After giving birth to a child’s body deformation?Obstetrician: Don’t worry, just deal with it like this

Netizen A: After pregnancy, she has a serious deformation. Before pregnancy, she saw a sister saying that her husband felt that she was watching her pregnancy. I really felt that I am now the protagonist of this horror movie during pregnancy.After pregnancy, I have a variety of deformation, and my body is full of flesh. I am fat like a penguin. I am only 26 years old. I live like 36. I ca n’t afford to hurt!

Netizen B: Let’s talk about my pre -pregnancy figure first. Originally, it was not high, almost 165cm. It turned out that 95 pounds were still well -proportioned. Now I am seven months pregnant, tens of pounds long, there are meat everywhere.I really don’t know how to lose weight in the future. I want to cry when I see my flesh, so ugly!

Netizen C: First talk about stretch marks. After pregnancy, I have a stomach. It looks like a net -patterned watermelon sold outside.More importantly, there are such patterns on the thighs.Then there was his face, long fat, and his face tilted.The nose has become larger, the chest is already larger, the breast is larger, it is even bigger after pregnancy.

Netizen D: I am swollen, and when I get severe, it looks like a bubble!The lower body has also become more loose!

The stretch marks have also come out, getting more and more serious, becoming fat, although it was not very thin before.But after pregnancy, the girl becomes a mother!There is also the neck line, which directly pulls my age.

I believe that many women have gone from pregnancy to giving birth to their babies, and they have basically experienced their shape and change, and they are entangled with how postpartum can recover their bodies as soon as possible.In fact, after pregnancy, not only the abdomen will bulge day by day, but many parts of the body will generally change. For the common abdomen, stretch marks, breasts become large, thickened butt, thickening of the waist, wider pelvic sensation, thighs and feet, thighs and feetYa also feels bigger and so on. The direct consequences are often the weight gain, and the shape has deformed a lot, which rarely affects the physical aesthetics of pregnant mothers.

1. Change of constitution

Double deficiency of qi and blood is a common phenomenon of women’s postpartum.At this time, most women’s qi stagnation, blood stasis, meridians, and decreased metabolism, and decreased metabolism cannot effectively remove fat substitutes, which leads to obesity.

2. Previous nutritional surplus

During pregnancy, in order to ensure the normal development of babies in the body, a large amount of nutrients are often consumed. After the baby is absorbed, nutrition will remain residual. These nutrients are absorbed by women. Over time, excess nutrition will lead to the more fat in the body.The more accumulated.If the diet is not properly controlled and the calories of daily intake are too high, it will be beyond biological obesity.The postpartum women’s weight exceeded the normal range of 20-50 %, and it was medically called fertility obesity.

3. Decreased exercise

With a baby, it takes a lot of time to condition the body, hoping to give the baby the best environment to grow.During this period, the mother will eat a lot of supplements, but the exercise time is very small, eat more and less, and the accumulation of fat is normal.

4. Endocrine disorders

Women can cause endocrine disorders, affect the development of metabolism in the body, lead to the accumulation of garbage in the body, and cause obesity problems.

5. Physical structure changes

During pregnancy, the increasing expansion of the uterus causes a force, which causes the venous system to be blocked in the body circulation system and forms a pregnancy edema. After childbirth, a large amount of blood returns to the circulatory system, causing postpartum body swelling.On the other hand, the stability of the sacroiliac joints and pubic bone combination on the pelvis are deteriorated. Coupled with the pressure of the fetus, the pelvic pelvic gap will widen.

The recovery of postpartum body needs a process. Especially after giving birth, the body also needs to be confineed for conditioning. New mothers cannot eat weight loss pills blindly. It will destroy the function of the human body and also affect the quality of breastfeeding.Because the constitution of each pregnant mother and the different choice of production methods, the recovery speed is naturally slow and slow.Generally speaking, the best recovery time for pregnant mothers is within 6 months after giving birth. It takes about one year to fully restore the state before pregnancy.Adopting the following methods helps to recover postpartum figure–

1. Use the binding band pelvic zone to restore the body shape

The restraint belt and pelvic zone can play a role in scientific abdomen and healthy abdomen, and it is also beneficial to the recovery of postpartum shapes, but pay attention to scientific and correct wearing.

2. Appropriate exercise or postpartum recovery exercise

Active exercise during pregnancy and postpartum is an important measure to prevent fertility obesity.Proper exercise can promote metabolism and avoid the accumulation of calories in the body.The sooner the postpartum exercise, the better. Generally speaking, the next day, within five days of cesarean section, you can get out of bed and walk.However, it is best not to perform severe weight loss immediately, otherwise it will easily lead to bleeding and affect wound recovery.You can get out of bed every day and walk around, which can not only help consume some calories, speed up body recovery, but also benefit physical and mental health.In the later stage, it can also do postpartum recovery exercises, which is conducive to recovery and shaping.

3. Properly control the diet

During confinement, family members will always make various high -fat and high -protein foods such as chicken, duck, meat eggs, and other high -fat and protein foods for mothers. It seems that this can quickly restore the body function to the milk.In fact, this is a misunderstanding.Postpartum mothers only need to eat reasonably, pay attention to comprehensive and balanced nutrition.If you over -supplement during confinement, it will make the new mother getting fatter, and it will be harder to lose weight in the future.

4. Adjust the mentality and emotions

Many new mothers will have postpartum depression, which will not only affect the feelings between husband and wife, but also hinder the recovery of figure.If you want to get rid of obesity quickly, new mothers must maintain a good mentality, take a good rest, and drive away bad emotions.You can listen to some brisk and soothing music, smile more, do more things you like to do, keep a good mood every day, so that you can have enough energy to take care of your baby, and you will have the motivation to lose weight.

5. Persist in breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is not only good for the baby, but also very good for Bao Ma’s body recovery.Breastfeeding can stimulate uterine contraction and promote female body recovery.And in the process of breastfeeding, the body will consume a lot of calories, which is conducive to weight loss.

Finally, I hope that the above methods can help new mothers, restore the perfect figure and regain women’s charm!

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