to achieve a slim figure, because this will affect your health.

There were 2 million follicles when women were born, and only 300,000 were left when they were young.In the end, only 400-500 can meet the sperm brother.

When the women are 12-18 years old, the eggs are healthy; the age of 20-35 is the best state of the eggs and is a golden time to bred; after the age of 35, the body of the eggs will become weaker and weaker.Of course, don’t worry too much, maintain good living habits, and make good preparations to bred a healthy baby.

Miss Ovarian’s love is passive. Every month, she will come out of the follicles of the ovaries on one side. She will be picked up by the fallopian tube umbrella, arrives in the fallopian tube, and then will be located here, waiting for the sperm brother to come.

To remind female friends here, if you have a pain in your lower abdomen and the pain when menstruation, you need to check the tubal tubes.If the fallopian tube is inflammated, the fallopian tube cannot pick up the egg.

There is a layer of transparent belt around the egg with specific sperm receptors on it, which will tell sperm brother.If a sperm brother comes in, the transparent membrane shape will change immediately.You can understand that you have closed the door to change the lock, so as not to let other sperm enter.

If the egg does not meet sperm, it will lose vitality, either absorbed by the body, or fall off from the uterine wall. With the endometrium and secretions, it is excreted from the body and becomes part of menstruation.

For your own egg health, you must protect your ovaries.It is necessary to protect the temperature around the ovaries, stay away from tobacco and alcohol, and maintain a good attitude.

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