A 32 -year -old woman abroad was pregnant for twists and turns. After two ectopic pregnancy, she found that she had triggered twins

According to the "Mirror" on May 25, a 32 -year -old mother in Lan Kaixia, British, was lucky enough to give birth to trigger. Interestingly, they were not discovered by the doctor before that.

The mother was called Starci, Starcia and her husband Damian had a 7 -year -old son Lisian at the time, and they were going to want a second child.

Starcia’s two pregnancy embryos are in the fallopian tubes. This situation is what we often call ectopic pregnancy. The doctor prescribed her medicine and dissolved the embryo in the fallopian tube to maintain Starcia’s health and no condition.

Starcia was distracted, thinking that her second child’s dream was shattered, but two weeks after the operation, she still had a reaction of pregnancy.After examination, the doctor found that she was pregnant with twins!It is said that they were not found before the inspection.

When she did a check -ups, the doctor discovered three heartbeats.It turns out that there are three babies in her belly!Two babies share one placenta, and the other baby is alone.

Everything went smoothly during pregnancy. Until 26 weeks, the doctor found that one baby grew too much and the other baby was too small. He threatened the life of the three little babies and quickly performed surgery.

On February 8th, Starcia gave birth to three babies: Oliver, 12 ounces of 1 pound (about 1.6 catties); Mary, 9 ounces of 1 pound (about 1.4 catties); Meghan, 2 pounds 12 ounces (about 2.5 catties) Essence

After birth, the baby’s weight is light, and the physical condition is not very good. The doctor was put in the insulation box.Mary’s brain bleeding, Meghan’s heart is not very good.The couple couldn’t sleep all night because they were worried about their baby.

Fortunately, the baby’s condition continued to improve. On May 11, the three babies were brought home.Starcia said that his life was too busy, and the baby started crying before the baby was fed.But as soon as he saw his happy family, he felt that he was drowned.

The mother of Starci was a wave of twists and turns. Fortunately, the final ending was happy and happy.I hope that everyone in the world can be happy and healthy.

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