Absolutely dry goods, prepare for the gestational dragon baby super full strategy!Do not quickly collect it!

From May 2023 to April 2024, pregnant mothers who are pregnant are almost all Longbao (try to get pregnant at the end of May 2023 to rule out the accidental factors produced in advance).Zitong Beibei has made a scientific pregnancy plan for pregnant mothers who want to have a dragon, hoping that expectant mothers can lay a good foundation for future babies.

Do a pregnancy test 6 months in advance, stop taking contraceptives, sleep helping pills, away from X -ray, formaldehyde and other harmful substances (prone to cause chromosome distortion)

Sleep early in the early 5 months in advance, the laws of three meals, eat less takeaway and junk food, balanced diet, screen for bow -shaped insects for pets, and remove deworming regularly

3 months in advance, the husband and wife supplemented folic acid, quit smoking and alcohol, and women replaced cosmetics containing disabled ingredients during pregnancy, away from second -hand smoke (prevent baby deformed)

2 months in advance for women to calculate the ovulation period, check the tooth problem (not extraction during pregnancy) insist on aerobic exercise for 30 minutes per day, exercise, prepare for pregnancy

Good work schedule and moderate amount of exercise are the best way to ensure good health, so during pregnancy, prospective father and mother must develop a good schedule ~

Preparation of daily work and rest [2-3 months in advance]:

1. 1-2 boiled egg milk/yogurt 250ml per day (calcium supplementation high-quality protein)

2. Drink 1500-2000ml a day (improve metabolism, excrete excess toxins)

3. Ensure 300-500g, fruits, meat and other nutritional balances per day (must be eaten for breakfast)

4. Can’t night, can not drink and smoke

5. Don’t take medicine casually, it should not be hot to dye Xiaohongxing

6. Do not do CT casually, do not vaccinate at will

7. Drink a cup of black soy milk 300-500ml every day for women’s ovulation (raising high-quality follicles)

8. One pack of mixed backbone every day, supplement minerals, vitamins, dietary fiber, etc.

9. Women eat more red dates, Ejiao, red beans, peanuts, wolfberry, brown sugar, etc. (improve qi and blood)

10. Men should not put their mobile phones in their pants pockets, do not wear tight underwear

11. Don’t soak the hot spring steaming sauna, take a long time, not ride a bike for a long time

Try not to eat the following food

1. Junk food, such as barbecue and fried food

2. High -sugar foods, such as milk tea, can easily cause sugar metabolism and affect sperm or egg quality

3. Animal internal organs: heavy metals, no cooked food: bacterial pollution is serious

4. Coffee, alcohol: stimulate nerves, affect X desire

5. Try not to eat takeaway and pickled food

Preparation of pregnancy [2-3 months in advance]:


1. 30 minutes of aerobic exercise per day, such as yoga, jogging, walking to enhance immunity

2. 200-300 skipping rope daily during the period, which is conducive to ovulation and preventing ectopic pregnancy

3. Soak the hot water feet for 20 minutes per day (warm palace assistance to promote blood circulation)


1. Sports jog at 30 minutes a day, play basketball, swim, exercise

2. Fitness 1-2 times a week to enhance muscle strength

In addition to exercise and schedule, the diet and nutrition of expectant mothers and prospective dads are also very important. Many people know that pregnant mothers need to eat folic acid. In fact, they must be supplemented from the beginning of pregnancy.Supplement ~

The following is the supplement to nutrition [2-3 months in advance]:

1. Folic acid: Prevention of fetal nerve deformity, eat 3 months in advance, supplement 0.4-0.8 mg of folic acid a day, eat more food rich in folic acid

2. Calcium: Add 800 mg of 800 mg per day to eat more calcium -rich foods

3. Iron: Add 200 mg every day, you can eat it, once a week, animal blood or animal liver

4. DHA: Add 200 ~ 300 mg every day, preferred food supplement, (food rich in DHA)

5. Vitamin E: Moactols to improve the quality of eggs, which can be supplemented (rich in vitamin E: food: animal liver, spinach, asparagus, cherry, corn)

6. Vitamin C: Fresh vegetables and fruits, such as kiwi, oranges, tomatoes, mustard, color peppers, fresh jujube, pomegranate, broccoli, cherry, etc.

7, vitamin D: sea value, animal liver, eggs, milk, nuts, shiitake mushrooms and other mushrooms

Daddy’s dad needs to add:

9. Coenzyme Q10: Foods rich in coenzyme Q10: autumn saury, pork heart, pork liver, black fish, pork loin, beef, pork, peanuts, peanuts, peanuts, peanuts, peanuts, peanuts, peanuts, peanuts, peanuts)

10, arginine: food supplement: sea cucumber, fresh fish, mud team, cuttlefish, etc.

After a long time of pregnancy, the prospective dad and expectant mothers have to make a plan for pregnancy.

Ovulation period: 5 days before the ovulation day and 4 days after the ovulation, add up to the ovulation period

Ovulation Day: Under normal circumstances, the first day of the next period of the menstrual period starts, the countdown or less than 14 days is the ovulation day

Symptoms of ovulation: increased secretions, dull -shaped in egg white

If the menstrual period is irregular, it can be speculated in the following method

1. Measure the basic body temperature

Get up in the morning to measure the body temperature. If there is ovulation, the body temperature will rise by 0.3-0.5

2. Test paper

Starting at about 3 days after the period of menstruation, the daily fixed time (recommended not to use morning urine at 10 o’clock or 8pm) to collect urine testing. When the two bars of the test strip can increase the detection frequency, until the color of the two bars is as deep as the color is as deepIt is a strong yang, which is about to ovulate. When the strong yang turns weak and the sun, it means that ovulation has been ovulated, so the time is the time when the yang is relatively high within 6 hours.

Effective AA time

In science, Xiao Yan can survive for 3 days after arriving in women, and eggs can survive for 1 day.Therefore, AA can start 3 to 4 days before the ovulation day, as much as possible every other day, and the eggs have been discharged after AA to Qiangyang.

The last time is the time to detect the results:

After 15 days of the same room (more accurate detection after 20 days after the holiday) was detected with morning urine, two red bars are positive, indicating pregnancy

The test strip confirm what to do after pregnancy:

Go to the hospital for blood to check the chorionic gonad hormone and progesterone (progesterone is an important hormone that maintains pregnancy. Only when progesterone is normal, can the fetus grow and develop normally)

B -ultrasound: Observation whether internal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy (very important, ectopic pregnancy is dangerous)

It is also a not short process for prospective father and mother -in -law. The more important thing in this process is self -discipline. In fact, this self -discipline is not just for the baby. When you develop good habits, you will find it.Very healthy.

Zitong Beibei here wishes a good mother who can eat and sleep well, take pregnancy ~

Dear, I can consult in the comment area or private message with their parenting problems.

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