After eating something, almost miscarriage?Be wary of "refrigerator killer"!

Zhumadian News (Reporter Wang Jie Correspondent Li Mujia) Recently, Ms. Wang, a pregnant woman in Zhumadian City, has almost led to miscarriage because she ate food in the refrigerator.What’s happening here?Ms. Wang, 30 years old, was 7 months pregnant. In early March, there was symptoms of nasal congestion, cough, and sputum. She thought it was a normal cold. After taking her cold medicine for 3 days, her condition did not improve.Gradually aggravated, the highest body temperature was 38.8 ° C, accompanied by dizziness, headache, general weakness, nausea, occasional paroxysmal abdominal pain, and symptoms of aura abortion.

Ms. Wang went to the hospital for pathology and obstetrics in the Women’s Children’s Hospital of the Central Hospital of Zhumadian City. After admission, the doctor’s bed doctor had a microbial examination based on the symptoms and extracted the blood specimen to the inspection department according to the symptoms.

In the inspection department, the blood culture machine suddenly called the police, suggesting that the patient’s blood culture was suspected of bacterial growth, and then the laboratory duty personnel conducted the alarm bottle to inquire, paint, Gram -chrome, and mirror examination.The mirror can be seen under the mirror.

Why is there such a bacteria?

After careful inquiries about the medical history, it turned out that 4 days ago, the patient had eaten vegetable salad stored in the refrigerator, and the laboratory staff judged that it might be infected with Liszto!The results of the bacterial culture need to be waited. The laboratory report the next morning is: Labotoma hyperplasia of the production single nuclear cells.The doctor immediately adjusted the medication and treated the symptomatic treatment.One week later, Ms. Wang disappeared uncomfortable, recovered and discharged, and the fetus was kept.

What "ghost" is Listor?

Liszt bacteria has a nickname called "refrigerator killer", because it has a strong survivability, can adapt to refrigerated temperature, can reproduce at low temperature, and resist the high -salt environment.Vegetable salad is caused by infection.

According to Zhang Jun, the person in charge of the Micro Biological Room of the Medical Examination Section of the hospital: Liszto often exists in the processed or unpaid foods of the animal and plant sources, especially dairy products, cooked meat, cold salads, etc.

Pregnant women and newborns are those who are susceptible to Liszt bacteria, which can cause meningitis and bacteria.If it is not treated in time, it is likely to cause abortion or premature birth and endanger the baby’s life.

Studies have shown that pregnant women’s blood flow infection risk is more than ten times higher than non -pregnant women.After pregnant women’s blood flow infection, nearly 2/3 newborn will have symptoms of infection, and nearly 1/5 will die.

How can I avoid this bacteria in life?

Zhang Jun reminds everyone to pay attention to the following points: to maintain good living habits, regularly clean the tableware and refrigerators, cold and cooked food in the refrigerator, store separately, and heat when eating.Pay attention to food hygiene and prevent food -based infection, while strengthening personal hygiene, and standardize hands before meals.Pregnant women, newborns and other high -risk groups have gastrointestinal discomfort, and they should go to the doctor in time.

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