Actress Li Minying was cut off her fingers by her husband 13 days after marriage.

In an interview, Li Minying was lying alone in a small ward of not more than 5 square meters.

After 2 to 3 weeks of treatment, she is still weak.

The bleak and weak woman bit her lips gently, crying, and told her painful experience softly.

On the 13th day after getting married, because of a "trivial matter", her little finger was cut off by her husband Li Can with a knife, and the nose bridge was also divided into home.Under Li Can’s kick, the children in Li Minying’s stomach only turned into a bloody water, and then she was diagnosed by the doctor to be unable to get pregnant for life.A series of blows followed.

And Li Can also held a press conference in an emergency, expressing his completely different views in front of the crowd.

In the end, the dispute with a small rain and heavy rain was sentenced to one year (2 years slowly) with Li Can, and the volunteer worked for 240 hours to end.

The whole thing reveals the unusual taste.

Why does this start high -profile beginning and end low -key?

Li Can ’s family violence is just because of" life trivia "?

Li Minying insisted on "marrying" to the unknown little actor Li Can. Is it really because of love?

The truth behind the incident is more complicated than you think.

Let’s briefly review the incident first, I believe you can see some clues.

In 1976, Li Minying was born in a good family in Seoul, South Korea.

Because he had been born with beauty since he was a child, Li Minying gradually grew up in the favor of his family.

When Li Minying became more and more beautiful, her parents had the idea of wanting to cultivate her into a big star, and looking forward to her light on the screen.

Therefore, under the operation of his family, Li Minying entered the crew to film at the age of 8.Although most of the characters starred at that time, Li Minying knew this circle under ears.

Later, the family sent Li Minying to the United States for further studies.

At the age of 13, she has started to learn dance such as jazz, dance, hip -hop, and Korean dance.

As people say: more than you are better than you.

Although the starting point is very high, Li Minying is still very hard, and she learns every dance well.

With a strong ability to sing and jump, Li Minying made his debut.

Together with Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation, she formed a dance group Little Winners to appear on the major screens.

In addition to the performance, Li Minying has been admitted to the Department of Film Department of Tan Guo University, and has become alumni, as Han Liu, such as Jin Zhongguo and He Zhiyuan.

During this period, Li Minying found that she loved to play better than dancing, so she determined the future line -transformation as an actor.

Since 1993, Li Minying has increased her investment in performance. Until 1996, she finally met the reasons for the drama "The Reason for Divorce", which let her start to go to the performing arts.Because of this drama, Li Minying won the annual newcomer award, and since then in the Korean entertainment industry, he has a place.

From 1996 to 2004 was Li Minying’s high yield period. At that time, she was already a pivotal figure in the Korean entertainment industry.

What is unexpected is that Li Minying, who has a good career, has embarked on a very different path because of "love brain (? Doubt)".

In 2004, when Li Minying starred in the hot drama "Unspeakable Love" directed by Jin Xiuxian (October 16, 2004), she met her robbery -Li Can.

Both are actors in the play.

In fact, strictly speaking, Li Minying and Li Can are "re -met", because the two met in 2001 because they met the TV series "Only Love You". Li Can was the actor of the show.

When he met again in 2004, Li Minying was even more hot, and Li Can was still tepid.

When you meet again, Li Minying will come back to fate again.I met each other again in thousands of people. God must want to tell me what. Is this the fate of the selection?

Li Can did debut very early, but the works were scarce.

In any way, it is a lot worse than Li Minying.

Women who marry often suffer a tragedy, but Li Minying did not believe in evil, and she was determined to break the curse.

Not long after the "Unbearable Love" was broadcast, Li Minying and Li Can announced their relationship.

The two appeared together in public, suddenly and sweet.

But before everyone slowed down from the surprise, Li Minying suddenly said that she was pregnant and emphasized that "I’m going to get married."

Less than 3 months after the news, the two walked into the marriage hall.

On the day when the wedding was held, Li Minying took a 15 -week pregnant belly and stepped in front of Li Can with the help of his family.

Li Can said at that wedding, "I will take care of your life."

Li Minying, who heard the oath, moved to tears at the wedding scene.

The vow in the ears, but unfortunately this so -called "oath" is as short as incredible.

After the wedding was held, Li Minying temporarily put down his work, intending to have a child with peace of mind and enjoying the two people with Li Can.

After marriage, Li Can took Li Minying to Bali, Indonesia, Honeymoon, Indonesia.

But what made it unexpected was that after By By Indonesia, Li Can changed.

Because of some trivial matters, the two broke out during the trip.

After returning to South Korea with unhappiness, the two quarreled because of decoration problems.

Li Minying wanted to decorate her new home according to her own ideas, and Li Can disagreed.

Li Minying’s temper was not very good during pregnancy, and no one was allowed to let anyone, and the quarrel became more and more intense.

His noisy, Li Can even moved to Li Minying.

Li Minying’s whole body was punched and kicked by Li Can.Li Minying, who was kicked to the stomach, finally couldn’t support it.

Unexpectedly, Li Can was hitting his head, and regardless of his wife who was covering his belly, he picked up a knife and cut it on Li Minying’s right thumb.

Li Minying cried so much.

At this time, Li Can reacted and called an ambulance.

(There is also said that Li Minying’s own name, or the neighbor was called after hearing the movement)

After 2 to 3 weeks, when the reporter saw Li Minying lying on the bed, she was still weak.

