After 27 weeks of pregnancy, the woman shared the Yang after the sun, and the pregnant woman should avoid using the medicine.

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According to XL News, on December 9th, in Chongqing, a pregnant mother who had been pregnant for 27 weeks shared the real experience after her possession. Once the video was released, many netizens paid attention.

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According to the woman, she began to find that her body was uncomfortable 5 days ago, in the early morning of December 6th, and her limbs were soft and her waist was particularly uncomfortable.After sleeping, I used the temperature meter to test and found that the temperature had risen to 37.4 degrees.Because it was a very time, I was alertly measured with the antigen test strip. As a result, there were two bars, positive.After contacting the staff of the community quickly, she immediately did a nucleic acid test, and she wasolated herself into the bedroom.

Considering that she is a pregnant woman and dare not take medicine easily, her mother -in -law boiled her onion ginger water for her, but at night, her temperature continued to rise, and she had a high fever to 38.5 degrees. Her mother -in -law also brought the N95 mask.Go into the bedroom to wipe her with a wet towel to make physical cooling.

Because of her pregnancy and infection, she had no appetite. Her mother -in -law made a variety of foods, all she likes and like to eat.The woman also said with emotion that she was confinement in advance.Thanks to her good mother -in -law’s careful care and her good mentality, she recovered quickly. It was really like sitting at the confinement in advance.

Her current situation has improved, and she also reminds pregnant mothers that even if unfortunately infected, she does not need to worry too much. It is the most important thing to maintain a good mentality.Take it as a heavy cold.

Like the strength and bravery of this pregnant mother!The brave mother, for the sake of the child’s health, uses perseverance to stand up!like!But if you want to discuss a topic, after the pregnant mother has to pass the new crown, is the child born with his own immunity?

Since the end of 2019, the new crown epidemic has erupted from Wuhan. Pregnant women, infants, and elderly people, especially the elderly with basic diseases all year round, have become the key groups of concern in the whole society due to their weak immunity.What happens when the new coronary pneumonia virus is unfortunately infected with these fragile people?

Let’s look at another message.According to PP News.They interviewed several positive infections among these groups, one was a mother of a 2 -year -old child, and the other was 63 -year -old, with basic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and pregnant women who were 14 weeks pregnant.Through comparison, because it is completely unknown, how long the antibodies in the posterior body can last, whether it will be infected again, has become the most common concern of these people.

The pain of them cannot be compared, and there are individual differences in the symptoms.They talk about their own onset process, allowing ordinary people to have a more earthy understanding of the new coronary virus, and also allow us to understand the new crown pneumonia.Psychological support and confidence.

A netizen shared that my family was shaking outside because of a day. As a result, I told me yesterday afternoon that dizziness was dizzy and her limbs were soft.I feel that she should have become a little mother. The results at night have a high fever, 39.5 degrees. Finally, I went to the relatives’ home clinics to get some medicines. I drank a lot of hot water. I did n’t have a fever in the middle of the night. Now my body temperature is 37.5 degrees.It’s so good, thank you for sharing your early recovery.

Because there are elderly people and children in the family, the elderly also have basic diseases. Whenever the new crown virus has changed, it pays special attention to reports issued by authoritative institutions, as well as speeches, interviews, and interviews by authoritative experts. By understanding such news reportsWhen you reach your heart, you should deal with the protection of war in a timely manner.Help parents sort out two typical reports, hoping to help everyone.

Specific mothers are not easy, hoping to spend this special period safely.Pregnant women still have to pay special attention, especially the safety of medication!Try not to be as much as possible, don’t be afraid of the sun, I hope we will return to normal life as soon as possible!

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