After being promoted, there are many abdomen and many farts?Or related to these 3 guys, ignore it anymore

IVF is a very common means of solving infertility. The specific process is: women check the various indicators of the body.After a few days of fertilization of sperm, a few days after the fertilized eggs are cultivated, they are transplanted in a female uterus to bed, and then fetal growth and development of fetal growth like natural pregnancy.

What’s wrong with the rowing needle?

1. Because IVF treatment is not performed with sperm, and not perfection eggs that can be fertilized with sperm, and not every fertilized egg can develop into a vibrant embryo.Therefore, it is necessary to take a few more when taking eggs, but each woman has only 1-2 natural ovulation. When IVF treatment, women need to promote ovulation.

2. Ovulation treatment is generally drug treatment. The principle of ovulation promotion is that under the stimulation of drug hormones, multiple follicles in women’s ovaries grow and develop at the same time.As the follicles grow, the ovaries will also be beyond the degree of ordinaryness, and at this time, the female abdomen will have a tenderness.The ovarian after the mature eggs will be discharged at the same time for extraction.

3. It is prone to abdominal discomfort during ovulation, and the common is abdominal distension.During this period, follicles continued to grow after ovulation treatment. Therefore, there will be many luteal cysts formed after the ovaries after the ovaries.At this time, if the activity is excessive or the movement is severe, there will be abdominal pain, which will vomit seriously, and even cause ovarian necrosis.

What are the signs of IVin embryos?

1. If the embryo is already in bed, women will have a performance similar to a pregnancy -like reaction. Some people have symptoms of joy within a few weeks after conception.His nausea, in severe cases, feel uncomfortable all day, always want to vomit.

2. Because the fertilized eggs are implanting on the uterine wall after pregnancy, the fluffy glands are secreted, which is the HCG we often say.This substance hormone can stimulate frequent urination of pregnant women, and there are always urination, which is more increasing than the number of times to go to the toilet.If there is a frequent situation of going to the toilet, you need to check it in time. It is likely to be a successful conception. Of course, there is no problem with the urinary system.

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