Abdominal pain at all stages after pregnancy, some really can’t bear it. Pregnant women must learn to judge

Wen | Tao Ma

We have experienced a lot of feeling since birth, like the hot summer, the cold of winter, the hardness of the soft stones of cotton, etc., and there are pain that we don’t want to experience.What is the most painful thing in the world, it is estimated that there is a child.The pain of women’s childbirth is indeed a pain that ordinary people can’t imagine and experience, but in fact, before childbirth, pregnant women will have various pains. The most common is abdominal pain.Abdominal pain may occur in all stages of pregnancy, but the causes of abdominal pain are different.Some of the abdominal pain that should not be tolerated, don’t be stupid for pregnant women.

Early pregnancy: 1-3 months

Normal abdominal pain

In the early stages of pregnancy, some pregnant women will have discomfort such as lower abdomen pain and mild abdominal pain, but most of them last time.If pregnant women have no abdominal pain, there is no bleeding, but it feels like a faint pain near the small belly. This is normal.This shows that the fetus is growing up slowly, and the uterus is gradually getting bigger and bigger.In this case, what pregnant women need to do is to rest, but not bed in bed.After a while, this discomfort will disappear.

Pathological abdominal pain

If the first three months of pregnancy, the abdomen of the pregnant woman is tearing -like pain, and it lasts for a long time, which may be ectopic pregnancy.At this time, it is best for pregnant women to go to the hospital for examination to prevent a large number of internal bleeding and endanger life.If the small belly of pregnant women is a contraction and pain in a burst, and accompanied by the symptoms of bleeding, this is likely to be a threatened abortion.These two cases should go to the hospital in time, no matter which one occurs.

In the middle of pregnancy: 4-7 months

Normal abdominal pain

In the middle of pregnancy, pregnant women often feel the feeling of pain on one side of the lower abdomen or on both sides, and the pain on both sides will take turns.Especially when getting out of bed in the morning, this pain will be more obvious.In fact, this is because the ligaments that support the uterus inside the pelvis stretch and thicken to adapt to the increasing uterus. It provides nutrient blood vessels and the nerves that dominate the uterus and are pulled by the uterus, so pain will cause pain.Usually, as the pregnancy week increases, this discomfort will gradually reduce or disappear. This is normal. Pregnant women usually pay attention to the amplitude of the movement too much.

Pathological abdominal pain

If the abdominal pain that pregnant women feel in the middle of pregnancy are for a while, or a continuous lower abdomen pain, and a private bleeding, this is alert to the signal of abortion in the third trimester, it is best to go to the hospital quickly.

Late pregnancy: more than 7 months or more

Normal abdominal pain

At this time, the stomach of the pregnant woman is already very large, and the action is very inconvenient. It is normal for pregnant women to have pubic pain and edema.Pregnant women may also have abdominal pain caused by pseudo -contractions. This is not a signal of childbirth. It is good to take a rest for pregnant women.And at this stage, pregnant women are also easy to constipation, and they may also feel abdominal pain.Pregnant women pay more attention to their diet, to ensure sleeping and pleasant mood.

Pathological abdominal pain

If the pregnant woman appears in this period, the tear -like lower abdomen pain, the strong contraction of the persistence, and the bleeding of the private parts at the same time.In this case, pregnant women should not be dragged, and it is the key to go to the hospital with time.

Tao Ma said: Some pregnant women think that most pregnant women will experience these, and tolerance will pass.But some pain can’t bear it, otherwise it is likely to hurt the fetus.This also requires pregnant women to learn more about these discomfort during pregnancy, and learn to judge whether it is normal, so that they can better protect themselves and fetuses.

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