After pregnancy, pregnant mothers who prefer these two flavors should pay attention, otherwise the fetus and you are very dangerous

Pregnancy is an extremely difficult process for every pregnant mother. Especially for novice pregnant mothers, not only need to pay attention to various changes that appear in their bodies, but also need to pay attention to the growth and development of the fetus.I often hear some experience from those who come, especially in terms of the diet of pregnant mothers, this cannot be eaten, and that cannot be eaten. In fact, the diet of the pregnant mother is also very particular. After allof.Some pregnant mothers will find that after pregnancy, they have changed a lot of taste. For example, they like to eat acid before, and they are sweet as they are after pregnancy. Some pregnant mothers may like to eat light taste vegetarian before pregnancy. After pregnancy, I always think about eating heavy flavors, including eating some barbecue.

This is what Lily is. Since she is pregnant, Lily is not particularly serious in the early pregnancy. She has severe pregnancy vomiting by other pregnant mothers.After that, I especially wanted to eat fried fish. Although I had a lot of benefits to eat fish during pregnancy, Lily was two every time I eat. My mother -in -law’s advice, she couldn’t hear it. Even her husband kept helping Lily.Eat a lot of fish.No, two days ago, Lily felt that her lower abdomen was very uncomfortable, and there was a small amount of bleeding in the vagina. She had to accompany her mother -in -law to the hospital. After examination, the doctor asked Lily’s diet and warned her.Even if you like fish, don’t overdo it, otherwise the fetus will not be able to keep it.In fact, for the change in taste, I believe that many pregnant mothers will have this situation. This is a normal phenomenon, but if the pregnant mother always loves these two flavors, it is a danger to themselves and the baby.

1. Favorite foods that prefer heavy taste

Doctors generally recommend that the pregnant mother’s diet during pregnancy should be as light as possible. Do not eat heavy taste foods, but some pregnant mothers can’t help it, such as often persuading her husband to buy spicy and spicy pots for themselves with various excuses., Bring yourself out of hot pot to eat avocado, etc. In fact, pregnant mothers also know that these foods are not good, but some are unable to control themselves. Therefore, it is necessary to remind you that pregnant mothers.Foods of taste, otherwise it will not only cause fire, constipation, and oral ulcers, but also easily cause other diseases, especially in the middle and late pregnancy period, do not eat such food anymore, otherwise it will easily cause edema.It is just a mild situation. If the food taken by pregnant mothers is too salty, it can easily lead to increased blood potassium content and cause hypertension during pregnancy. Once this happens, pregnant mothers are too late to regret it.

2. I prefer to eat sweets

Before pregnancy, you can often hear the saying of sour girls, but some pregnant mothers who originally prefer sour tastes when they are pregnant, they especially love to eat some sweets. Of course, sweets have the effect of regulating mood, but if you eat too much, it will also affect it.The normal development of the fetus, such as some pregnant mothers who like to eat high sugar content such as chocolate and donuts. If you eat it like this, one will cause the pregnant mother’s fat accumulation and the weight gain is too fast.The second may cause the baby to form a huge child in the process of development. The third may occur during the delivery of the pregnant mother and the postpartum hemorrhage. Some serious ones will endanger the lives of both mother and child.Therefore, even if the pregnant mother likes to eat sweets, pay attention not to be too much.

In fact, during pregnancy, the taste of pregnant mothers change is normal, but the pregnant mother must pay attention to the two flavors mentioned above.healthy.Finally, I wish every pregnant mother to give birth to a baby safely and healthy.

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