After giving birth to a baby, will these ten "characteristics" disappear?Ask for solution

Of course, I have the most concerned on the question: Will these "strange features" disappear during pregnancy?Come, let’s take a look at what are my "strange features"?

1. Long hair on the belly

At the beginning of the three months of pregnancy, there were little fluffy hair on the belly.With the growth of pregnancy, there are more and more hairs on the stomach, and now the hair of the third trimester has grown long.Especially when I took a bath, I had a wigs on my belly, and my husband said that I was almost a monkey.

2. The neck is black, and there are many "necklaces"

My husband often says that the neck line on my neck is "necklace", one by one.I am also very speechless. It is said that no matter how good a woman’s face is maintained. Once there is a neck line, it will look old.The neck and face are a few chroma, and each time the mirror is embarrassed.

3. Severe hair loss

Maybe the baby is absorbed so well. Every time I wash my hair, I must be careful. This may not be able to protect my "three thousand hair". Sometimes, I can see a lot of lost hair on the pillow and the bed.Dare to use raw products during pregnancy.

4. Gingling bleeding

My teeth were really sinful throughout my pregnancy. Every day I was like a "struggle" with my teeth. I gently brushed each time, but it seemed that there was no use.You can spit out "blood water" in your mouth.

5. Nose becomes larger

I don’t feel that my nose is getting bigger in my own mirror, but when you touch your nostrils with your hands, my mother is really big, and it becomes very hard.However, it is said that this is a typical feature of Huaoming.

6. Mourning fat

As the saying goes, a fat destroys everything.But when I was pregnant, she seemed to be advertised as a happy thing, so we could only "get rid of their arms".Then the whole pregnancy has never been taken through the whole body, and has never taken his own photos in the circle of friends.

7. "Holes" of tearing your mouth

After pregnancy, I found that I loved tearing my mouths. Sometimes it was rotten. I still torn around there, and I had to tear it. I felt like a neuropathy.It is said that some love toothpaste, and some love to hear gasoline flavor.

8. snoring

Now sleeping every day at night, I feel that the baby is difficult. My husband and I will snore. The baby is estimated to sleep every night!I don’t know if "unloaded", will this problem disappear?

9. Pregnancy taste and taste before pregnancy

After pregnancy, I do n’t like to eat meat anymore, and I ca n’t afford to eat anything, but I can eat anything before pregnancy. I especially love meat, and other foods are not picky.I don’t know if the taste will "return" after this pregnancy?

10. Black underarm

Starting around three months of pregnancy, the armpit starts to turn black, and as the pregnancy increases, the armpit becomes darker.Rubbing hard every time you take a bath, it is also in vain.

Seriously, pregnancy is originally uncomfortable. These "strange features" are really "worse than snow". Sisters who have "unloaded the goods" have recovered these "strange features"?

Come and comment on the comment area to solve the confusion.

(Note: I am a post -90s mother who continues to be deeply cultivated in the childcare field every day. I hope everyone will pay more attention)


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