After giving birth, I want to let the lochia finish as soon as possible, Baoma can try these 3 methods

Pregnant children are a difficult and energy -consuming and physical matter for women. Therefore, after giving birth to a baby, women need to rest in their confinement to restore their energy and vitality.If you want to recover well, you must first discharge the lochia in the postpartum body. By understanding the discharge of the lochia, Baoma can understand the recovery of her body.

What is dew?

After a woman has a baby, there will be some despairing placenta, necrotic off the decrease in her body. These things will be excreted with the endometrium of the uterine that have fallen off. The things in the body of the Baoma’s body are called lochia.Lulu is generally discharged within one to two months after giving birth. Under normal circumstances, the lochia will only have a faint bloody smell. If it is accompanied by odor, it is the abnormal situation of Baoma’s body.

The color of the lochia will gradually become lighter with the advancement of time. A few days before the baby was born, the amount of lochia excreted by Baoma was relatively large, and the color was bright, so it was also called bloody lochia.Subsequently, the amount of lochia gradually decreased, the blood in it would decrease, and the slurry would become more. At this time, the dew is also called the slurry lochia.After that, the dew was completely white, so it was also called white lochia.

Each Baoma has different constitutions, and the way of resting after giving birth is not the same, so the dew is cleaning differently. Generally, between one or two months, there are a few Baoma who takes three months to be completely clean.

After giving birth to a baby, what kind of method Baoma can accelerate the discharge of lochia.

1. Drink some biochemical soup

In the week after giving birth to a baby, Baoma drinks some biochemical soup daily, which will also be conducive to the rapid discharge of lochia. Biochemical soup is made of various types of Chinese medicinal materials such as angelica, Codonopsis, dry ginger, and Chenpi.Drinking the rapid discharge of lochia, there will be other benefits to Bao Ma’s body.

2. Breastfeeding

Bao Ma’s postpartum breastfeeding is also conducive to the discharge of lochia. After delivery, the baby sucking her mother’s breasts can stimulate the mother’s uterus to shrink to a certain extent, which is conducive to the rapid discharge of lochia in the uterine cavity. ThereforeEssence

3. Appropriate exercise

Although Bao mother needs to rest more after giving birth to her baby, she also needs to exercise appropriately after rest, which can not only prevent the uterus from falling off, but also let the lochia be discharged faster.

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