After pregnancy, if you want to reduce your feet edema, you can eat these 3 kinds of food

Everyone should know that pregnant women are easy to edema, especially their feet. Basically, they will have a phenomenon of phenomenon of foot edema in a certain month. Pregnant women have a phenomenon of foot edema.Note that you can massage your feet appropriately to help relieve edema. You can also relieve it through some foods. Let me tell you what food should be eaten when pregnant women edema?

1. Gourd food.You can eat more winter melon, bitter gourd, cucumber and the like. Winter melon, bitter gourd, and cucumber all have the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying and swelling. Eating more foods can help pregnant women’s foot edema and alleviate the occurrence of foot edema.

2. Fruit.In normal times, you can eat more fruits, such as apples, bananas, and pears are good fruits that eliminate edema.Eat more fruits can help pregnant women supplement vitamins and other nutrients, and can also help digestion. For pregnant women, they are some better foods.Especially these fruits can clear heat and relieve fire, and they are also very good in summer.

However, it should be noted that when eating these fruits, try not to eat it when you have diarrhea, otherwise the diarrhea will be worse.After eating bananas is completely cooked, eat it before eating. After eating without mature bananas, it will have a reaction.

3. Food rich in calcium.You can also add more calcium content. Pregnant women can eat more calcium supplementation when they are pregnant. This is not only good for pregnant women, but also good for the fetus.Lack of calcium and let osteoporosis, or cause some other situations.

In addition to eating some swelling foods, pregnant women have to eat some nutritious foods, so that the baby can better absorb nutrients and grow better.

Generally speaking, pregnant women will have edema. At this time, try to eat less salt as much as possible, and the diet is lighter.Because pregnant women eat too much salt, they will make their feet swelling more serious.Eat as little spicy and greasy food as much as possible. Pregnant women can easily have pregnancy when they are pregnant. Eating spicy and greasy foods will make pregnancy vomiting more serious.

The cause of edema in pregnant women must first find the cause of edema. You can go to the hospital to check to see what he is missing or less.In addition, pregnant women need to pay special attention when they are pregnant. They should be cautious when taking medicine. Most of the time, they can take medicine without taking medicine. Eating more medicine will affect the development of the fetus.

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