After a few days after "pregnant"?Many people make a mistake!

For women, the sign of pregnancy is that sperm and eggs are successfully combined into fertilized eggs, and then fertilized eggs are successfully imposed on the inner wall of the uterus.However, many pregnant women do not know how long they will go to bed and how long they can be used to test whether they are pregnant.Some women think that they may need to wait about a month. In fact, the time to learn about being pregnant is much earlier than you think.After ovulation, can you measure if you are "pregnant" in a few days?Many people make a mistake "this time"!

When the fertilized eggs are successfully bed, it will stimulate the changes in hormone in the body of women.In the same room, you can detect it about 7-10 days.Over time, the test results will become more and more accurate.So for women who are anxious, you can test your pregnancy in about 7-10 days after the same room.

1. Test the HCG content in the blood

For women, you may use pregnancy test sticks or early pregnancy test strips to test whether you are pregnant, but this application method may have some errors.Therefore, in order to ensure the accuracy of the pregnancy test results, about 7-10 days after ovulation during ovulation, you can go directly to the hospital for blood testing, and the HCG content in the blood test.The result of the blood test is much more accurate than the pregnancy test stick and pregnancy test strip.

2. B ultrasound

In addition to the blood test, you can also confirm whether you are pregnant through B -ultrasound, but the B -ultrasound checking time may be later. At least you have to wait until the fertilized eggs are about 15 days after bed.Small gestational sacs may be detected at this time.

3. Early pregnancy reaction

In addition to the above two applications, women can also distinguish whether they are pregnant through some physical changes.For women, when the fertilized eggs are successfully bed, it will stimulate the secretion of hormone secretion, which will stimulate women with early pregnancy reactions such as breast pain, fatigue, fatigue, nausea and vomiting.Therefore, about 20 days after the ovulation date, when the body appears these discomfort, it is likely to be pregnant.

Regarding these methods of verifying women’s pregnancy, what kind of method do you use, and you know you are pregnant?Do you have other questions about this?Welcome to comment below to leave a message.

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