After 22 weeks of pregnancy, I found that my boyfriend had long been married …

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If some occupations can see the warmth of the world, the monster tower thinks that the doctor must be one of them. From the long -term medical, comedy and tragedy, the gratifying and angry one has not fallen.

There was once an article that the demon tower really couldn’t remember the details, but the main content of the article was that a doctor repeatedly cried in his career because he was unable to be treated in his career.

The demon tower was also young, and he burst into tears because he heard the patient crying for the first time and said, "Doctors, I want to live …"; I also moved because of the first successful rescue of suffocating newborn;I was annoyed by the patient and their families because of desperate rescue …

But with the increase in age and experience, this emotional fluctuations are already less and less. Even when rescue, the monster tower can often be able to do nothing.

But when she was out of the clinic not long ago, when she encountered such a woman, what happened to her really made the demon tower angry again.

It was a clear sky in the morning (saying that sitting in the clinic, you can’t see the clear sky, but as the beginning of a story, you must compare with the ending. Do not ask why the demon tower is well learned in Chinese. Haha), The monster tower was diagnosed as usual, and after the name was called, he came in a bland but tall patient. Because of the large clothes, the demon tower did not notice that her lower abdomen had been slightly bulging.

She was sitting in front of me, and I asked her "Why come to the hospital today?", After waiting for a long time, she opened his mouth "Doctor, I want to build a file", and pushed a B -ultrasound report to the demontower.The report showed "pregnancy in the palace, living in livelihood, such as 22 weeks of pregnancy."

After seeing this B -ultrasound, the Demon Tower was confused. Haven’t you found the hospital for the hospital for 22 weeks?Is it because of various reasons that the maternal and infant health manual cannot be handled?(I don’t know what the management of maternal mothers in other areas is like. If the Beijing area wants to have a baby in a public hospital, it is necessary to establish a maternal and child health care manual to build a file in a public hospital.)

So the Demon Tower began to use the "Dafa" accumulated for many years. He asked the medical history in detail.

She works in Beijing and is engaged in a fashionable and healthy job.From the initial conversation, it can be seen that she should belong to an extraordinary and cheerful personality, and met a "handsome, sunny" male friend at work.Later, because of love, the two came together.In fact, she knew it as soon as she was pregnant. After telling her boyfriend, the other party also expressed surprise and promised to give her a beautiful wedding and family.

But slowly, the man became busy, and the two gathered less and more, and she had never performed a regular production inspection in the hospital for various reasons.It was finally dragged to 22 weeks. She went to the other party’s hometown because she hadn’t seen her boyfriend in the past 1 month. As a result, it was a clear thunderbolt who welcomed her.His family has not only wives but also children.

The final ending was that the man could not throw his wife and his son. He resolutely did not admit that the child was him. He cut off any connection with her.

Well, let’s talk about the story first. I do n’t know what the officials have what they have. Welcome everyone to speak in the comment area.Next, the demon tower talks about my opinion.

As a doctor, the demon tower is very angry and pregnant for 22 weeks of pregnancy, but she has not done any regular check -up before, which means that she missed the test of NT and Tang sieve.Although the B -ultrasound has not found that the fetus has obvious appearance malformations, it still needs to do non -invasive DNA or amniotic fluid puncture as soon as possible to eliminate the abnormalities of the fetal chromosomes. This examination needs to go to a prenatal diagnostic hospital for appointment, which is likely to miss it again.

Once a congenital deformed fetus was finally appeared because of the important examination of pregnancy, it was a very unfair thing for family and children.


NT: The thickness of the neck transparent band is an important malformation testing project at the beginning of pregnancy. It mainly measures the thickness of the transparent belt of the fetal neck through ultrasound. The normal value should be less than 3mm.The risks of signs, chromosome, genetic syndrome and heart problems will increase greatly.

The detection time of NT is very strict. It should be completed at 11 to 13+6 weeks of pregnancy. It will lose reference value for more than 14 weeks.

