After her daughter -in -law was pregnant, her mother -in -law jumped like a thunder and asked her to kill her abdomen.


Children are the crystallization of love, the hope of a family, and to a large extent to maintain the integrity of a family.

For married women, want to be a child who belongs to himself, be promoted to mother, complete the conversion of life characters, enjoy the happiness and growth that the child brings to himself, and feel the peaceful and precious happiness of life.Life.

However, because of such a reason, they can’t do their mothers for a lifetime, and they can hardly endure the hardships of asking for their sons. They still fail to get their wishes. This is probably a deep regret!

Some people were told that they could not be pregnant as soon as they got married, and even if they were pregnant, they could only bear it.But everyone who is a mother, how can they bear the children who have not yet been formed?Is it because of what to deprive a woman’s right to be a mother?

On the night of Li Ting’s marriage, her mother -in -law personally prepared a condom for her son and daughter -in -law, and she told her son to be careful.Li Ting did not understand the behavior of her mother -in -law, and felt that she was too wide. Even the private things between this husband and wife had to ask, and she couldn’t help but have an opinion on her mother -in -law.

She talked to her husband Wu Lei about her incomprehension, but Wu Lei said that her mother was also good for them, and she would understand in the future.Li Ting was even more embarrassed to this matter, and felt that their family must have something to hide from themselves.

She met her husband on a blind date and got married after half a year. During the period, no problems were found.The husband is very careful and considerate about her, and can always give her what she wants. The mother -in -law looks like a wise and wise man.

But why are you so cautious about the husband and wife, what are you afraid of?

Li Ting has liked children since she was a child, especially her girl. She wants to dress her children beautifully, send her to learn dance, piano, and cultivate her into an artistic temperament woman.

After she told her husband about her husband, her husband resolutely refused and said that they could not ask for children.

Li Ting was very distressed. I don’t know what to do?None of the mother -in -law was willing to tell her what it was because.

Later, Li Ting also had his own thoughts. If you don’t let your mother, do I give up the right to be a mother?She does not want to be determined by others, and she wants to dominate her life.

As a result, she did something that could not think of anyone. She poked all the condoms with a needle, and successfully conceived her child in the first month.

Watching her menstrual records delayed day by day, she knew that this was a good sign. Sure enough, she decided that she had a child a week later.She can’t say this news. When she can’t hide her stomach, no one can let her not want her.

Time passed day by day, and her mother -in -law found strangely, asking whether Li Ting had it. She looked like she vomited, making her mother -in -law jumping like a thunderous thunder, crying cryingly.

Li Ting was so angry that he scolded her mother -in -law loudly: "There are children in other people’s family are happy. How can I make a evil? What did I do wrong and not let me want children?"

After listening to it, her mother -in -law slapped Li Ting directly, and scolded in her mouth: "Let you be disobedient, I kill you, let you give birth!" He kicked the daughter -in -law’s belly.When Li Ting saw her mother -in -law out of control, she shook off her mother -in -law and ran out.

She cried and called her husband while running, and when she heard that it had reached this situation, he planned to tell his wife the truth.

When her mother -in -law was young, she was late from get off work and was violated by a neuropathy. Later, she had a child.The man is a lunatic that everyone knows and suffer from mental illness. People say that his illness is inherited from his mother. This kind of madness has been passed down from generation to generation, and there is no way to treat it at all.

Because of her insults, her mother -in -law felt that it was impossible to marry someone in this life, so she endured the child with rumors. After the child was born, he chose to move in order to give him a good childhood and growth environment.

The moment she was born, she was happy, but she was always afraid that her son would inherit that disease.Fortunately, the son has never showed a sign of illness.

Later, she secretly consulted the doctor, and the doctor said that this genetic mental illness might have an intergenerational inheritance.Therefore, my mother -in -law has decided from that moment that she should not let her son give birth to a child, and before the son got married, he told his son the truth. He hoped that he could understand the interest relationship.

However, this incident has never told his wife from the beginning. If he told each other truthfully when he was a blind date, it would be a test if you could walk together.

Li Ting felt that her husband’s approach was deceiving marriage, and she could not accept such facts.Especially when the belly gets up day long, she is terrified every day, but her attachment to her child is getting stronger and stronger.

Li Ting’s brother -in -law was a doctor. He told Li Ting that if he wanted this child, he kept a good mood and don’t think about it.And this kind of mental illness is not so terrible, as long as it is not too exciting, you can live like normal people.

After listening to her brother -in -law, Li Ting felt that her child had hope, and she believed that as long as she gave her enough love, she would definitely make her grow up healthy.

On the other hand, her husband also wanted to understand that the child was a proof of love for him and his wife. With, he should be born, and should not end her life cruelly for unknown things.

Under the persuasion of her husband, her mother -in -law accepted the facts, and she also felt that she was also a woman. At first, she had no bear to kill it.She regretted that she was so rough to her daughter -in -law that day, and she really apologized to her sincerely, and admitted that she should not tell the truth in advance.But she believes that her son and daughter -in -law are emotional and will definitely walk together.

In the end, Li Ting forgive her mother -in -law and husband, and the family lived happily together.Every time the mother -in -law and husband will accompany her, for fear that there is something to lose. Fortunately, Huang Tian lived up to careless people. Li Ting gave birth to a beautiful thousand gold, very healthy.Don’t be more depressed for unknown things

Li Ting’s encounter reminded me of Andy in "Ode to Joy".Andy’s mother also suffered from mental illness. After his father, Wei Guoqiang married her mother, saw his wife’s mental state unstable and abandoned his wife, but at that time she was pregnant with Andy.

Later, Andy’s mother was violated and gave birth to the brother of the same mother, but his IQ was a bit abnormal.

Andy has been adopted by rich parents since she was a child. Not only did she not get sick, she also became a female elite.She is capable and cold, has a strong aura, and has a developed logical thinking ability. She can judge the other’s inner activities from the motion of the other’s nose, and can judge the cards in the opponent’s hand from the card from the other party.Can you say that she is not normal for such a strong woman?

Therefore, there is no need to decide that a lively life is still alive for uncertain things, and there is no need to deprive her the right to be a mother at the expense of love, and even the feelings of two people’s feelings for the unknown things.EssenceThe most important thing is frank and frank in marriage

In life, it is not easy to meet a person in love. It can be frank and treating each other. Why is it a kind of happiness?

During the blind date, her husband did not tell Li Ting in his life. He might feel that his life was very shameless. He was unwilling to tell the one he loved. He was afraid of being treated by his wife.His self -esteem and face made him unable to be honest with his wife. On the other hand, he was afraid that after his wife knew the truth, he might not be willing to marry him.But afterwards, Li Ting told her husband that he would not regret marry him.This is enough to show that Li Ting does not care about the so -called life, and she cares more about her husband’s love for herself.The family understands each other is the most important thing. The first step of the harmonious relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law is to understand each other

In terms of decided to ask the child, the acceptance and love of the mother -in -law from the beginning to the end -of -point thinking are all the results after understanding.

There is a saying that when people meet people, they depend on fate.People intersect with people, relying on trust.People know each other, rely on understanding.Paying along with people, relying on sincerity.

The relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law must understand each other, trust, and know how to think about it.We must firmly believe that when we are understood, our own wisdom will not be exhausted; wisdom and the wisdom of another person will spark countless love.

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