A comparison chart of a pregnant belly fruit tells you: October of pregnant, the mystery of life growing

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Many people say that they cannot tell others in the early pregnancy. This is actually not feudal superstition, but because the fetus is not stable in the early pregnancy and may have a miscarriage, or it may have to end pregnancy because of malformations!

I do n’t tell others, and others do n’t know. The most important reason is that the mother ’s belly in the early pregnancy does not actually see pregnancy.”Zero plan”

The mother’s pregnancy began to grow slowly until the second and third trimester of pregnancy, and the weight of the fetus was in the middle of pregnancy, and the third trimester was growing rapidly.

The mother’s belly gradually became larger, representing the fetus growing slowly.

How does the fetus grow in October?A comparison chart of a pregnant mother’s belly and fruit can clearly know how the fetus grows.

1st month of pregnancy: like peanut rice

If calculated according to the last menstrual period, the baby baby is just a small embryo at the first month of pregnancy, and the B -ultrasound is unclear.

Small embryos are like peanuts.

At this time, the baby’s baby was too young, and the mother’s belly changed without changes, and the mother herself didn’t know whether the baby’s baby came.


Once there is no contraception, be careful not to take medicine randomly, and do not go to the decoration place.

In the second month of pregnancy: like a small grape

The baby’s baby has been going to bed smoothly. When the B -ultrasound can see the embryo sac, you can also see the beating of the fetal heart.

At this time, although the stomach did not increase significantly, the hormone had risen a lot. Mom did not want to eat and occurred in early pregnancy.


At this time, you can eat something if you want to eat what you want. It is recommended to eat some carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread, soda cakes, and other carbohydrates to prevent rising urine.

In the third month of pregnancy: like a Sydney

In the third month of pregnancy, although the stomach was obviously increased in appearance, the uterus was slowly increasing and compressing the bladder.

Therefore, many mothers often have frequent urination at this time.


Don’t take urine, don’t be afraid of drinking more water or drinking less water, because urine is mostly because the bladder is oppressed, which has nothing to do with how much water drinking. Be sure to drink plenty of water after pregnancy.

In the fourth month of pregnancy: like a mango

In the fourth month of pregnancy, I started to enter the middle of pregnancy. The fetus has gradually stabilized. The pregnant mother does not want to vomit, and starts to appetite.


After the appetite is wide, you must pay attention to the balanced nutrition. It is best to reach 12 kinds of foods per day, and more than 25 kinds of food you eat per week. You can eat as much as possible according to the food on the "Women’s Balanced Dietary Pagoda in China" as much as possible.

5th month of pregnancy: like a papaya

In the fifth month of pregnancy, the Long March of Wanli was half over, and the mother’s belly was already obvious. At this time, it began to feel bulky.


The weight of weight and weight is controlled every day half a catty to 8 pounds per week.

If you have a problem with your teeth, deal with it as much as possible.

This month’s mother began to feel fetal movement.

Sixth months of pregnancy: The fetus starts to grow height, the length is like a eggplant

The uterus began to grow from the 6th month of pregnancy, and the mother began to feel that when eating was too full, the stomach would be under the control.

Because the fetal bones begin to grow rapidly, a lot of calcium is needed. Be sure to eat more calcium -containing foods.


The amount of calcium required every day is 1000 mg, so you need to drink 400 ~ 600 ml of milk, or make up 500-600 mg of calcium per day.

7th month of pregnancy: like a big pineapple

In the seventh month of pregnancy, in fact, it has entered the third trimester.


When walking, try to make your body straight. When you sleep, you can buy a pregnant woman’s pillow to avoid the stomach suspended and prevent the fetus from hypoxia.

8th month of pregnancy: like a cantaloupe

At this time, the mother has been restricted, and the weight of the fetus is growing at an average of 200 grams per week. Therefore, the mother calls weight every day to avoid excessive weight growth.

Of course, if the doctor said that the fetus is small when doing a B -ultrasound, then eat more at this time to promote the fetus faster.


Diet is light, less salt and less oil, and eat more vegetables with more high -protein. Pay attention to calcium supplementation.

9th month of pregnancy: like a watermelon

In the 9th month of pregnancy, not far from unloading. At this time, the fetus had 5 pounds.

The mother’s burden is too heavy, it is easy to eat well and not sleep well.


Avoid strenuous exercise and prevent premature birth.

10th month of pregnancy: like a big watermelon

In the 10th month of pregnancy, the fetus is like a larger watermelon.


It may be born at any time, and the mother must be prepared to be hospitalized.

In October, the mother’s belly was slowly increasing, and the fetus changed from a fertilized egg to a baby of more than 6 pounds. All of them depended on the nutritional supply of the mother’s body, and all had a huge burden on the mother’s body.

Born for others to know how to be grateful for mother!

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