Adapted from the real case that shocked South Korea. This 19 banned viewing champion can see my scalp numb.

Sir has not seen such a confident TV series for a long time.

In one episode, the protagonists who are in charge do not show their faces;

In the two episodes, the face was exposed, but everyone did not even know.

And each episode is close to the volume of the movie (90 minutes long).


Oh, they rushed to the Japanese broadcast championship first, and also caused national -level discussions.

Poison meal, some people have complained to you recently.

Sir strongly suggested that you throw it over.

Real hard goods are here.



The quasi -explosive model produced by tvN is 8.9.

At the beginning, "killing" sir scalp was numb -in just two episodes, no less than 10 people died in front of the camera.

Full of screen mosaic, qualitative 19 forbidden (the highest restricted level of Korean dramas).

But don’t worry first, this is routine.

Its power is almost doomed before starting.

South Korean suspense dramas have three treasures: adaptations of real cases, large -scale, large perverts.

Just occupying a label is easy to make explosions, "Signal", "Secret Forest", "Flowers of Evil" …

"Swan" accounts for three.

Inspired by the "Incheon Girls’ Corpse" that shocked South Korea in 2017.


It must be indispensable.

There is an unusual "warm reminder" in each episode.

"Psychological counseling for children’s actors

Most of the scenes related to animals use CG treatment ""

△ Subtitle Source: TSKS Korean Drama Club, the same below

This is not satisfied.

The adaptation of "Swan" directly increases the "real case" to another dimension.

Even incorporate science fiction and ethics.

The New York Times has opened a brain hole in 15 years:

If you can cross time and space, would you kill Hitler in your baby?

Results: 42%of netizens chose "Will"; 30%"No"; 28%gave up.

Behind the problem is a classic moral dilemma -unshakable demon, is it a demon?

This problem is too big, and it immediately causes global discussions.

Now, if Sir narrows the problem.


If you know that your child will become "Hitler" in the future, will you?

If you know that you are "Hitler" in the future, will you?


With the problem, open first.


Bad gene

In 1995, British universities.

An idea is being mentioned.

The professor said on the stage: 1%of the people in the world have a "pathological genetic gene" in DNA.

Pure, evil, inherited "bad genes".

What, the bad guy is determined by congenital?

Knowing that you don’t believe it, the professor immediately gives evidence:

"The famous bad guys in history, Charles Manson (Shalang Tatt, who had killed" Rosmary’s Baby "), Thaed Bondi (one of the prototypes of" Silent Lamb "), etc.It was detected to carry this gene. "

This was incredible.

A few days later, the South Korean Congress filed a bill:

Since the fetus is detected by the fetus, the future perverts, war madness, and serial killing can be distinguished …

Then simply test the national test, and once the pathological genes are found, the state may be forced to abandon without the consent of the parents.


The voting result is four -to -four flat.

No way, there is a horror murder in South Korea.

A few days ago, another corpse appeared in the river.

Women, headless, and a string of code on the side.

In the past year, the 18th similar case.

The victims will be cruelly cut without exception.

The murderer, nicknamed "skull hunter".

The police helpless, the ruling party was strongly questioned by the people, and urgently needed to launch a criminal prevention mechanism to soothe the people.

The genetic testing bill appeared.

Although the murderer could not be found, it was too attractive to build a utopian without crime.

Of course the bill was not passed in the end.

A "laziness" proposed by politicians for rapid stop loss will not be implemented easily.

However, butterflies incite the wings.

Is the hurricane far away?


Second generation

The doctor who proposed the idea was urgently asked to return to the South Korean proposal, but he was busy.

As a scholar, although disappointment, it is expected.

So I had time to visit his old friends as a doctor and spend a warm night.

On the same night, the "skull hunter" shot again.

Objective: A family of four camped by Xueye.

Instant -Dad, Mom, and Brother, give your life one by one.

The only good news, the three of them desperately saved the youngest brother.

The younger brother hidden in the suitcase witness the whole process of killing.

This omissions directly reversed the case.

