After pregnancy, how many of those symptoms that make you embarrassed during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is definitely a test for women who love beauty. Regardless of whether they work hard to maintain their body and facial management, as long as they are pregnant, the progesterone of the burst will rise, which will hit you terrible.There are spots on the face and shape …

It sounds terrible, right?No, no no!This is not the most terrible. In addition to these explicit changes that make you uncomfortable, there are many symptoms that make yourself feel embarrassed.Look at the following, have you all experienced it?

1. Urinary incontinence

In the late pregnancy, the expectant mother gradually became bigger as the belly became bigger, and the baby’s baby gradually pressed down to the bladder. Sorry, you laughed and urinated; you sneezed and urine; sometimes if you do nothing, there is something, so there is something, so there is something.Follow your thighs.

These are okay, anyway, the panties are urinating anyway.But if it is summer, urine may be the chair in the office, it may be a dining chair for meals, or your sheets.

The only solution is to bring a pad to replace it at any time. If you suspect the dirty pad, you can only bring your underwear with you and change it at the toilet at any time.

Some treasure moms do not know whether the late pregnancy is urinating or the amniotic fluid breaking, and she is always suspicious.Here, if you encounter this situation, you will send your "pig teammate" to the pharmacy or hospital to buy a PH test paper for testing. The specific measurement method will not be repeated. Anyway"Get on the pH test paper, if the test strip becomes green, don’t hesitate, pick up and go to the hospital.If you don’t turn green, don’t hesitate, go to the panties.

2. Increase vaginal secretions

Under the action of progesterone after pregnancy, vaginal discharge will increase. This is normal. Specific mothers do not have to worry about excessiveness.But it should be noted that you must ensure the cleanliness of the underwear, wash it frequently, and it is best to get it under the sun.

Because if the underwear is not clean, it is likely to cause vaginal infections. The most likely to form a germ is the numerous mold. The main symptoms are the itching of the vulva and a tofu -like leucorrhea.Once this happens, hurry up, do not eat spicy and greasy foods, don’t be embarrassed, decisively go to the hospital for prescribing medicine, and apply the right medicine.

Don’t feel privacy because of this.Don’t be naive, because this not only makes you suffer, but also affect your baby.If it is a cesarean section, you don’t need to look down. If it is a smooth delivery, the child comes out of the vaginal opening, and your vaginal opening is covered with bacteria, and the child will definitely be affected.The most obvious is that there are many red dots on the neck, and you can only rely on coating and ventilation.When the child was born, he was sinned. Who complained?Therefore, we can treat it if we are sick, and we must not be able to avoid illness.

3. Equipment

After pregnancy, you may smell the taste of your body significantly worse. On the one hand, because the vaginal secretion increases, this taste makes you feel embarrassed; on the other hand, pregnant women are the most afraid of heat, and a little temperature is full of high temperature.It is sweat, and the sweat taste is no less than the "pig teammate"!

4. Fart

Before pregnancy, it can be controlled by farting. Knowing that you are going to fart and make a good preparation of muffler in advance.But after pregnancy, you can’t control it at all. You almost hear someone in such a loud fart with others at the same time as others, and this person is yourself!

If "no fart is not smelly" and everyone can understand the body, but often the fart in the pregnant woman is like a poisonous bomb, and silently bombarded a group of people, leaving the pregnant mother alone.

The main reason is that the pregnant woman’s belly becomes larger, squeezing the five internal organs, and often the phenomenon of indigestion.Therefore, expectant mothers should try to keep light as much as possible, eat less meals, and try not to eat soy foods, such as soy milk and beans, and avoid carbonated drinks as much as possible.

In fact, these embarrassing things during pregnancy are all reactions with the normal physiological changes during pregnancy.


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