Tang Si: The full name of Tang’s syndrome screening. Tang Si took the mother’s peripheral blood during her pregnancy, combined with the mother’s weight, height, and gestational week, and calculated whether the fetus had abnormal chromosome risks through software.

The best time to screen is 14 to 20 weeks of pregnancy, and it is also outdated.Tang Si is mainly aimed at a single pregnant woman who is younger than 35 years old, and there is no history of childbirth or family non -genetic diseases.

Non -invasive DNA: Also called non -invasive fetal chromosome non -rectification.It collects the peripheral blood of pregnant women, so as to extract the free DNA of the fetus, and detect the risk of the fetus suffering from abnormal chromosomes by the method of high -throughput sequencing.

The time range of this inspection is relatively large, 12 to 24 weeks of pregnancy, and the accuracy rate is higher than that of Tang sieve, but the disadvantage is expensive, so it has not yet listed it as a conventional Tang screen detection project.

Amniotic fluid puncture: It is a small acupuncture penta and pumping amniotic fluid sac to extract amniotic fluid or umbilical blood, and extracts the fetus to free DNA for detection of fetal chromosomal abnormalities.This is the gold standard for prenatal diagnosis of fetal chromosome diseases so far.

But because it is creative and there may be risk of abortion and infection, it can only be used when there is indications that sheep must be worn.But don’t worry too much, because the overall loss rate of sheep is only 0.5%, which is relatively safe to detect.

Continue to our story, when the demon tower told her that she had not checked on time, and now she had missed a lot of important screening during pregnancy, the demon tower could see her eyes in her eyes.She asked the demon tower, "Doctor, if I don’t want this child now, what should I do?"

In the clinical work of obstetrics and gynecology, there are indeed many situations that are often abandoned by many fetuses even if the fetus develops normally.A lively life has been born in the mother’s belly for several months, and will never enjoy all kinds of happiness and happiness in the world.

Most of these patients who demand labor are young women who do not go through the world, and even little girls.They are also the same as the protagonist of our story. I do n’t know what kind of problems will be faced with what will happen to China pregnancy.Whenever they answered their questions, the demon tower felt deeply helpless.


Difficulty: Although the fetal fetus is small during pregnancy, it is because it is small that the fetus cannot fully expand the soft production track, causing difficulty.

Smoral tracting: Sometimes because the fetus is too small and the contraction is too strong, it may cause the fetus to pass through the production channel too fast, resulting in a wounds of cervix and vagina.

Amniotic fluid embolism: Like the delivery, as long as there is amniotic fluid, there is risk of amniotic fluid embolism at any time during delivery. Although the incidence is very low, it is so dangerous. I believe that the demon tower does not have to scare you again.

Gulfic residue: For the mid -term induction of labor in the long term, we often need to inject a drug called lactine in the amniocente -cavity. This drug is characterized by the residue of the placenta or fetal membrane.The curettage is further cleared, thereby increasing the incidence of uterine cavity infection.

Raising milk: After the fetus and placenta are delivered, there will naturally be a large amount of prolactin secretion, leading to lactation. We often choose a large amount of estrogen to treat it, but it is inevitable that the milk cannot be discharged.

The Demon Tower enumerated the possible problems of induction of labor. This time her last line of defense collapsed completely, and she began to cry. The demon tower could see her concerns about her child as a single mother.Unknown fear of labor.

At that time, I couldn’t help thinking, why do you not only deceive her for a woman who loves you deeply, but also deceives your wife and your child, and even for your mistakes.Is this woman going to give up a lively life?

As a male compatriot, the demon tower is really unyielding about this behavior.

In the end, the suggestion of the demon tower to the patient was "to stay, think about it, think about it as soon as possible, and make a decision that you will not regret it." She wiped her tears and left the clinic, and never returned.

For her choice, the demon tower cannot be known.The demon tower is deeply regretful for her encounter.

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