After 7 days of marriage, the wife found that she was pregnant, and her husband collapsed directly: I got married is a joke

A year ago, Xiaocheng, 26, introduced his understanding with his wife Xiao Zhou Jingren.Xiao Cheng is handsome and his family is better.Xiao Zhounian is light and beautiful, and he is a cashier in a supermarket.The two fell in love at first sight and began to fall in love.

On April 1st April April Fool’s Day, the two received a marriage certificate, and Xiao Cheng’s family gave Xiao Zhou a 66,000 yuan gift.After that, the two held a grand wedding.The neighbors all said that the Cheng family married a beautiful daughter -in -law.

However, what made the Cheng family did not expect that 7 days of marriage, Xiao Zhou said to Xiaocheng: I want to go home to visit my mother.Xiao Zhou agreed to his wife’s request, but did not expect his wife to go back.Although Xiao Zhou’s family went to ask his wife to go home many times, his wife was unwilling to come back.In desperation, Xiaocheng asked reporters to help.

Xiaocheng said that his wife returned to her mother’s house after 7 days of marriage with him. Half a year passed, and the wife kept refused to go home.And there was no contradiction between him and his wife. He didn’t understand why his wife did it.

Xiaocheng asked the reporter to watch his chat history with his wife, and the two did not have an unpleasant chat history.

Xiaocheng’s mother said that her daughter -in -law was happy to return to her mother’s house at the time, and she had no unpleasant things with her family.

Xiaocheng’s mother said that their sons, daughters, and their husbands and wives went to her family to ask their daughter -in -law to come back, but the daughter -in -law did not come back and did not say any reason.If you do it yourself, you can apologize to your daughter -in -law.If the son and daughter -in -law are contradictory, you can take his son to apologize to the gift.

And the wedding is also organized according to the requirements of the daughter -in -law.Wedding photos also cost more than 6,000 yuan.The daughter -in -law asked to have a decent wedding, so the son invited the star singer to have a vigorous wedding.Having said that, Xiaocheng’s mother couldn’t help crying.Unexpectedly, his family treats his daughter -in -law wholeheartedly, but he was treated coldly by his daughter -in -law.

Xiaocheng’s mother

Xiaocheng’s mother said that if the family was harsh on her daughter -in -law, her daughter -in -law could accept it.However, the whole family was very good to her daughter -in -law and was unable to hold her. It was puzzling that her daughter -in -law was doing so.

Xiaocheng said: If I did something wrong, I could change it, as long as my wife could come back.But his wife did not say where he was wrong.If your wife wants to live with himself, he will live a good life. If you don’t want to live, give yourself a statement.

A small journey

Xiaocheng took the reporter to his mother -in -law’s house.Xiao Cheng knocked on the door and shouted a few moms, but no one responded inside.

Xiao Cheng dialed several times his mother -in -law, and no one answered.Xiaocheng said that as long as he called himself, his mother -in -law would not answer it.

The reporter found a camera installed at the door of Xiaocheng’s mother -in -law’s house.Xiaocheng said that this camera was installed for him.Every time I came to my mother -in -law’s house, I saw him from the camera and stopped talking immediately.

Mother -in -house monitoring monitoring

The reporter tried to communicate with Xiaocheng’s mother -in -law in front of the camera to let her tell her grievances in her heart.But letting the reporter communicate, there was no sound in the gate.Mother -in -law should not be at home.

Xiaocheng suddenly remembered that his mother -in -law opened a hairdressing shop in the nearby market.So he took the reporter to find his mother -in -law.But the hairdressing shop was closed.

The neighbors around said that Xiaocheng’s mother -in -law had something to do, and the hairdressing shop did not open the door for a few days.

Xiao Cheng believes that his mother -in -law deliberately avoids himself. He is very angry and thinks that his wife and himself marry a scam.He returned home with the reporter.There are also wedding photos of the two people on the wall, and a pair of newcomers on the photo.Xiaocheng took the wedding photo from the wall and threw it on the ground.

Xiaocheng said that since his wife returned to her mother’s house, she was very angry every time she saw a wedding photo.Cai Li Qian got someone and left.

Xiaocheng and Xiao Zhou’s wedding photos

Xiaocheng’s mother said that she gave her money to her daughter -in -law, but her daughter -in -law ran back to her mother’s house. From the beginning, she didn’t intend to live a good life with her son.Now that people have a fortune, they have to repay foreign debt.

Xiaocheng said that he had spent more than 200,000 marriage, and gave his wife a total of more than 90,000 yuan, including Cai Gift, and the wedding also invited celebrities, which was very downturn.

Xiaocheng pointed at a suitcase and said that his wife’s house was married with a box with a few clothes in it.Also a table, four stools.The daughter was married, and her mother -in -law did not even give her a dowry to her daughter.

Xiaocheng said that his wife was a cashier in a supermarket in the city.In order to better understand the truth of the matter, Xiaocheng took a reporter to the supermarket where his wife worked.The reporter explained the situation to the person in charge of the supermarket and brought Xiao Zhou out.

