After pregnancy, pregnant mothers are often accurate. Have you ever done it?

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Recently, several Baoma told me that such a thing is that after pregnancy, I often dream of family members who have passed away.And these family members who dream of saying to her will tell her something very strange. At the beginning, when I did the first time, I did not hold it seriously, but I really dreamed of it. At this timeIn the matter, she also wanted to understand whether there was anything in it.

This Baoma told me that she had been with her uncle since she was a child, and she also loved her very much. When my friend was young, as long as she told what she wanted, I would like to have various ways.Give her, and the desire of his life was to be able to see that she could find a person who loved her and then got married and gave birth to a baby. I hope someone can call her Taiyu, but I did not wait until that day.And my friend also worked because he had been busy working outside. When he was about to die, he didn’t even see even the last side of his uncle. This matter has always made my friend feel very regrettable.And my friend often misses his own uncle, but I never dreamed of being uncle before, but after I was pregnant, I often dreamed of my sister -in -law.Is he heavy niece?

My friend also said that I can often see myself playing with my uncle. I also buy my favorite food for myself like before, and make my favorite food for myself., I also said: The little rabbit cubs do n’t eat anymore, and I have eaten pears to eat too much … and the innermost pear that I said is the pear tree in my hometown. My friend said that when she was young, the most anticipated was pear.When the tree was cooked, it was very sweet and very crispy at that time. My friend said that at that time, I often did not eat and eat pears every day, but I didn’t let myself go to the tree.The cousin did it, and the cousin had always picked himself to pick him.And I said that girls should not learn to climb trees like boys.

I have made this dream several times, but I didn’t understand which the little rabbit cub in the innermost mention of the innermost said, until my friend gave birth to a little boy when he gave birth to a baby. The child was very lively and vibrant.Climb up and climb, don’t listen.And my friend remembered some of the dreams I made before. It turned out that when I was pregnant, I told myself that the baby he gave birth to was a boy later.

I believe that a lot of Bao moms have said that similar things happened when they were pregnant, but usually they were almost forgotten in the morning when they woke up in the morning.After waking up in the morning, some Baoma will think about the dreams that yesterday night, and then take a closer look. In the daytime, I will remember very clearly and even in a period of time.

So why do female friends do this dream during pregnancy?Is it really the old people at home entrusting dreams?

Of course not, some experts said that during pregnancy, women at this time may be affected by hormones, so they will imagine things that are usually or even many years ago. However, these imaginations are more outrageousThey are all exaggerated. Although they are all realistic things, in dreams, they are very higher than reality and unreliable.In addition, after pregnant mothers conceive their baby, the pregnant mother will also conceive a child because of some psychological influence, so naturally I will imagine some pictures of future children.

In many cases, dreams have no hint to some of their future role, but they can reflect some of their bodies.Some doctors even stated that if you find that you are chased by himself in the dream, you fled, and this is a manifestation of poor blood circulation.

Have you ever had similar dreams during pregnancy?

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