Afterwards, my brother rescued in the severe room of the hospital, and his brother shrank to the ground.

In the face of the police’s inquiry, the younger brother asked three asks.

Until he pointed at a poster and cried fearly.

△ Pay attention to yellow clothes, take the test later

Did you find the murderer at the beginning?

Not so smooth.

On the poster, it is a famous Korean neurosurgeon and Han Shujun.

It is also a doctor who just mentioned.

Confucian and handsome, gentle and gentle, smiley, knowledgeable … There is also a pregnant wife who is in love.

Is this murderous?

What a joke.

The police searched overnight and found nothing.


Regardless of the younger brother hidden in the police car, he saw the enemy swing directly on his face.

During the stop of the people, everyone knocked down the snowman at the door of the doctor.

Step -the snowman cracks and falls out of the black plastic bag.

Yes, head.

Mom’s head.

Everyone’s evidence is all there, but the doctor can calm down a batch: Snowman is not piled up.

There is no fingerprint on the weapon or evidence, and there is no other evidence to prove the direct contact between the doctor and the case.

Really wronged?

The next second was beaten again.

His wife raised a photo coldly outside the police station.

The doctor above is the snowman.

The doctor still smiled, and slowly spit out a few words.

"Really, your wife, you are just a sense of temperament"

Vividly interpret what is the clothing beast.

After half a episode, the head hunter was arrested smoothly, the drama ended?

No, the drama starts!

Remember the morbid personality gene mentioned?

Such personality characteristics: have no affection, lack of empathy, irritability, good attack, good disguise.

The point is inherited.

In this important clue, directly open the true main line of the episode.

Pay attention to two lines.

In a word, before the murderer Han Shujun was arrested, he had a dialogue with his pregnant wife:

-Why do you marry me?

-Well, it is a kind of race breeding. I need my own child, my second generation of Han Shujun.

Another sentence, ten years later.

In the church, a little boy was praying.

"Please don’t let me become a monster"

That’s right, he is the protagonist of the story.

The opening of "Sight" is indeed fierce.

It’s not just fierce.

When you think it will fly all the way in the direction of suspension, murder, and strange hunting, it tells you:

The car, not driving yet.



As soon as I just said, it was just the first episode of "Swan".

The amount of information explosion?Can’t use your brain?

Where is this?

In the play, the wife of the old head hunting (skull hunter) had two chances to kill.

Once during pregnancy, the child was detected to inherit the morbid personality gene;

Once I saw the child buried his brother alive, he wanted to strangle him in a madness.

The results of it?

She couldn’t get off.

This is okay. The "second generation" with strong genes has come directly to a big upgrade.

Fifteen years later, in 2020, society was once again panicked.

Two corpses:

Male, the boxing hall is tied to a chair to burn to death alive, and is the family member of the victims of the skull case;

Female, a single mother in an abandoned drainage channel.

Obviously the cause of the two corpses is different, the identity is different, and it seems that there is no connection.

But a drunk policeman was determined in front of the media:

Absolutely the same murderer.

This dishonant policeman is called Gao Wuzhi (Li Xijun).

It was also mentioned earlier, the younger brother of the family of four.

It looks unreliable, but it is not speculated that there is no reason.

With a part of the corpse, the middle finger.

Both corpses are in the middle of the vertical finger.

And they were erected by people.



Who scolds?

Both middle finger targets are churches.

A Bible in the boxing hall is still covered with blood, and the meaning is self -evident.

At the same time, both victims were taken away from precious things.

It is basically determined that the murderer is a serial murderer with loot collection.

Another protagonist, patrol officer Zheng Bayi (Li Shengji) also encountered strange things.

In the prison performance, he brought magic performance.

It was a big change, and I did not expect to become a dying person.

Still his own prisoner friend.

Familiar with death:

The middle and index finger were cut off and the watch was taken away.


All bizarre events eventually formed a closed loop in front of a fact.

The prison that is accidentally -is the prison that is serving the prison.


It’s cool, it’s so cool.

Although each episode of "Swan" is very long, Sir is not tired at all.

Just watch the first two episodes, the gap has been opened between the plot.

