After menopause, there are severe pregnancy reactions to be careful

In April this year, Ms. Tu, 23, found that her menstruation had not come, and had severe pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting.In early June, she had a small amount of vaginal bleeding and was worried about abortion. She hurried to the hospital for fetal protection.You can do the B -ultrasound examination. The increased uterus did not see the fetal heart and fetal buds at all. The doctor checked the level of chorionic gonadotropin HCG in the blood. As a result, it was as high as 190000IU/L.Portuguese tires.The doctor immediately performed the clearance of Ms. Tu, and asked her to check the blood HCG once a week after the operation until it was normal to prevent the malignant changes.

After surgery, Ms. Tu’s blood HCG first fell normally, but in July, the blood HCG was checked to rise to 50000IU/L. B -ultrasound showed an abnormal echo of 3 cm in the uterus.Nourishing cell tumors.Ms. Tu, who was difficult to accept, went to the hospital after a week of sadness and sadness. At this time, the CT examination found that there were 6 more solid metastatic lesions in both lungs.Now Ms. Tu has completed the third chemotherapy, the blood HCG has dropped significantly, the condition is also effectively controlled, and the uterus and lung lesions have shrunk.As long as Ms. Tu insists on treatment, this tumor can be cured and does not affect fertility. Ms. Tu can still give birth to a healthy baby in the future.

After menopause, there are severe pregnancy reactions to be careful

There are many typical clinical manifestations of hydatidus.The first is menopause.In the past, most women were equivalent to pure pregnancy. They often ignored pre -pregnancy examinations, and did not know that menopause was also a manifestation of the disease.The second is the irregular vaginal bleeding, and the amount is different, and some can even discharge the foam sample tissue.The third is that patients may have severe nausea, vomiting and other pregnancy reactions.This is actually caused by a large amount of HCG’s nourishing cells of hydatidium.Generally, the level of normal pregnancy HCG has reached the highest at 8 to 10 weeks, that is, about tens of thousands of units.However, the HCG of the hydatidus will be as high as hundreds of thousands or even millions of units. Excessive HCG will cause small blood vessels to shrink, causing symptoms similar to pregnancy hypertension syndrome such as dizziness, vomiting, and hypertension.At this time, the doctor can see that there is no embryo in the uterus, but a snowflake image full of messy signals, which is called a snowy signs.Because hydatidoscope can show symptoms without fetal, vaginal hemorrhage, etc., sometimes it is not easy to identify diseases such as incomplete abortion, ectopic pregnancy and other diseases. Therefore, female friends in fertility during fertility have the above three symptoms and should go to a regular hospital as soon as possible to eliminate grapes.fetal.

Check the blood regularly after the Qing Palace

Once diagnosed with hydatidum, the palace surgery must be performed first.Blood and liquid need to be fully prepared before surgery, and try to perform as much as the ultrasound monitoring assistance.This is because the placenta’s uterus is larger than the uterus during normal pregnancy, and the texture is very soft. During the Qing Dynasty, uterine perforation and uterine bleeding are prone to occur.After the Qing Palace, a pathological examination of all the tissues taken out is needed.

Portugal Palace Clear Palace surgery can be performed once to 2 times. The level of blood HCG should be monitored every week after surgery until the indicator is normal for 4 weeks.Under normal circumstances, the blood HCG should fall to normal in the 4 weeks to 12 weeks after the Qing Palace surgery.However, there are also some patients that the HCG in the blood has decreased slowly, and it is not normal, and some even rebound up. At this time, it may be that benign hydatidites will be transformed.

Text/Deputy Chief Physician Huang Yu, deputy chief physician of Chongqing Cancer Hospital

Organize/Cheng Fengmin Xiong Zhixiang

Edit/Guan Zhongyao

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