After pregnancy, no matter how delicious these 4 foods can be eaten, it is called the "taboo food" of pregnant women

After knowing that she was pregnant, many expectant mothers became particularly careful. In addition, they listened to too many "taboos" of folklore, and some expectant mothers even became bare -hearted all day.

I heard that you ca n’t eat hawthorn, you ca n’t eat crabs, you ca n’t eat spicy, you ca n’t eat longan lychee, you ca n’t eat papaya aloe.

In fact, most of this question, most of the answers are:

Your husband can eat, you!At once!Can!by!eat!

Principles of pregnancy diet:

It is to be appropriate, balanced, and diversified.

Moderate amount: Not too much, eat too much mother to gain too much weight, there will be many complications during pregnancy, and too little to eat will affect the normal growth and development of the fetus.

Equilibrium: Equilibrium intake should be balanced, the intake of protein should be appropriate, and the amount of fat should be appropriately controlled.In addition, the weight gain during pregnancy has a lot to do with the intake of carbohydrates, so the intake of carbohydrates must also be controlled, including various staple foods and fruits.

Diversity: The purpose is to ensure the balance of nutrition, such as supplementing protein can drink milk, eat eggs, eat fish, beef and mutton, etc.

Instead of just eating a few foods, or restraining your appetite for some unproventing taboos.

Is the diet during pregnancy, do you really have no taboos?In fact, it is not. The following 4 types of food still need to be vigilant and attention.


The first category: raw food, cold food

There are risk of pathogenic bacteria and parasites, and ordinary people should not eat, which is even more dangerous for pregnant women.

For example, the risk of female infection in pregnancy in pregnancy is 13 times to 100 times that of ordinary people. After severe infection, serious consequences such as abortion, premature birth, and fetal death may be caused.In addition, Listor has a cold resistance and can survive for a long time in the freezer below 0 ° C.

Parasites can also affect the health of the fetus. For example, pregnant women can spread to the fetus after the placental blood flow after infection, which causes a variety of fetal parts in multiple parts of the fetus, and can also cause premature birth, abortion or fetal death.

The effective means to avoid is that everything is cooked and hot before eating.


The second category: internal organs

Organ meat is a huge source of nutrients: these include iron, vitamin B1 2, vitamin A and copper, all of which are good for pregnant women and children.

In fact, don’t worry too much about bacteria or something in the internal organs. As long as the source of the material is guaranteed, there is no problem after cooking at high temperature, but here is not the safety problem of food itself, but a problem of excessive intake–————

It is not advisable to eat too much animal vitamin A during pregnancy (pre -formed vitamin A).

Because excessive consumption of internal organs and other foods may cause vitamin A poisoning and abnormal copper intake, which may cause birth defects and liver problems.

In order to prevent vitamin A and copper poisoning, it is recommended that pregnant women restrict the intake of organs from more than once a week.


Third category: drinks containing caffeine

Representative food: coffee, tea

Caffeine is not clear about the health risk of the fetus, but it may increase abortion, low birth weight, and risk of dead tires.In addition to coffee and tea, caffeine also exists in cola, chocolate, and functional beverages.Caffeine can be passed to the fetus through the placenta. It has no uniform conclusion on the health risk of the fetus, but for safety reasons, the daily caffeine intake of pregnant mothers should be controlled within 200 mg.


Fourth category: alcoholic drinks

Representative food: red wine, beer, all kinds of alcoholic beverages

Drinking during pregnancy will not be good for the health of the fetus, causing the fetus to be thin and deformity.It may also lead to abortion and premature birth.Ban alcohol is needed throughout pregnancy, because alcohol may affect the fetal brain and nerve development.

For the rice wine/cooking wine that we add during daily cooking, because the amount is very small, the harm will not be too large. On the one hand, alcohol heating will volatilize. On the other hand, if you eat it, the pregnant mother eats only a part of the addition.The dishes of the wine, so the intake should be very small.

In addition to the above, you can hear some strange and strange pregnancy taboos, and you can basically ignore it.

Pay attention to Dr. Jin, many doctors and friends ~

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