After marrying the emperor, he derailed twice, and even gave birth to a child for the adulterer. How messy is the last queen Wan Rong?

How messy is the private life of Wan Rong in the last queen?After marrying the emperor, he derailed twice, and even gave birth to a child for the adulterer. He was indulged in opium and was given to the Japanese by his brother. So what is the final outcome of this hateful and poor last queen?

Although Pu Yi is expensive as the emperor, it is the most pity and the worst and worst in history.

At the age of three, he abdicated and married the queen at the age of sixteen. He did not choose from the beginning. It can be said that Pu Yi’s life was around.

After the September 18th Incident, the Japanese went to Tianjin to find Pu Yi as the puppet emperor of the pseudo -Manchuria country.

The following year, Wan Rong took Wan Rong to Lushun and reunited with Pu Yi.

At that time, Pu Yi believed that Wan Rong and Wen Xiu were jealous, which caused Wenxiu to divorce himself, so he did not wait to see Wan Rong and never care about asking Wan Rong’s situation.

And Wan Rong dyed the habit of taking opium under the leadership of his father and brother, and naturally derailed.

It wasn’t until Wan Rong’s stomach was so large that he couldn’t hide that Pu Yi learned about it.Pu Yi knew very angry that this child was definitely not himself.

Why do you say that, because Pu Yi has no fertility, when Pu Yi was very young, he played with a large group of maids. According to Pu Yi, during that time, the sun was green and walking lightly.Began to be afraid of women.

Until married Wan Rong, Pu Yi came to the new house and was planning to be close to Wan Rong, but found that she was no longer possible. This may also be one of the reasons why Pu Yi did not like Wan Rong. No man was willing to accept himself.

But Wan Rong didn’t know this situation, and he was still looking forward to being loved by her husband. This waited for more than ten years, until now she was pregnant with the child of the adulterer.

So who is her adulterer?How did Pu Yi handle this?

Pu Yi interrogated all the suspects, and soon some people admitted that they were private with Wan Rong. This person was Pu Yi’s personal guard Li Sports.

Pu Yi was even more angry. The adulterer turned out to be his personal guard, but Li Sports did not admit that the child was his own, and said that the child was Pu Yi’s driver Qi Jizhong.

Qi Jizhong and Wan Rong had long been private, and Li Sports almost fainted Pu Yi.

Qi Jizhong is one of Pu Yi’s most trusted person. Pu Yi even wanted to train Qi Jizhong and became his own assistant. He did not expect to be bitten by this unfamiliar white -eyed wolf.

Pu Yi ordered Qi Jizhong to confront him. Qi Jizhong couldn’t go on. He had to admit that things had really wanted to have a big white, but Pu Yi did not kill people on the spot as expected.

Instead, the two people sealing fees were given to the two of them, so they left the two. Why?

First of all, in order to keep her face, Pu Yi is not easy to make things too ugly. Once the two are killed, it is not his own thing to do the child.

Secondly, Pu Yi is not a good killing person. Historical records have rarely been stuck in Pu Yi, and even mosquitoes are reluctant to kill. They will only blow gently and drive away mosquitoes.

After dealing with Li Sports and Qi Jizhong, Pu Yi also dismissed everyone who knew the matter. After that, Pu Yi married a noble person in order to torture Wan Rong, and began to implement cold violence on Wan Rong.

When Wan Rong’s child was about to be born, he was afraid that Pu Yi could not accommodate the child. He knelt on the ground and begged Puyi to admit that the innocent child was born. In the end, the child was born, but because Wan Rong took opium for a long time, he died in half an hour.

So what is the final ending of Wan Rong?

Wan Rong lost her child, coupled with Pu Yi’s cold violence on her, made her empty smoke addicted, and gradually became worse and worse, and finally died.

The traitors who took the money to leave have embarked on a completely different path.

Qi Jizhong took the money given by Pu Yi, but did not listen to Pu Yi’s words. He joined the puppet army and preached the matter everywhere. After the surrender in Japan, he decided with a traitor.

Li Sports is relatively honest. He returned to his hometown and lived in peace. He also met with Pu Yi in Beijing. He lived a happy and harmonious life.

So why did Wan Rong betray Puyi?Is it because of opium?

In fact, the half of Wan Rong’s miserable ending was Wan Rong’s brother. Wan Rong was taken by his father and brother with opium. Since then, he was out of control.

Even after the September 18th Incident, Wan Rong was taken back to Pu Yi’s road, and she was sold to the Japanese by her brother. At that time, Wan Rong lost his innocence.

After that, Wan Rong always thought that his child was still alive and was raised by his brother, because his brother asked Wan Rong to ask for support every year.

Lao Tan believes that the other half is because Pu Yi and Wan Rong married Pu Yi at the age of seventeen. Since then, he has lived in the cold waiting for the jealousy and her husband. Wan Rong as an adult woman has nowhere to vent his emptiness and loneliness, and he has a big smoke.Later, I often illuminated, and even the news of her death, Pu Yi also knew the last.

Pu Yi’s response was also mediocre, and the two were really full of grievances.

Perhaps Wan Rong’s miserable fate has been decided since the moment she was born, and her figure will always be left in the Forbidden City.

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