After Chen Meng’s pregnancy, his status increased greatly. The father -in -law personally spread the big cakes to supplement the nutrition to the grandson

Since her pregnancy, Chen Meng has really increased its status. She used to be very ordinary. She was just a kindergarten teacher. She didn’t make much money. However, since she passed the door, she was also ahead.

Even her father -in -law personally started in order to supplement her grandson to supplement nutrition. Zhu Zhiwen really wanted his grandson too much. He said the same boys and women.Very traditional men, regarding Chuanzong as a big thing in life, must not be sloppy

When Chen Meng hadn’t passed the door, Zhu Zhiwen settled the rules for Chen Meng, that is, to give birth to the old Zhu family to give birth to the next boy as soon as possible. In that case, Chen Meng’s rich and rich in his life will be kept. In Chen Meng’s eyes, the eyes of Chen Meng’s eyesIn this way, since I chose this road, there is no need to care about giving birth to a child. It is a matter of time.

Many people on the Internet are blessed them. After all, Zhu Xiaowei is a honest child. There is no bad heart. Unfortunately, he met like Chen Yenan before.Continue to live my life.

One said that this mentality of Zhu Xiaowei really should really learn. He never felt that he was superior because Zhu Zhiwen had money, but Zhu Xiaowei was a genuine rich second generation.

The onlookers always jokes and he is dumb, but in fact, if you change to others, you don’t want to have such a dad. He is much stronger than that kind of sister -in -law. As for marriage, no one is one in one thing.From the beginning, you can find the object that is so hearty.

Previously, Chen Meng posted her own pregnancy photos on her personal account. It showed whether it was double pregnancy sac or twins, and the shape was different.It can be seen that this is a pair of twins.

Zhu Xiaowei is really blessed. Not only is there a father who can make money, but also such a fierce wife. It is simply a king of life. Although Chen Meng asked a lot in material, she has to say that she also wants to want to say that she also wants to want to say that she also wants to want to say that she also wants to think that she also wants to also wantThose who really live in their hearts will not be willing to get pregnant.

In this regard, she is stronger than that Chen Yaman. Chen Yaman obviously became popular through Zhu Zhiwen’s reputation, but did not know how to do it. When he put down the bowl, he scolded her mother. It was just a white -eyed wolf.Unchanged truth.

Zhu Xiaowei is not a fool. Everyone knows how worrying about marrying such a man.

Chen Meng is also being relieved to raise a fetus, and I still don’t forget to do some housework. Such a daughter -in -law is really rare. No wonder Zhu Zhiwen will be willing to smash money on her.Low -key, just some good people like to pick things up.

Seeing that he can be a grandfather, Zhu Zhiwen is very proud, and he is happier than when singing. Looking at the husband is so happy, the coat is also very happy, because the husband is her pride. She married such a profitable man in her life. She is veryConnect.

Chen Meng is still a little girl, and there are many things that do not understand, but fortunately, the coat is not unreasonable, and she avoids the complicated mother -in -law relationship. This is also very good.The scammers are much stronger.

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