After 190 catties of supermodels, she took a big movie and feed on white skirts on the ground.

On June 1st, the British version of "Fashion Bazaar" magazine released the cover and inner page of the magazine in July. The cover character chose the large -size model Ashley Graham, who was just born.”超”

Ashley wore a white shirt in this shooting and a set of black pants below. The overall shape was very simple. She unbuttoned the shirt and knotted the lower end of the shirt. This can highlight her.Sexy body.Ashley sat on the grass and looked at the camera tenderly.

Although Ashley on the cover map is very beautiful, what really makes the president really feel that Ashley is exquisite and charming is the inner page photo released by "Fashion Bazaar".In the photo, Ashley was wearing a white shirt long skirt and hugged her baby who was just born. She stood on the grass to feed her children, and her eyes were full of love and tenderness.

It is said that the photo of "Fashion Bazaar" was taken by Ashley’s husband Justin Owen himself.In the interview, Ashley also tried to praise his husband. Justin was a director and photographer. Ashley felt that he was very happy to cooperate with him. His fame also benefited from his husband’s silent effort.

This time the magazine shooting is not the first time Ashley has collaborated with "Fashion Bazaar" this year. When Ashley was pregnant at the end of pregnancy, she took the cover of "Fashion Bazaar" and became the cover.The cover of the year 2020.It can be seen that Ashley’s pregnancy was already very big at that time, but she still did not let go of her career, and she could see that she was really dedicated.

As a large size model, Ashley has always been considered as a person who rewritten the rules of the fashion circle, and can be said to be the pioneer of large size models.Ashley’s weight is about 190 pounds, but her figure always makes people feel particularly sexy, and she can’t feel that she is fat at all, or she is just right.

Let’s experience the shape of Ashley with the president. She is wearing a silk green dress, a black waist design in the middle, and a pair of black high -heeled sandals.Although her legs and arms look thicker, her waist is very thin, her face is particularly small, and her body coordination is superb!

Most women generally do not like to show their bodies in public during pregnancy, because pregnancy will inevitably bring blessings of the figure, but Ashley is completely different. She is very happy to show the public to show her physical changes.The manifestation of happiness.

This is a photo of the VOGUE Fair last year when a prize ceremony was held in New York. In the photo, Ashley was wearing a blue -green fold dress. At that time, her pregnant belly was very large. Because her weight was 190 pounds, she was pregnant.It was 200 pounds up, but she was still wearing high heels and showed her beauty confidently.

Ashley wearing a tight sweater is also very beautiful. She walked on the street in a warm orange skirt. Although she was blessed a lot, she still looked so confident and beautiful.

On social media, Ashley also likes to share his pregnancy mood and photos.She wears a small black suspender and black pants, draws the word "10m" on the pregnant belly to celebrate her fans who have obtained 10M. Even if the body has felt hard at that time, Ashley has always maintained an optimistic moodEssence

Although Ashley’s weight was 190 pounds, and her body was slightly blessed after giving birth, the president felt that her confidence and smile made her still very charming. I hope that the model can gain more achievements in the future!


Author: Alu

Responsible editor: Echo

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