A self -description of a Beijing tour guide: Thousands of yuan daily, many transferred colleagues returned

China News Service, July 15th (Zhongxin Finance Zuo Yuqing) for a few days of high temperatures, failed to stop the enthusiasm of the summer tourists for the Forbidden City. Tickets are often grabbed 7 days in advance.For Feng Shaobao, a guide to the Palace Museum’s study, explained in the high temperature and crowded crowds of nearly 40 ° C, which has become a normal state in this summer vacation.

"Now is the peak tourist season in Beijing, the tour guide is in short supply, and many people who have changed their careers have returned." He said.

40 ℃ Explanation at high temperature can bring 25 families a day

At 6 in the morning, Feng Shaobao started to get up to clean up.Due to the opening time of the Forbidden City in the summer vacation, it was 8 o’clock in the morning, which means that Feng Shaobao will line up at the Palace Museum before 7:30."If it comes too late, the collection time is not enough, so at least half an hour in advance, grab the tickets to enter the park before other tourists."

"Prepare the research manual a day in advance. One morning, one morning, one afternoon, 4 hours each time, and one day can bring 20-25 families (one big and one small)." Feng Shaobao told Zhongxin Finance from the end of June.At the beginning, the demand for the Palace Museum’s research group gradually became strong."I will be busy until the end of August."

Among the summer crowds, high temperatures are undoubtedly one of the keywords for the Forbidden City.Feng Shaobao said that tourists often have heat stroke in the Forbidden City."Five or six can be seen every day."

Breaking the high temperature of 40 ° C for a few days, it also brought a "baking" test to Feng Shaobao’s research team. In order to avoid the child’s heat stroke, Feng Shaobo chose the explanation location in the cool place."After many years of explaining in the Forbidden City, we are also familiar with this. When bringing a group, we will let the children visit the attractions quickly, and then gather in a cool place to let the children sit in the ventilation. At present, there is no heat stroke in the group.Case."

Nevertheless, the news that a tour guide in Beijing recently died due to thermal ejaculation, which still worried Feng Shaobo’s family to worry about his physical condition."Recently, everyone will come to care about inquiries. Because the body shape is a bit like a fierce look, (news) is mosaic again. At that time, there was a parent on the social media that it was oolong, thinking that it was me who died. Or other tourists told me thatLet me clarify it quickly. "Feng Shaobao said with tears and laughing.

Research is hot: the most needed is patience

It is hoped that children can "travel" and make research a hot spot in summer tourism.Feng Shaobao discovered this trend in 2019.

"From 2017 to 2018, some colleagues began to explain in a deep explanation in the Forbidden City. At that time, no one in Beijing did this. He felt that he could try it, so we made an in-depth explanation of adults for two years."

By 2019, Feng Shaobao noticed that compared with adults, parents have a stronger desire for their children to participate in in -depth explanations."In the adult group, when there were children with the group, we started to be more inclined to explain the way of explanation for children."

In 2020, the tourism industry was seriously affected by the epidemic, and many tour guides moved to make a living.Choose Feng Shaobao who stayed, and began to study how to subdivide different groups, especially the explanation of research."The summer vacation and the New Year and the New Year are brought to the Forbidden City. Parents must hope that their children will gain something in the Forbidden City."

Feng Shaobao said that the needs of different tourists’ interpretation are different.For example, male tourists will be more interested in historical systems and political events; female tourists usually like to watch historical TV series, and they will be related to the plot in the TV series when explaining. In contrastIt’s patience.

"The speed is fast, and the child does not understand; the child is deep, the child does not understand, the best way is to start with the textbook. For example, when talking about the grain, when it comes to ‘黍’, many have eatenThe children don’t even know, but when you recite them together with Meng Haoran’s "Over -the -Holding Man Zhuang" in the textbook, they understand, because the teacher said that it is yellow rice. "

With the popularity of research, issues such as random pricing of research programs and "unrealistic names" in research content have gradually emerged.In Feng Shaobao’s view, many groups of problems are accompanied by parents."Children may not know much, but parents can accompany supervision. This chaos will be less."

He said that in the Palace Museum’s research group, the normal offer of each family (one, one small) is about 240-300 yuan (excluding tickets)."Some people who need to study manuals and other information may be more expensive."

Tour guides in short supply: monthly income can be 10,000 yuan

With the gradual recovery of the tourism industry, the rapidly growing tourism demand has also made tour guides "in short supply".On the recruitment platform and social media, the recruitment information related to tour guides can be seen everywhere, and some travel agencies have also paid 10,000 yuan.

Feng Shaobao said to Zhongxin Finance that in Beijing, the shortage of summer tour guide was actually normal."The off -peak season of Beijing tourism is very obvious. The number of tourists will fall in the cliff after the National Day of the National Day every year. Now it is the peak season, but this time is not enough."

Under market demand, the salary of tour guides has also risen.Feng Shaobao said that the salary of the tour guide is to watch the season to eat: "When the most busy season is the busiest, the tour guide usually has more than 1,000 yuan a day, and only 35,000 yuan per month during the off -season."

Feng Shaobao told Zhongxin Finance that many colleagues in his epidemic chose to change career during the epidemic, and now they come back again: "Some of them are sent off, some have worked as a real estate agent, and English guides have returned to their hometown to open a tuition class.There are also some choosing part -time tour guides on Saturdays and Sunday.

Source: China News Network

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