After pregnancy, pregnant mothers have a normal drowsiness, but if they are accompanied by these symptoms, they must seek medical treatment as soon as possible

One of the pregnancy reactions after women’s pregnancy is drowsiness.Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women often feel that their mental state is not good, their bodies are sleepy, and they just want to sleep.The cause of the drowsiness of pregnant women may be related to the changes in the body after pregnancy such as the rise of lutein.In addition, the basic metabolism of pregnant women has increased, the calorie consumption in the body is fast, and the blood sugar is insufficient, which is also the cause of drowsiness.Pregnant women usually occur in the early stages of pregnancy. The drowsiness generally continues until 3 months of pregnancy. At this stage, the drowsiness is normal. After entering the 14th to 15th weeks of pregnancy, the placenta will be reduced after the placenta is complete.If the sleepy symptoms are severe or there is obvious drowsiness in the middle of pregnancy, you need to go to the hospital for treatment.Although drowsiness is normal, if the following symptoms occur, the pregnant mother will quickly seek medical treatment.

1. Over excessive body

Some pregnant women are not only drowsiness during pregnancy, but also often have weak symptoms such as dizziness, shortness of breath, and bulky movement, and then there may be symptoms of anemia.Most women do not store enough iron at the beginning of pregnancy to meet the body’s increase in iron.Especially in the middle of pregnancy and late pregnancy, when pregnant women do not have enough iron to create the hemoglobin required, anemia symptoms occur.In most cases, the cardiovascular and nervous system can adapt to these changes, but occasionally uncomfortable, making the pregnant mother feel that the head is light or dizzy.In addition, in the early stages of pregnancy, the expectations of pregnant mothers and the psychological state of worrying about whether the fetus is healthy and anxious can also make the pregnant mother feel tired.Therefore, the drowsiness during pregnancy is caused by hormones in the body, but not only the drowsiness is also very weak, it is not only caused by the secretion of hormones in the body, but also a problem with a certain function of the body and the need to seek medical treatment in time.

Second, poor sleep quality

Many pregnant women, especially women who are pregnant for the first time, are anxious because of their fear of unknown and concerned about their children.Excessive mental stress caused them to think about it at night, upset, and causing insomnia.Even if I fall asleep, it is easy to wake up or dream often, and the quality of sleep is not guaranteed.In the third trimester of women, the level of hormone in the body has reached its peak. The changes in these hormones can easily cause adverse emotions such as tension, anxiety, and fear of pregnant women, increase their psychological burden and pressure, and the sleep time and sleep quality are not guaranteed.If these bad emotions have not been spoiled in a timely manner, pregnant women may also suffer from depression after production.Pregnant mothers do not sleep well at night, and have insufficient rest, so they become very sleepy during the day.At this time, you must pay attention to recuperation.In severe cases, you need to seek medical treatment in time.Otherwise, the oxygen and nutrition of the baby will be affected, which will indirectly lead to insufficient nutritional intake of the baby.Insufficient nutritional intake of fetal baby will naturally affect the growth and development of the baby.

Third, there is always a situation of waking up at night

There are many reasons for pregnant women, such as frequent urination, hungry, or incorrect sleeping position.If pregnant women wake up frequently, it will not only affect the mood, but mainly affect the sleep of pregnant women.The next day, it was also a bad state of mental state, and the development of the fetus was not good.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women drink less water before going to bed, and do not drink water for 2 hours before going to bed, so as to reduce the number of times to go to the toilet.In addition, choosing the right sleeping position before going to bed is preferably sleeping on the left side.After pregnancy, due to the influence of hormones, the body and psychological aspects of pregnant mothers will change slightly, such as pregnancy vomiting, emotional fluctuations, poor sleep, etc., and because pregnant women are more sensitive and psychologically sensitive, the tolerance of stress is toleratedPower will also reduce insomnia.Therefore, if frequent urination, constipation, or cramps seriously affect the normal break, you should seek medical treatment in time.

During pregnancy, it is a sweet but difficult time. Pregnant mothers need to pay attention to their bodies at all times.It is normal for drowsiness to be during pregnancy. In most cases, you don’t have to panic, but if you accompany the above three phenomena, you must pay attention. If you seriously seek medical treatment in time to ensure the safety of yourself and your baby.

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