After pregnancy, I was obviously sleepy, but always insomnia?Most of these reasons, most pregnant mothers did not escape

Lily has been pregnant for 8 months, but recently she found that she often insomnia. At the beginning of the third trimester, she often had difficulty falling asleep because of frequent urination.It affects the health of the baby in the belly.So why is insomnia in the third trimester?How to avoid this situation?Pregnant mothers who have the same problem, hurry up and take a look.

Why do I have severe insomnia in the third trimester

1. Everyone knows that after pregnancy, the body shape of the pregnant mother will change a lot. By the third trimester of pregnancy, it is more obvious. The weight of the pregnant mother has increased. When the uplifting pregnant belly allows the pregnant mother to sleep, the movement of turning and getting up is very difficult.And in order to protect the tire treasure, the pregnant mother must keep the posture on the left, so the pregnant mother cannot move autonomously when sleeping, and the quality of sleep will not be too high.In addition, in the third trimester, the breasts began to secrete milk for postpartum breastfeeding. Pregnant mothers would feel breast tenderness and affect sleep. Pregnant mothers can wear comfortable breastfeeding underwear. The fabric is soft and elastic underwear.It can be worn, which can relieve breast pain and help pregnant mothers better fall asleep.

2. By the time of pregnancy, the uterus is significantly increased, which will compress the pregnant mother’s lungs. Therefore, when sleeping, pregnant mothers often feel that breathing is difficult. Insufficient oxygen inhalation will reduce the probability of falling asleep.In addition, organs such as gastric and intestine will also be oppressed. When the pregnant mother eats, the digestion is relatively slow, increasing the burden on the stomach, making it difficult to fall asleep.

Essential conditions for high -quality sleep

1. After pregnancy, the pregnant mother is affected by hormones in the body, and the mood becomes more vulnerable and sensitive. Often, it will cause insomnia due to some tangled and angry.Therefore, pregnant mothers usually adjust their mood and watch TV series as little as possible, and are vulnerable to the plot infection in the TV and cause emotional fluctuations.Especially before bedtime, try to keep yourself as happy as possible.

2. We often say "eat well to sleep well." This sentence also makes sense. Pregnant mothers should eat more foods that can bring nutrition to fetal treasures and reduce foods such as coffee and fried.3 hours before going to bed, you can eat some foods that help sleep, such as milk and soy milk.

3. When pregnant mothers sleep at night, I often feel that falling asleep is more difficult. If you want to ensure that your sleep time is not disturbed, you can take a nap for a while, and the time is controlled for 30 minutes to 1 hour. This can alleviate the fatigue during the day.In the evening, the pregnant mother feels tired and can’t sleep.

4. After pregnant mothers are pregnant, their bodies are bulky, and people become lazy and do not want to go out.In fact, appropriate activities during pregnancy not only help to produce, but also help sleep, but also go out and encounter other pregnant mothers to communicate with each other.

Finally, the pregnant mothers remind them that by the third trimester, the pregnant mother does not have to persist in the left side of the night. The fetal treasure is stronger than we think. As long as the pregnant mother feels comfortable, it is also possible to change the posture occasionally.Pregnant mothers, do you sleep in the third trimester?

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