After pregnancy, the "7 body parts" will change. A pregnant woman who is not in China is really lucky

Someone can see whether women have had children at a glance, because some parts of the body will change after pregnancy, and most of these changes make the mother during pregnancy very "囧".Mom, can only say that "wife" is lucky.

Careful pregnant mothers will find that the armpits, joints, nipples, areolas, necks and other parts have become darker after pregnancy.These private parts are fortunate to say, some pregnant mothers also have the phenomenon of deepening pigment spots.

Reasons for dark complexion: hormones during pregnancy

Specific mothers should not be scared by their own changes, because as the hormones fade, that is, the skin color may slowly ease after giving birth.

The hormone during pregnancy is really a full "botalwood"!It will also increase some hair in the body parts of pregnant mothers, and it will also increase black, especially breasts, abdomen and faces.

Reason for increased body hair: The reason for the increase in physiological hormones

But with the birth of the baby, these body hair will slowly fall off like hair loss.Therefore, there is no need to be too anxious when you encounter more body hair during pregnancy. Do not rush to handle with a shaver, and you should not use laser hair removal during pregnancy.

"There is no fart, and the heart is broken." Many pregnant mothers around them reflect the embarrassment of her fart. When they go out, there will be a serial fart, and even eating is serial.

Reasons for farting: Estally female progesterone during pregnancy can slow down the gastrointestinal motility of pregnant mothers, and the food residue stopped in the intestine for a long time, and naturally increased.Coupled with the decline in the control of the anal sphincter, there are many farts and can’t hold it.

It is recommended to carefully select food during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers with more farts eat less foods for gesture, eat more vegetable dietary fiber to help constipation and flatulence.In addition, pregnant mothers can exercise appropriately, which can speed up gastrointestinal peristalsis and reduce gas production.

With the progress of pregnancy, the baby with the belly is bigger day by day, and the pregnant mother’s uterus will gradually increase, and most pregnant mothers will not be able to urinate.Go to the mall and keep looking for the toilet.

The cause of unpredictable urination: The baby’s bladder will gradually increase the pressure of the mother’s bladder, which will gradually increase, leading to urinary incontinence.

In order to avoid the embarrassment of leakage during pregnancy, it is recommended to go to the bathroom once every 1-2 hours.At the same time, in the cold winter, pay attention to the warmth of the lower body, reducing the low temperature stimulus and causing urination.

In the early pregnancy, you can start practicing Kigel’s movement, which helps to prevent and reduce urine leakage.

Generally, after 5 months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will become more secretions, and the odor will gain weight.Sometimes after going to the toilet, the odor cannot be dispersed for a long time, which makes the pregnant mothers embarrassed. I am embarrassed to tell the people around them. I can only put themselves in their hearts.

The reason for the odor of the lower body: In fact, this is a normal situation during pregnancy, but sometimes if mold or other bacterial infections occur, there will also be odor, and these two situations must be seek medical treatment in time.

At the same time, pregnant mothers should pay attention to cleaning and hygiene in life, and usually choose regular pads to ensure the dryness of the genitals.The underwear should be replaced every day, buy cotton underwear.

In the early stages of pregnancy, there were many acne and acne on the face or back of some pregnant mothers, or there were a lot of acne, which increased more seriously after pregnancy.

Reasons for pregnancy and acne: hormone levels rise, endocrine disorders, and strong skin oil secretion.

At this time, pregnant mothers should pay attention not to "love beauty" too much, squeeze acne or take some detoxification drugs with their hands.You should know that with the changes in hormones during pregnancy, acne will be reduced and disappeared, and pregnant mothers should not be too anxious.

Due to the changes in hormones and hormones in the body of pregnant mothers, breasts will have the feeling of expanding and painful. This is a common phenomenon for preparing subsequent breastfeeding.

Reasons for big breasts: normal physiological phenomenon

Many small breasts think that it has achieved the effect of breast enhancement. In fact, this is only temporary. After breastfeeding, your chest will return to pre -pregnancy state, even smaller.

Are you experiencing the changes in the above 7 kinds of body parts?If you have no experience throughout pregnancy, then congratulations, you are lucky.There are more suggestions and opinions, welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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