After making a breakup with her boyfriend, I found that I was pregnant

Tell you a story.

There was a girl, 29 years old, and dated a boyfriend. Because she did not take good protection measures, she was pregnant before marriage. Before that, she just broke up with her boyfriend.

The boyfriend is 9 years older than her, and the girl is not satisfied with him, but in such a case, when she finds that she is pregnant, she does not want to kill the child.It really does.

At present, the girl is sitting in confinement. The boyfriend is pretty good to her. I will find her confinement center. She will turn 5,000 yuan a month to her, and she will take time to take care of her.

But she still doesn’t want to marry her boyfriend, because her boyfriend has no house or car, not much deposit, and the work is not stable. Although she can earn more than 10,000 a month, she doesn’t know how long it can last.She is very insecure.

She doesn’t want to marry her boyfriend, but also wants to raise the child alone, and the child’s father also likes this child, and he is older, and he may not give up the child’s custody easily.

Okay, the story is over.What do I want to express this story?

Let’s talk about the idea of girls who don’t want to marry her boyfriend first, isn’t she right?In fact, it is not the case.He felt that his boyfriend was emotionally unstable, his work was unstable, and he ran four. He had no house, no car, no deposit. These were all real conditions. She considered that these were not wrong.

This is better than those, knowing that her boyfriend is unreliable, and it is better to post the love brain that marries in the past.

Her biggest mistake is that she obviously doesn’t look at her boyfriend, and she obviously feels that he is not a good match. He still has a relationship with him. The relationship occurs. The point is not to take protective measures. The most important thing is thatIt turned out to be given the child.

Her idea is that she has the ability to feed her children, but this is a living child. She is not a cat or a dog, as long as she can eat and live.

Raising children is not to say that you care about his food and clothing. How do you get so many problems now?Is their family lack of clothes and eat less?No, there are many families who are quite rich, but their parents did not give them enough companionship, did not give them enough care, did not take time to understand them, care about them, and guide them correctly.

In the end, it should have been the flowers of the motherland, but it became a poisonous flower.

I have read a news. In the monitoring, a little boy over one year old was in the elevator, and there was a little girl about 10 years old. Then the little girl hit the little boy, and then took him to his 25th floor.At home, the little boy finally fell from the 25th floor.

Why did a ten -year -old girl see such a younger brother who loves him and cares about him, but he hit him?Why did the little boy fall from the 25th floor?Why do a child over one year stay alone in the elevator?

Is it only the little girl’s parents?Is the little boy’s parents?

It is also a sin to be born without raising, raising and not teaching.

Therefore, when you decide to have a child, you have to consider not just whether you have financial resources to give your child a good material life, you should also consider whether you have plenty of time and sufficient patience, love to bring the child to this childEssence

If not, then you should think twice with a child. Do not finally turn the child into the harm of society and turn the child’s life into a tragedy.

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