A glass of ice cola, the guy is hospitalized urgently … such people should pay attention

A bottle of cola in the high temperature is so cool.However, Xiao Chen in Sichuan sent himself directly into the operating room because of a bottle of Binglai …

A bottle of ice cola under his belly, abdominal pain to rolling

Sichuan people Xiao Chen is 19 years old. Before, he had no major problems. He did not smoke or drink. He only liked two things: betel nut and spicy bar.After receiving work at night, he lived his life he wanted to live. He thought that life could continue like this.

A few days ago, Xiao Chen had no appetite, and he ate his favorite "betel nut+two -piece set".After eating, he felt a little pain, but because his stomach was not very good, occasionally a little pain and swelling were not a matter for him, and tolerance passed.

The next day Xiao Chen Zhao started construction. In the afternoon, he felt hot and thirsty. He bought a bottle of Bing Cola on the street and poured half a bottle in one breath.After half a bottle of ice cola, he felt like a fire was burning in his stomach.

After returning home to rest, the abdominal pain was not reduced at all, and it started to vomit.After a day, he finally entered the hospital emergency.

The results of the CT test showed that there was a free gas in his abdomen, and Xiao Chen was likely to have gastrointestinal perforation.The situation was urgent, and he was immediately admitted to the hospital.

Drink a hole in duodenal intestines

In the laparoscope, the doctor found that a large amount of food residue and gastric juice of Xiao Chen have overflowed from the perforation. It is these leaks that stimulate the abdominal cavity and cause severe pain.

At this time, a large amount of pus was produced in the abdominal cavity, and infection occurred. After repeated washing, the doctor finally found a small hole in the front of the duodenal intestine. After washing with a lot of physiological saline, he performed surgery.

Due to the long period of perforation, the abdominal cavity had been infected, and then Xiao Chen was sent to the EICU (emergency severe care unit) to continue observing.Fortunately, after a series of anti -infection and stomach protection, Xiao Chen resumed good situation.

This disease prefers poor eating habits

How can a jar of cola, how can it be so serious?

It turned out that Xiao Chen’s long -term daily life was irregular. Eating was always made up, busy, only one meal a day.Sometimes I dinner with my friends, and I often eat it late for supper, often hungry and full.

Doctors said that gastrointestinal perforation is generally good for middle -aged people who are 40 years old, but in recent years, gastrointestinal perforation patients are gradually younger.After most people ask, there are long -term irregular diet. They often like to use snacks to replace staple foods. Some people are because of drug stimulation, which will cause ulcers in the long run.

Xiao Chen himself had gastric ulcers, but he did not find it or not treated. Under the stimulus of Bingla, the duodenal intestine, which was originally fragile because of the ulcer, occurred.After perforation, it is very dangerous. If it is not treated in time, it will endanger life.

Doctors remind

Patients with gastrointestinal diseases should also eat a reasonable diet, avoid eating too cold and irritating foods, and quit smoking and alcohol. Do not stay up late.Condition.

Source: Heilongjiang Traffic Broadcast

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