After pregnancy, don’t forget to do this free pregnancy examination, it is related to fetal IQ

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The 36 -year -old Ying Sheng baby, this should be a time to celebrate the family, but the British couple could not be happy.What is the reason?

It turned out that Ying’s baby was confirmed to have Tang’s syndrome.

For a while, the upper and lower clouds of the house were shrouded in the clouds.The baby’s grandfather has been sighing and whispering: "How can he give birth to Donald Baby?"

In fact, people who know science know that it doesn’t matter if the baby from Tang’s baby has never done money has not been done.So, what is it to do?

It turns out that the reason why the unhealthy babies have only one:

It is that the pregnant mother did not conduct a delivery test during pregnancy, so that the fetus was damaged and unaware of it. This situation is more common in families with too solidifying economic tension and information.

However, what these pregnant mothers do not know are that not all pregnancy tests are expensive now. After pregnancy, don’t forget to do this test. After all, it is related to fetal IQ. Besides, some cities and regions are still free.

Here is the risk of Donal screening (referred to as Tang Si), Tang Siek, which mainly detects the risk of fetal suffering from 21 trisomy syndrome, 18 trisomy syndrome, and open neural tube deformity.A kind of inspection.

The screening of Don syndrome is to determine the fetal condition by detecting chromosomes. After discovering abnormalities, intervention methods are taken to reduce the birth rate of children.

Under the premise of 5%of the fake positive, the early Tang screening rate was 60 ~ 83%, and there was a great chance that the chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus were discovered.Pregnant mothers should grasp the time for screening and keep the baby’s first level.

Scientific research found:

Chromosomal abnormalities will cause congenital stupidity and neural tube defects. 60%of the fetus with the above symptoms will automatically abortion in the mother, but 40%of the fetus will continue to survive."Baby Tang".

The specific manifestations are obvious low wisdom, developmental disorders, etc., which are seriously accompanied by multiple deformities.

They also have a very special appearance. Babies who suffer from this disease usually have long eyes, oblique eyes, flat nose bones, and small mouths, teeth and ears.

Birth of the baby Tang, for every family, faces the collapse of the entire family, and every parent will experience a painful journey.

In addition to severe intellectual obstacles, Tang’s children cannot take care of themselves, and accompanied by complex cardiovascular diseases. The long -term care of the family needs a great spiritual and economic burden on the family.

The existence of Tang’s screening is to help pregnant mothers understand the health of the fetus in advance and try to avoid lack of intellectual babies.

Of course, because of prudential and science, doctors generally do not give a certain answer, that is, it will not tell you whether the fetus is sure to be the baby of the Tang family.

It will only give the corresponding data to point to the possibility of Tang’s baby. According to the value, it is judged whether Tang’s high risk or low risk, and the specific decision right lies in the hands of pregnant mothers.

At present, how many chances do you have to be pregnant with Tang’s baby?

The correct answer is:

Every 750 newborn will have one with Tang’s syndrome!Therefore, since 2017, the National Family Planning Commission announced the Tang sieve inspection provided by pregnant women.

The best time for the early Tang sieve is 11 to 14 weeks of pregnancy. The good news is that many cities in my country have realized the service items for free screening for community health service centers.

The procedures are also very simple. You only need to bring the hukou book and ID card to apply for free screening.

The free Tang syndrome screening will be established in designated institutions in the country, so Baoma, who intends to participate in the free screening, needs to ask the position where your designated institution is located.

At this time, Baoma must know who is more likely to "settle" by Donaldia?Tell you this: Bad bud mother:

1. The husband and wife are older.

2. During pregnancy, the husband and wife are abnormal chromosomal.

3. Pregnant women have a history of virus infection before and after pregnancy, such as flu, rubella and other diseases.

4. Pregnant women take teratogenic drugs before and after pregnancy, such as tetracycline.

5. The couple raised pets for a long time.

6. Pregnant women with habitual abortion, premature or dead birth.

7. The husband and wife have worked in radioactive environment or pollution environment for a long time.

It is worth noting that according to the data, the chance of growing Tang Bao for the elderly is greater than that of a maternal.But it is not to say that the above group of people must be "hit rate", but it will be more risky.

In fact, the country generally improves for the health quality of the people, and the happiness of each family has also broken the heart. In addition to the Tang sieve, the blood routine, urine routine, blood type, hepatitis B, liver function, renal function, syphilis examination in early pregnancy, AIDS detection, blood sugar, electrocardiogram, etc. can also be specified in community hospitals for free examination.

After 11 weeks of the fetus, pregnant mothers can also perform color Doppler ultrasound NT screening for free, as free.However, free projects across the country are slightly different. Pregnant mothers are best to go to the service center of the community to consult.

Some sisters will ask, can my grandchildren’s three generations of Tang’s medical history not do it?

This stems from your unknown to Tang’s syndrome.Because Don syndrome is an occasional disease and has little to do with genetic diseases, no one can guarantee that the family of Donaldia will not give birth to the baby of the Tang family.

Therefore, I advise everyone not to make jokes for the intelligence of the fetus for saving trouble. Some things are lazy, and some inspections must be done.

So, what kind of value is the basis for judging the risk of Tang’s height?

Generally, the critical value is 1/250-380 is a high and low risk value, but it is worth noting that this value is generated by different detection agencies and different detection methods, so there is no completely uniform value.

Therefore, generally greater than the critical value is high risk, and less than the critical value is low risk.

And this test is divided into two parts, which are divided according to the gestational week

① In the early 9-13 weeks of pregnancy, the inspection was inspected as an early Tang sieve;

② 14-21 weeks in the middle of pregnancy is the mid-term Tang sieve.

The results of Tang Si are high -risk, can children still either?

If Tang screen shows that there is still a possibility of Tang’s low risk, should the screening show that the high risk should choose to get a fetus?

Many pregnant mothers really think so when they were found high risks, so it is necessary to rumor here.

Tang Si high risk is to warn her mother. The fetus is abnormal in chromosomal, but it does not mean that the baby will be sick.

In fact, the screening results show that high risk does not mean that the fetus must be Tang’s, because the results of Tang sieve can only show that the probability of Doner, nor does it not show that the high risk must have a problem.

For example: 21 three -body risk coefficients are 1/100, maybe you are the problem with 1/100, or it may be no problem 99/100.

In this case, it is generally recommended that pregnant mothers do non -invasive DNA testing or amniotic fluid puncture inspection in order to further confirm whether the fetus must be Tang’s.

And sheep’s detection rate is as high as 99.99%, but if sheep wearing also shows high risk, which means that the mother needs to decide whether to terminate the pregnancy. When the sheep’s wearing results show a low risk, it can basically indicate that the child is not Tang family.Essence

There are also special pregnant women, such as elderly mothers and mothers who have a history of outflowing. It is recommended to do amniotic fluid puncture directly from 16 to 18 weeks.

Many mothers have a resistance to amniotic fluid puncture and feel that amniotic fluid puncture will have a bad impact on the fetus and even cause abortion.

In fact, the amniotic fluid puncture is not so scary. The whole process of sheep is under the guidance of B -ultrasound. As long as you choose a regular and professional hospital, it is safe for pregnant women.

Most of the abortion phenomenon of rare probability is due to the fact that the professional medical staff and the pregnant mother are too nervous and cannot cooperate with the whole efforts.

Finally, I wish each Baoma as a wise mother and a healthy baby.

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The original content of this number shall not be reproduced without any platform, and it must be investigated in violation of the law.

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