A "post -90s" woman naturally gave birth to trigger

China News Service Wuhan, April 18th (Cheng Qiuxia Gong Yuxi) Ms. Xie, who was pregnant for 36 weeks and 2 days, has recently produced a "trigger" at the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University through a caesarean section."Finally met them, it’s not easy!" When the nurse hugged the three babies to Ms. Jie, she was so excited that she was red.

Ms. Xie from Henan is 28 years old and has had two times before, with a son and a daughter.Last October, Ms. Xie was pregnant again, and she was a trilogy.What is even more surprising is that Ms. Xie did not use high -tech assistance such as IVF, but naturally pregnant.

Photos of medical staff and trilogy photos of the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University

In the early pregnancy, Ms. Jie had low thyroid function, which would have adverse effects on the health of the mother and the growth and development of the fetus."At that time, I was a little confused. The doctor of the hospital advised me to reduce the child and told me that the pregnancy difficulty and risk were very difficult, and more problems were encountered later." Ms. Xie said.

But unwilling to give up the little life given by heaven in this way, Ms. Xie and her family found that Fan Cuifang, director of the obstetrics department of Wuhan University People’s Hospital through consultation.

According to Fan Cuifang, from a medical perspective, trilute pregnancy is more harmful to pregnant women, which can easily cause complications such as hypertension, diabetes, major bleeding, and excessive amniotic fluid, which is a high -risk pregnancy.However, the attitude of Ms. Jie and her family resolutely gave birth to her child, and Fan Cuifang was deeply moved. She formulated a detailed individualized production inspection plan for Ms. Jie.

Ms. Xie successfully gave birth to a picture of the Trippan Wuhan University People’s Hospital.

Under the care of the obstetric team, Ms. Xie went all the way to cut off, and in the last 4 months of pregnancy, she basically stayed in bed.Until April 16, Ms. Xie’s fetal was born until 36 weeks and 2 days, Fan Cuifang’s team performed a caesarean section for Ms. Xie.

It is exciting that the twins did not have a common low weight in multiple twins, but they were rosy, and their weight reached 4.9 catties, 5.5 pounds, and 5.2 catties, respectively.

"Nature triggea pregnancy is very rare, and trilogy’s pregnancy can be adhered to the full moon. And the three children are so healthy, and the maternal condition is particularly good." Holding 3 little babies, Fan Cuifang also laughed.Can’t fit.(over)

Source: China News Network

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