After being known by my family, I have become a good temper, and I still keep the owner’s belly every day.

Can the pets at home get when I am pregnant?

An owner’s home has a weird personality of a cat "Xiaoji" Xiaoji. He never approaches people automatically. He always looks alone.

But when the owner "Kobayashi" was pregnant for more than four months, Xiaoji seemed to change a cat.

Kobayashi just ate a full meal that day and felt a bit of support. She lay on the sofa and touched her stomach from time to time. It turned out that the little cuteness in the stomach moved a few times.

At this time, Xiaoji slowly approached the owner, and his eyes stared at the owner’s stomach tightly, climbing on the sofa to Xiaolin’s side. Xiao Ji’s arrival scared Kobayashi, so he got up and left.

But after that day, Xiaoji often followed Xiaolin’s dress. Even if she was in the bathroom, Xiaoji would be waiting in front of the door. If she stayed for a long time, Xiaoji would call Xiaolin at the door, trying to remind her something.

At first Xiaolin did not understand Xiaoji’s behavior, and chatting with her husband will also talk about Xiaoji’s recent changes. Before that, he was a cat with a bad temper. Why did he seem to have changed recently?I like sticking people.

In this way, as Kobayashi’s belly became bigger and bigger, the fetal movement became more and more obvious, and it was very sleepy.

Once she fell asleep on the sofa, she suddenly felt a little touching her belly, and her awakened Kobayashi was subconsciously protecting her belly.

And Xiaoji, who was standing in front of him, looked at Kobayashi with a bad look. At that moment, Kobayashi realized that the change of Xiaoji would have something to do with the child in the stomach.

So she wanted to test Xiaoji, then opened her jacket, exposed her belly in front of Xiaoji, and pretended to sleep.

Soon Xiaoji climbed from the sofa to Kobayashi’s leg. It slowly approached Xiaolin’s belly. First, he kissed with his nose and hesitated for a while.Essence

It was like stroking the child gently and interacting with the baby in the stomach.

This is the first time Xiao Ji saw the baby turning over. It was curious about this and wanted to listen to the situation in his ears.

This scene happened to be recorded by Kobayashi. She couldn’t believe that she had never told Xiaoji that she was pregnant, but it would sense the existence of a baby.

After finding the reason for Xiaoji’s change, Kobayashi couldn’t wait to tell her husband, but her husband said it was impossible and thought what animals knew.

In order to confirm Xiaoji again, Xiaolin will then let Xiaoji interact with the baby, telling it to soon be a brother, and then you will grow up with your baby.

Xiaoji seemed to understand it. He always guarded the baby’s side. When he was sleeping, Xiaoji would also sleep close to the baby, especially when he was about to be in the basin, Xiaoji became nervous and was very worrying about Xiaolin.

Therefore, Kobayashi often joked with her husband. Xiaoji cares about the baby than his husband, which can replace the position of his father.

Originally worried whether Xiaoji would like the baby, will it bully the baby if it is bad. It seems that this is not worried about this. Xiaoji’s behavior that Xiaoji does not want to separate the baby is enough to prove how much it likes the baby.

In fact, many owners are like Kobayashi. After pregnancy, cats and dogs raised at home have changed, as if they know the existence of the baby in the stomach.

Some performed very much, and some owners said, "When I told the cats at home to be a sister, I did not expect it to turn around ruthlessly. After the baby was born, the cat at home was jealous and temper every day."These small animals are quite spiritual. There are pets in the family to accompany the baby to grow together and become the best friends.

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