After pregnancy, if the pregnant mother has these three feelings, it may imply that the fetus is developing well.

During pregnancy, as long as a woman does not have a child for a day, they always worry that their children’s life is healthy, because the child is invisible in their belly, so they do not know how to judge whether their children are developing well.In fact, when the fetus develops healthy, the body of pregnant women will show some performance. We can observe some changes in our body and then judge the development of the fetus.After pregnancy, if the pregnant mother has these three feelings, it may imply that the fetus is developing well.

After pregnancy, if the pregnant mother has 3 feelings, the fetus may develop fast and good, congratulations to you!

1. The fetal movement is normal

When a woman is pregnant for about four or five months, she can clearly feel the fetal movement of the fetus. The fetal movement is an important bridge for the baby to communicate with the mother.The fetus will convey some information about her life through fetal movements. Moms can also feel the vitality of the fetus through fetal movement. Generally speaking, if the fetal movement rules of the fetus, the fetal development is healthy.Because the fetal movement normally reflects the function of the placenta, if your fetus also has regular fetal movements, you can interact with him in time, such as doing some prenatal education, which will be very good for the development of the fetus’s intelligence.The role.

Second, the rules of fetal heart

As the saying goes, "mother and child are connected". Women have a very close relationship with their babies from their pregnancy. For the fetus, they will first develop fetal heart development. The development of fetal heart reflects the baby’s health.If the baby’s fetal heart is relatively regular, it means that the baby’s development is very healthy, so during the production check, mothers can look at their own fetal heart, so that they can clearly judge the development of the fetus.In addition, pregnant women should also maintain a good mood, which is also conducive to the development of the fetus. The baby feels the mother’s mind and will naturally develop quickly and healthy.

3. Pregnant mother’s appetite

When women were just pregnant, due to the changes in hormones in the body, they may become a little picky, and their appetite is not very good. She has no appetite for what they like to eat.However, after the early pregnancy, the premature pregnancy response of pregnant women will disappear. In the third trimester, the pregnant woman’s appetite will increase greatly, and they feel particularly delicious.If you also have this phenomenon, it means that your baby is very healthy in your stomach, but you should also pay attention not to eat food too much, otherwise it will increase your weight, which is very unfavorable to childbirth.

Reminder: There are two very critical stages of the development of the fetus, one is the first three months of pregnancy, and the other is the 27th to 36th weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant women should pay special attention to protecting their bodies in these two stages.Essence

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