After pregnancy, B -ultrasound is essential, but remind expectant mothers: Pay attention to these 4 points to do B -ultrasound!

After women are pregnant, they should conduct corresponding B -ultrasound examinations every other time. B -ultrasound examination in the early stages of pregnancy is to check whether there are ectopic pregnancy and the size of the pregnancy sac.

The B -ultrasound examination in the middle of pregnancy can check whether the fetal facial and nervous system has no deformity. In the late pregnancy, B -ultrasound examination can be determined whether there is the maturity of the front placenta and the placenta.B -ultrasound, determine whether you need to stop pregnancy.

Therefore, from the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant women must do a good B -ultrasound examination in a timely manner.However, when pregnant women do B -ultrasound, a series of precautions must be kept in mind.So, what do pregnant women need to pay attention to when doing B time?

What do you need to pay attention to when you are pregnant?

1. Pay attention to the time arrangement in the early pregnancy

Generally, a B -ultrasound can be performed at about 40 days of pregnancy. If the usual menstrual rules are usually about 28 days of the cycle, B -ultrasound can be performed.

If there is no regular menstruation, you must start calculating from the day of conception, and take B -ultrasound for about 25 days.If the examination time is too early, the pregnancy sac is too small, it is generally not easy to be observed, and it may cause the embryo to shock and affect the development of the embryo.

2. Urine before checking

In the first three months of pregnancy, the ahead of urine can fill the bladder filling. A large amount of urine can play a role in penetrating the window, which can be checked in more detail.

In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the B -ultrasound generally does not need to be urinating, because at this time, the fetus is too large, and the uterus is full of amniotic fluid. At this time, the B -ultrasound can be seen very clearly.

Third, don’t have an empty stomach before B overtime

Many pregnant women are doing B time, and worrying about eating food will have an impact on the results, so she will do B -ultrasound on an empty stomach.And pregnant women have a high demand for nutrition. Once an empty stomach will cause pregnant women to have significant blood sugar decreases and blood pressure decreases, which will have a certain impact on the health of pregnant women.

Therefore, pregnant women must eat some foods properly before doing B, mainly light food, and do not eat too much greasy food. Otherwise, in the process of doing B, it is prone to pregnancy, nausea and other phenomena.

Fourth, pay attention

During the whole period of pregnancy, the number of B -ultrasound should be determined according to the doctor’s advice, as well as the health of the fetus and pregnant women.

If the pregnant woman is healthy and the fetal development is very stable, then only check in the early pregnancy, and then check the B -ultrasound in July and September of pregnancy during April and May.If pregnant women have some diseases or unstable fetus, the number of B -ultrasounds should be obeyed by the doctor’s suggestion.

During the whole period of pregnancy, pregnant women must perform a B -ultrasound according to the doctor’s suggestion. If there are some problems with the fetus, they can be learned and intervened in time. OtherwiseAnd the harm of the fetus is very great.

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