Acupuncture 6 points, help you get a good "pregnancy" qi

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Children are the crystallization of love, but there are many girls who want to be a mother, but it is difficult to get pregnant for various reasons.Infertility makes many people unable to enjoy the laughter brought by children, and the family atmosphere has also been shadowed for this.How to solve infertility?Acupuncture master He Puren provided us with a acupuncture prescription, which may help infertile women to form a fruit of love.

Women who are childcare age have been living together for more than 3 years after marriage. The spouse’s reproductive function is normal. Those who have normal sexual life and not conceive are primary infertility;pregnant.Gynecological examinations should be accepted to determine or exclude inflammation, tumors, endometriosis, obstructive infertility, and congenital reproductive development abnormalities.

Cause and pathogenesis

Insufficient, weak kidney qi; deficiency of essence and blood, rushing to disappear; exogenous cold evil, evil qi in the cells;Infertility can cause infertility.Primary infertility is mostly related to kidney deficiency and liver depression, and secondary infertility is related to blood stasis.

Clinical manifestation

Infertility, menstrual disorders, error after menstruation, small amounts of light, or dull quality, or astringent stagnation, and blood clots.Accompanied by indifferent sexual desire, chills and warmth, backache and sore legs, dizziness, tinnitus, palpitations and insomnia, or pre -breast tenderness, irritability and anger, or obese body, and multiple leucorrhea.

treatment method

Governance: Warm the spleen and kidney, relieve liver and qi, reduce phlegm and blood, and regulate and replenish.

Acupoints: Guan Yuan, Zhongji, Waterway, Return, Da He, Sanyinjiao.

Stabbing method: mill injection, replenishment method.

Typical cases

Chen, female, 36 years old.Infertility after marriage for 3 years.After the menstrual tide of 15 years, the patient has a small menstruation, dark color, and regular.Na Ke, Sleeping, two stools.No obvious abnormalities were seen in the gynecological examination.Looking at the diagnosis: the tongue is light red, and the moss is thin.Diagnosis: The pulse is weak.Differential: insufficient kidney qi, poor meridians.Governance: Nourish kidney qi and regulate meridians.Acupoints and thorns are the same as above, treating 3 times a week.A total of 20 times.After returning to tell the doctor that he was pregnant.

[Press] Anyone’s twins, hepatopathy and kidney can regulate qi and nourish yin and blood. Therefore, the treatment of this disease is mostly based on the acupoints of Renmai and the Foot Sanyin Meridian.Acupuncture treatment during ovulation can also promote ovulation.

Acupuncture therapy with the characteristics of "simple, convenient, effective, and integrity" can not only solve gynecological problems, but also "all -round players" who can get various common diseases in life.Want to learn more about Professor He Puren’s precious clinical experience?Come here to master a book-

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