If the first episode is talking, the evil is wild;

The second episode is talking about the lurking of evil.

Pay attention to the English drama name of "Sight": MOUSE, Mouse.

A fable story, mouse and snake.

There are two such scenes in the play:

The kindergarten children watched the snake in the zoo. One of the little farts went around and put the mouse in the box.

Catcher and prey.

The mouse is dead?


The giant snake opened his mouth, and the children cried and screamed.

Only the child stood there and looked at it with interest.

What do you think?

The good show started: In the blink of an eye, the mouse jumped on the snake and started to bite.

The victory was not divided, and the child had a playful smile.

He, a five -year -old little headhunter.

Mouse is his own metaphor:

On the surface, he is often considered to be the weak side, hiding in the dark corner and fled.

In fact, it is highly alert and high IQ. At the same time, it is easy to carry viruses.

Just as people see the old headhunter, the only emotion:

"It’s the same as us"

A reasoning game about "Who is a snake and who is a mouse" starts.

Sir opened the Douban page of "Swan", all of which are the spontaneous reasoning of the audience:

Who is Han Shujun’s second generation?

Some are the showman table.

Some are comparing the face of the little actor …

Sorry, Sir has to insert a mouth.

You may find the wrong point.

The goal of this game is not "looking for snakes" or "looking for mice".

—— What you are looking for is the poisonous snake that you think it is a mouse.


99%and 1%

Seeing this … too much information?Not enough brains?

Line, SIR first reduces the speed and talk about the real background.

In 2017, a terrible murderer that shocked society in South Korea.

Incheon girl corpse.

There are four terrible reasons:

First, the victims are only 8 -year -old girls, and they are cruelly divided into corpses;

Second, the suspect is also minor, a 17 -year -old female high school student;

Third, the motivation to kill.

It is reported that this is a "murderer game" played by the suspect with online dating girlfriend.

They jointly planned the killing case, and the suspect also packed the corpse as a gift to his girlfriend.

They have no regrets of the crimes they commit.

Because of anti -social personality disorders, they cannot afford the pain, sadness, and anger of anyone’s pain, regret and guilt.

The screenwriter Cui Lan was resentful after witnessing the news, and wrote the script as a prototype.

The original meaning is "I hope to be fair in the play."

At the same time, throw an open debate:

If genes can determine crimes, do they want to strangle?

The two parties in the debate will of course think of ethics, human rights, justice …

Only, many people ignore a "X -factor" -niraton genius gene.

The two data in the play are frequently mentioned.

99%and 1%.

1%of people in the world suffer from pathological genetic genes;

Among these 1%of people, 99%are "iron bad people", and the other 1%is carrying "genius genes".

Demon and genius, how to choose?

This is also a major reason why the bill failed.

Among the fallen fetuses, Hitler, Mozart and Edison.

This is also one of the most cunning places in the screenwriter of "Sight".

Known information:

Little headhunter IQ is above 160.

Maybe he is the 1%genius?

It’s not impossible.

Because he labeled "monsters" since he was a child, his dad hit him.

My mother scolded him and wanted to strangle him at any time.

Even himself believes that he is a "blame".

What’s the meaning?

It is very likely -as a 1%genius, under the "monster" label, it gradually grows into a demon.

This is not the most terrible.

Look at people with normal genes.

Police Gao Wuzhi belongs to 99%of ordinary people.

But because of his childhood, he gradually became a person who had no sympathetic to criminals.

Violence law enforcement, using guns at will, forcing the suspects to go to the rooftop.

Seeing the suspect jumping off the building, he was speechless.

Didn’t he grow into a demon?

Sir now understands where the self -confidence of "Sight" is from.

In just two episodes, unpredictable.

Snakes, mice, bystanders, played one after another, switch at any time.

Good shows have begun.

It shows clues and let you spy generously, because "spy" itself is the biggest trap.

The answer is actually not important.

Because -when we divide the living "people" with the labels of "demon", "genius", and "ordinary".

Each one is 100%of the data.

Each one is 0%of human nature.

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