Xiao Zhou said that she wanted to live a good life with Xiaocheng, but her husband and family were indifferent to her.Since she returned to her mother’s house, her husband often went to her place to make noise.She worked in the supermarket and waited until she got home at 10:30 in the evening. No one cared about her when she returned home.Later, her mother asked her to return to her mother’s house.

When she first got married, her husband asked her for 11,000 yuan, and she didn’t give it to him, and the two began to be awkward.Later, her husband asked her to ask her ID on the grounds of entrepreneurship and express delivery. If she did not give it, her husband began to scold her and let her roll back. She returned to her mother’s house. The husband said that she did not integrate herself into the family.

Xiao Zhou

Later, Xiao Cheng went to his mother -in -law’s hairdressing shop to find Xiao Zhou, and Xiao Zhou proposed to calm both sides.I didn’t expect Xiaocheng to be angry, and said:

You have thought about it or not, if you think about it, you will go home with me. If you do n’t want to say, you will talk about divorce. How much money is spent when you get married? I will list the list and give me it.

Xiao Zhou said that she was very angry after listening to what her husband said. She lived in her mother’s house in order to gamble with her husband.

Xiaocheng said that these are excuses for his wife, and this marriage was originally a scam that his wife was carefully designed.

Xiao Zhou said that if he was deceiving marriage, he would never cheat marriage near home, and both were in the same town.He will never let him know where he goes to work, and he just wants to live a good life.

Xiaocheng said that this marriage was a digging pit, waiting for himself to jump inside.He married his wife for 7 days, but his wife told him that he was pregnant and regarded himself as a spare tire!I get married is a joke!The wife also said that the child did not keep it. When he was born, he did not let himself and his mother go, but just let himself get money.

A small journey

Xiao Zhou listened to her husband’s words, she cried.She explained that she was pregnant was a happy event, but her husband was not happy.I was busy at work, but I did n’t expect to see it. I went to the hospital to check that there was no fetal heart.The mother asked the doctor to get a fetal needle at home, but her husband ignored her.She asked her husband for money, but the husband said: Without money, spend your colorful money first.Later, the fetus was not kept, and it was under surgery.

The two had no major contradictions. If the husband apologized to her, he might follow him.

Xiaocheng was very angry after listening to his wife.He said that his wife was unwilling to get a marriage inspection during the marriage inspection, became pregnant a few days after marriage, and then returned to her mother’s house.All of this thing is a pit.

Xiaocheng took out the pre -marital medical examination form of the two. All the projects on his watch had been checked, but his wife’s blank was blank.

Xiaocheng said that the two did not open the door when the two went on that day. On the second, third, and fourth days, he asked his wife for a marriage inspection for three consecutive days, and his wife was unwilling to go.

Xiao Zhou explained that he was busy at work and could not get time to get a marriage inspection.

The reporter said that there is not much contradiction between the two, if divorce is a pity.She suggested that Xiaocheng served his wife softly and coaxed his wife to be happy. Maybe the two reconciled again.

Xiaocheng said, I have asked her to go home many times, and it is humble enough.

The mediation officer persuaded the two to apologize to each other, admit their mistakes, think in other places, give each other a chance, and return to each other.

Xiao Zhou said that if she did not involve her parents, as long as Xiaocheng confessed to her, she would follow him back.However, Xiao Cheng has threatened his mother and it is impossible to reconcile with him.

Xiao Zhou opened the surveillance video video at home. In the video, Xiaocheng showed several times to make trouble at home, kicked the door with his feet, recorded the video with his mobile phone, and scolded her as a scammer at home.He also threatened that the seal posters were posted, so that the people in the city knew that she was a scammer and cheated marriage, so that they could not stay locally.So that parents did not dare to live at home and installed cameras at the door.Xiaocheng’s behavior has hurt her and her parents, and also affected their normal life.

Xiaocheng said that it was just his anger, and he did not have a poster.Because she went to find his wife, his wife was unwilling to communicate with him, and also said to let her prosecute her.

The reporter criticized Xiaocheng’s excessive behavior.Xiaocheng admits that he is wrong.

However, Xiao Zhou insisted that He Xiaocheng could not continue to live.

Xiaocheng said that Xiao Zhou wants to refund a part of his money, and it is impossible to make his own wealth!

Xiao Zhou said that everything goes to legal procedures.The court judged that she would retreat as much as she retired.

The reporter consulted the lawyer, and the lawyer said that the following three situations should be reunited to refund the gift:

(1) If the two parties fail to go through the procedures for marriage registration;

(2) If the two parties go through the procedures for marriage registration but do not live together;

(3) Payment before marriage and lead to the difficulties of paying people.The provisions of the previous paragraph (2) and (3) shall be based on the divorce of both parties.

Because Xiao Zhou and Xiaocheng went through the marriage formalities and lived together, they did not meet the conditions of the return of gifts.Due to the short life of both parties, the court may judge that the female party will return a part of the colorful gift.

Finally, Xiao Cheng decided to take the legal procedure to safeguard his legitimate rights and interests.

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