Add health information: What should I do if constipation during pregnancy?

Constipation is one of the most common troubles during pregnancy, and it is also a place that is often negligent during pregnancy.However, don’t underestimate these small problems that are accustomed to, and you will regret your life without paying attention.In the third trimester, the constipation will become more and more serious. Often, there are no stools for a few days, and even 1-2 weeks fail to defecate, which causes pregnant mothers to abdominal pain and bloating.In severe cases, it can cause intestinal obstruction and premature birth, which endangers maternal and infant safety.At 38 weeks of pregnancy, most of the small intestine was removed due to constipation and intestinal obstruction caused the small intestine.When some pregnant mothers with constipation are in their feed, stools accumulated in the intestine hinders the fetus from falling, causing the output process to extend or even be difficult to give birth.

Usually, if you do not defecate 3 days, it is constipation.However, it is necessary to judge according to their own situation. Some people feel that the stomach is flustered and uncomfortable even if only one day does not defecate for one day. This is also regarded as constipation.In short, the changes in pharmaceuticals and pre -pregnancy are relatively obvious, and if the defecation is more painful, it can be said to be constipation.

After pregnancy, it is easy to show constipation. In addition to the impact of hormones, there are many other factors.Constipation can usually be divided into three types: mildness, spasm, and rectal. Most of the constipation during pregnancy.Women after pregnancy generally have a sharp decrease in exercise, which is the most common factor that causes constipation.Some pregnant women always worry that the fetus will fall out when they are worried about defecation during the third trimester, and dare not to defecate is also a factor in constipation.

Maternal constipation damage

1. Breast cancer is a very terrible disease. After listening, everyone will feel creepy.This is enough to see the serious impact of breast cancer on life. According to survey statistics from relevant US agencies, the probability of breast cancer seizures is about 5%among the patients who have no constipation, but in the crowd with constipation, the probability will beRise to about 23%.In order to reduce the risk of this disease, the mother must prevent constipation.

2. Women who have postpartum constipation are best not to feed their children for the time being, because this can easily lead to the occurrence of diarrhea in children. After a long time, it will affect the normal development of infants and young children.

3. At this time, the maternal needs to maintain her skin. Do not use cosmetics, it is best to use some maintenance products.Otherwise, there will be many stains on the face, which will affect the appearance very much.

Cure for constipation

1. Exercise is essential

Foreign doctors enthusiastically recommend a movement that enhances the pelvic floor muscles, which is conducive to improving constipation.When doing the Karijie exercise, you should relax the abdominal muscles, leg muscles and stock muscles, and make a shortened action similar to controlling yourself without exhausting or urination.Shorten a total of 1 round of relaxation in this way, and you should train for 10 rounds every day.When muscle is enhanced, the number can be increased.After the disadvantage of defecation is controlled, the number of times will not increase, but it should continue to insist on making at least 1 round or 3 rounds per day to keep the muscle group strong and powerful.

2. Diet adjustment is first

Pay attention to drink plenty of water, and add some honey to the water to lubricate the intestinal tract.Eat some fruits, preserved plums, etc. to promote gastric acid secretion.Eat more foods rich in cellulose, and dietary fiber can accelerate intestinal peristalsis.If constipation occurs, you should first start with dietary habits. You can adopt the method of diet, such as vegetable porridge, pine nut porridge.For pregnant women with constipation, apples are temporarily fasting during constipation. Due to the high content of apple tannic acid, they will exacerbate constipation.Eat less or not digestible food.

3. Medical means

If constipation during pregnancy is serious, you can consult doctors related to a healthy mobile medical platform.If you want to take medicine yourself, you can try some probiotics to balance the intestinal flora.

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