Her eyes were bruised, her right thumb was wrapped in thick gauze, and a hanging bottle was holding a bottle on her left hand.In order to fix the broken nose bone, thick gauze outside her nose, which makes her breathing difficult.

Li Minying, who was traveling, recalled the situation at the time:

Dozens of punch on his head and face.Then, Li Chan grabbed my braid back and forth, and finally fell out of the car with my feet.

That’s because of that foot, the children of the two were gone.

Li Minying said that her nose bridge was broken on the day she was beaten.But at that time, she didn’t know. After two or three days, she found that there was a strangeness after taking X -rays. Then she took CT and checked. After more than 10 days, she underwent the nose bone surgery.If it is not handled again, it will be together.

The continuous surgery became weaker and weaker.

However, while Li Minying was hospitalized, Li Can never came to visit, which made Li Minying completely chilling. She planned to publish the photos of her injured and passed, and exposed Li Can’s crimes.

According to Li Minying’s description, Li Can had violent behavior before marriage.

Every time Li Can punch Li Minying because of a little trivial matter, and every time, he would swell his nose.

Whatever reason, it is the most unsatisfactory to solve the problem with violence.

But reporters feel strange. Since there have been violent behaviors before marriage, why should they be married and tolerate?

In this regard, Li Minying’s answer is:

Every time he was murderer, he would go to my house to thank him.Wait for several hours each time until I came out.Looking at him, I thought he would change after marriage.Li Can also said that if he was like this, he cut off his fingers.Also, this time is also the most serious.

Every time after violence, Li Can regretted and reflected deeply, and even sincerely stated that "if he criminals, cut off his fingers."

However, I did not expect that this cut -off finger was Li Minying’s …

For Li Minying’s complaint, Li Can also held a press conference urgently, and he said that he would clarify some facts.

For not visiting Li Minying’s hospitalization, Li Can explained:

When she was hospitalized, she also wanted to visit many times, but I was afraid that everyone thought it was a show.

Regarding the reason for violence, Li Can said that the fuse was indeed because of the problem of new houses, but this incident has been in trouble since marriage.

For "beaten to abortion", Li Can even said:

It is the conflict between the two parties, and (I) is not responsible for miscarriage.

At the press conference, Li Can also said that after the two met each other, Li Minying said a lot of words that hurt their self -esteem and made them unbearable to fight, and the two beaten each other instead of their unilateral shots.It is just that I have a strong strength, so I occupy the upper hand.

For beating people, Li Can also said that it is inconsistent with Li Minying’s description:

Only playing her seven or eight punch, and the frequent murder does not exist.

At the press conference, Li Can also threw a focus of contradiction. He said that Li Minying’s mother asked himself to give economic compensation for the advertisement that Li Minying failed after marriage.Essence

The compensation does not compensate, and it is indeed unable to afford it according to Li Can’s net worth.It should be the words of the Li family on their heads.But how can Li Can a big man, how can he stand this relief?

The two held their own words and went to court.

Li Can had the freedom to justify himself, but from a legal point of view, Li Can lost.

After nearly a year of entanglement, the court announced the results of the trial: the actor Li Can was sentenced to one year in prison, two years slowly, and a volunteer for the society for 240 hours.

In the situation where the public opinion fell (mostly supported Li Minying), the result was obviously not too severe. Although Li Can was sentenced to one year, it could be slowed.As for volunteers, I believe Li Can can also deal with it.

Li Can retreat almost all over the body.

This ending made the public very much wondering.

Many people are strange, why Li Minying, who has a popular career, marries Li Can in the unknown actor.Is it really because Li Minying’s love brain?

not necessarily.

Although Li Can did not really get a career in his career, he had a good father.

After her debut, Li Minying has performed many episodes, and the most popular one is "Unspeakable Love", "Love and Desire", and "Only Love You".

Among them, "Love and Desire" is a family drama broadcast on February 04, 2006, the Korean SBS TV station.

After performing this drama, Li Minying did not take advantage of the situation, but resolutely married Li Can.This was a good story at that time, and people admired Li Minying’s courage to find true love.

As everyone knows, the director of the drama "Love and Desire" is named Guo Yingfan.

And Guo Yingfan is Li Can’s father!

In the final analysis, the marriage of a man and a woman is not only "love coming", but also the "partnership" of property and precious private resources.

Although Li Can was so good, she was winning a good father.

Director Guo Yingfan’s circle of resources will help Li Minying’s career.

In this wedding, Li Minying was more or less selfish.

Sometimes private resources are more precious than money.

Is there a true love between Li Minying and Li Can, but only the people know that we cannot know.

But the real problem is: Li Minying wants the resources behind Li Can, but they are "marrying", and their attitude is often high.

Li Can felt that the two were at most "mutual benefit".

At the end of the incident, the thunderous rain was small, and we didn’t know if there was some compromise behind it.

If there are causes, there are problems, maybe both sides have problems.But solving the problem by violence is obviously wrong.

After nearly 8 years, Li Minying was able to get out of this haze.

She warned the girls not to tolerate violence, because the apology was just to offend the next time. She emphasized:

If you encounter violence in marriage, you must find someone for help because you cannot solve these problems.

Indeed, as mentioned in "Don’t Talk to Strangers": Tolerance and Moving are people who cannot influence a psychological pervert.Moving can only continue to upgrade violence and make violence a habit.

Bowle knees without retreat.Stay away from violence and inappropriate marriage, this is the only choice.

What do you think about Li Minying and Li Can?What do you think of domestic violence?

Welcome to leave a message to talk about your views.

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