A 25 -year -old child is easy to have a child.Remember these 5 magic tricks in old age

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"When I was young, I had to hit the first child once or twice. Now I want to be so difficult for the second child to be?" In the outpatient clinic of Yang Huijun, the director of the reproductive medical center of the Shandong Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, the patient asked with a look of sorrowful questions.Essence

It turned out that when I was 25 years old, I got married, and the young couple quickly had a cute baby.Over the years, she has been working hard, and Zhou Zhou has unknowingly reached the age of 36. She thought she wanted to have a baby, but the couple worked hard for more than half a year, but Zhou Zhou’s belly had not moved.She can’t help wondering that she is usually good, why don’t you always go?

"The three -child policy has been introduced for more than a year. Outpatients are like Zhou Zhou who wants to be a second child and three -child.After the age of age, women’s fertility probability decreases year by year, and at the age of 40, the probability of pregnancy may be less than 5%.

Older pregnancy is facing three major difficulties

Many sisters are very confused. They are usually healthy and well -maintained?

In fact, in addition to physical health, there is another key factor, that is, age!Medical definitions that women over 35 years of age are called "old women."Once you exceed this age, pregnancy in your own imagination is nothing more than water, but in the eyes of a doctor, there are three mountains in front of you:

"After the age of 35, women’s fertility has declined year by year, and it will be more obvious after the age of 38. At the age of 40, the probability of pregnancy may be less than 5%." Yang Huijun said that with the age of age, the quality of eggs is also going downhill. ThereforeOld age is an important factor affecting the success rate of fertility and auxiliary reproductive technology.

At the same time, the risk of abortion, premature birth, and fetal malformations after 35 years old is far higher than under 35 years old.In addition, women over 35 years of age have a higher chance of merging other internal medicine or gynecological diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, abnormal thyroid dysfunction, etc., and gynecological diseases such as uterine fibroids, which also affects the chance of conception.

Preparation of older pregnancy are indispensable for these examinations

How can older women prepare for scientific pregnancy?Yang Huijun proposed 5 tricks for pregnancy:

The first is the evaluation of fertility.Six inspections of elderly women’s pregnancy are recommended to consult the reproductive department, sixth examinations (menstrual tide on the 2-5 days of menstruation), anti-Miara tube hormone, and basic sinus follicles examination. Three tests can understand the basic endocrine conditions and evaluationOvarian reserve function.

The second is to improve pre -pregnancy examinations. Women’s pre -pregnancy examination items include:

Must -check items: (1) Blood routine: (2) urine routine; (3) blood type (ABO and RH): (4) liver function: (5) renal function: (6) empty blood glucose: (7) hepatitis B five items: (8) Syphilis spiral body: (9) HIV screening: (10) Cervical cytology (those who have not been checked within 1 year).

Preparation items: (1) Toxoplasma, rubella virus, giant cell virus, and shingles virus (TORCH) screening.(2) Routine vaginal discharge, gonococci, and chlamydia.(3) Thyroid function test.(4) Blood lipid examination.(5) Gynecological ultrasound examination.(6) ECG examination.(7) Chest X -ray examination.

Men’s pre -pregnancy examination items include:

Must -check items: (1) blood type; (2) blood routine; (3) urine routine; (4) liver function; (5) renal function; (6) hepatitis B: (7) syphilis spiral body: (8) HIVScreen.

Preparation items: (1) Gongsheng virus; (2) chlamydia; (3) gonococci.In addition, it is recommended to do semen examination.

The third is to form a good living habit.Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, milk or soy products every day, eat fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat, drink proper water, pay attention to food hygiene, sufficient nutrition helps to improve the quality of the eggs.

Persist in exercise for 20-30 minutes a day.Exercise helps enhance physical fitness and maintain a good mental state.Preparation of pregnant couples together will help promote the relationship between husband and wife, and it is more conducive to preferential pregnancy and eugenics.Controlling weight before pregnancy can reduce the risk of diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy, which is more beneficial to the health of the fetus.Exercise can not only maintain a healthy weight, but also enhance cardiopulmonary function, improve immunity, regulate tension, and help the physical state and mental state, help to get pregnant and healthy.

The fourth is to relax and reduce psychological pressure.The rhythm of modern life, high work pressure, staying up late and so on may increase the difficulty of conception.Some pregnant sisters have long tightened their heart strings for a long time, and the body temperature measures ovulation every day. It is only in the same room during ovulation and superstitious remedies. This is not conducive to pregnancy.You can transfer your negative emotions through sports, travel, and chasing dramas.

Finally, Yang Huijun reminded that the reproductive technology is assisted if necessary.If you are over 35 years old and have been preparing for half a year of pregnancy, or your age is over 40 years old, and you are not pregnant for three months, please go to the reproductive clinic in time to actively check the cause of infertility (education).Reproductive technology increases the surrogacy rate.

"With the development of society and economy, more and more women choose to marry late marriage and childbirth. In addition to the release of third -child policy, the number of families with second childs and three babies will lead to many women who need to face pregnancy."Yang Huijun said that the older pregnancy is really relatively difficult, and sisters who have not been pregnant should not be anxious. Whether the successful pregnancy involves many factors such as endometrial environment and embryo quality.For common problems, reproductive doctors will give personalized fine treatment.

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